Innisfree Yue Shi Feng Yin Tong Yan Hanlan Cream Evaluation

Life in Haikou has long been warmly kissed by ultraviolet rays and sea breeze for a long time. Sakura’s facial skin is facing the biggest problem with dryness, fine lines and sunburn. Every time I stay up late, the entire face state is extremely dry and tired. When the young little face is tender, he is envious. Trying all kinds of skin care products to improve skin texture, so it is also a skin care mouse. Innisfree’s green tea seeds and volcanic mud series of Sakura have been tested by Yue Shi Feng Yin. This time, I couldn’t help but enter the new children’s Yan Han Lan cream of Innisfree Yue Shi Fengyin.

The purple packaging is elegant and pleasant, naturally simple and fashionable, making people easy to associate the nobleness of orchids. Han Lan was named after blooming in the cold winter. Han Lan needs water, but it cannot be too wet; the sun likes the sun but cannot be exposed to the sun. It is a plant that adheres to the doctrine of the mean. Since ancient times, it is a plant loved by nobles. Although she was late, she was highly sought after by her elegant shores, the erythrius of the flowers, the complex and changeable flowers, and the colorful colors. Her slender and tough vitality also made me look forward to the launch of products with the main ingredients of Jeju Island. As soon as it was listed, I pulled up.


This Jeju Island Hanlan to Run Cream (Tong Yanhan Lan Cream) and Jeju Island Hanlan Repair Night Cream and Jeju Island Hanslan Eye Lip Cream were jointly listed in January. The multi -effect care function of supply and pore care, the tightly fitted and dry skin of the creamy texture brings a rich nutrition to the skin, and even in the harsh environment, the skin can still be moist and elastic, creating an ultra -density child. The state of the skin.

The cream is soft and moist, with a very warm light fragrance.


First of all, I tested it with a cotton pad. The cream really absorbed it and it would not be oily.


The extension of the cream is very good, and it is evenly applied. It was quickly absorbed by the skin.

Use fresh apples to do antioxidant experiments, apply half apples to the cream, and place it for a period of time. It is clear that the part that does not apply cream is severely oxidized than the cream.


Figure 1 shows Innisfree Yue Shi Yin Yin Yin Han Han Lan cream. After painting, it is very tender and sticky, and the second is ordinary cream, which is obvious in contrast.

The results of moisture testing are also very satisfactory. The skin that has been painted with cream is very lubricating. I like such cost -effective creams, which is worthy of a bottle of hand.

In the changing winter, we must take good care of our skin. Sakura that has tried a variety of skin care methods and different products tells you that skin care products are not expensive and not much, but the cost -effectiveness is high, and it is really suitable for you. If you and Sakura There are also problems with skin sensitivity, dryness, fine lines, etc. Try innisfree Yue Shi Feng Yin Yin Yin Han Hanlan cream will be surprised!

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