Girls can also be full of sports. How should I choose sports shoes suitable for girls?

In recent years, the sports style has swept away, and the trend is paying attention to the wearing of sports style. Of course, the most interesting is sports shoes. A pair of comfortable and fashionable sneakers are really the essence of sports style. How to pick, let’s take a look together ~

1. See material selection


The most important thing for sports shoes is of course comfortable to wear, so the material of sports shoes is very important. Sports shoes generally have different inner materials and upper materials. Now let’s see how to choose the right sports shoes Essence

1. Inner material

The material inside the sports shoes generally uses cortex. The feeling of the upper feet is relatively soft, comfortable to wear, and the cortex is very breathable. It will not feel sullen, and it is better to the feet. At present, the inside material of sports shoes also has ultra -fine fiber. The texture of this material is very soft and good. It is the best material in the artificial leather. It is cheaper than the price of leather.


2. Upper material


There are more materials on the upper. In addition to leather, artificial leather, and synthetic materials. The leather is very breathable, indicating that it will be smooth, but the price will be relatively expensive, the artificial leather texture is soft, the breathability is also very good, it is more comfortable to wear. The price is cheaper than the leather. Good sex, for the upper, it can be well worn, and it is not easy to deform.

2. Select design elements


After reading the material, it is its design elements that really make sports shoes hot. The current sports shoes are not as monotonous as the previous sneakers. It has many new types of elements, which has made it a trend recently.

1. Basic style

Little white shoes are really the hottest basic shoes in recent years. It is very versatile. It is really super beautiful to wear it in the streets. The simple and generous style gives people a youthful feeling. Little white shoes are really sports. The entry level of the shoes must be the basic style on the shoe racks of the little fairies who like sports shoes.

2. contrasting style


The style of the contrasting color of sneakers seems to be more personalized, and its style is even more diverse. If small white shoes feel so daily, the contrasting style sports shoes give people a little sense. Now it is popular. Most of the sports shoes are the designs of contrasting color. Walking on the road gives a strong visual impact, which is very popular by young people. The style of contrasting may be relatively old, not so versatile.


3. Select the thickness of the soles of the shoe


The thickness of the sneakers is also attracting the attention of people. The young girls will prefer thick -bottomed sports shoes. They can easily increase and lengthen the overall proportion. Tall children will prefer the flat -bottomed sports shoes.

1. Flat

Flat -up sneakers have always been classic styles. The most important thing to pay attention to flat sports shoes is the soles, because it is relatively flat. If the soles are not good, it will be uncomfortable. The soft solid soles make us very lightweight. It feels lightweight to put on the flat sneakers as a whole. For high -heeled shoes, sandals, flat sneakers, relaxing the feet, wearing it is very comfortable, suitable for walking or exercise.

2. Thick bottom


Dad’s shoes are the most popular thick -soled shoe styles in the past two years. It is not like the slender shoe shape. It is a great sense of heavy sense, giving people a very cute feeling, it is enough to increase the effect. It is loved by many little fairies when the bottom is coming. The body is more slender and slender, but the height of the thick -bottomed sneakers must be appropriate. Picking a suitable height can be coordinated as a whole. Otherwise, the overall will appear bulky.


The pace of life in the city is getting faster and faster, and people slowly like the comfortable slow life. When we choose a pair of comfortable and beautiful sneakers, when we walk on the road, we feel that we have been protected. The joy brings, so more and more people now like sports shoes.

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