Recommended facial cleanser: These facial cleanser’s temperature and hydration make your skin moist and smooth

Avene repair cleansing milk

Avene repair cleansing milk is suitable for a facial cleanser for sensitive skin. It contains Avene living spring water to relieve the skin and reduce stimulation to protect the skin. The fusion plant cleansing factors do not contain soap -based deep cleaning while hydrating and moisturizing. The facial cleanser is free of wash. It is really easy to use makeup to remove the facial cleanser. It is recommended by the gospel of sensitive skin.

The characteristics of Avene repair cleansing milk

Safe: serpentine, helps to weaken skin stimulation. It is rich in Avene living spring water, helping to reduce skin sensitivity, synergistic serine, and soothing to stimulate the skin.


Mild cleaning and makeup remover: Plant cleansing factor coconut oil -based glycoside brings very soft cleaning to the face and eye skin, exempting the formula, and reducing the stimulation of the skin on the skin.

High tolerance: Formula streamlined, mild and safe. The texture is light and refreshing, clean and comfortable after washing.

Lifangquan acne clean skin soothing cleansing milk

Lifangquan acne clean skin and soothing cleansing milk is a facial cleanser developed for acne skin. It can wash off the face oil and oil. Because I have acne on my face, I have been using this brand, and I feel very good, so I continued to buy.


Efficacy: oil control shrink pores


Gel texture, without soap, effectively opens the obstructive pores, reduce oil secretion, suppress the breeding of non -clean objects and pH 5.5, clean up the cortex while avoiding acne discomfort, fit the skin acid and alkali, sensitive skin can also use it with peace of mind to use it with peace of mind

WHOO Gongchen Enjoy Facial Washing Milk

WHOO Gongchen’s facial cleanser is a high -end facial cleanser with velvet antler and angelica extracts that can gently clean the facial oil and makeup. After the foam is finely washed, it is mild and not tight. Good use. Strong cleansing ability, light makeup can be washed directly, and it is not tight after washing. But the fragrance is really not good.


Efficacy: Moisturizing and cleaning pores

Because this product contains natural plant -based washing ingredients, it will produce a fine and rich foam, which can clean the sebum, old waste, and residual makeup. This product uses Wuyin Ruizhidan’s highly concentrated moisturizing recipe. Even after the face washing, there is no tightness, making the skin moist and smooth.

Huayu collection of amino acid facial cleanser

This Huayu collection of amino acid facial cleanser is rated as the light of domestic products by netizens. As a cleansing makeup remover di -one facial cleanser, its small molecular amino acid can go deep into the pores, absorb the impurities in the pores, completely clean the pores, clean the pores, clean Power is enough and does not hurt the skin, which can prevent acne. It is rich in goat milk and nano -pearl powder. It not only has a good cleaning effect, but also balances water and oil, clean acne removing mites, converges pores, remove blackheads and closed acne, whitening and skinny! Suitable for any skin type!

It can gently clean up the pores and dirt, and after this washed, it is not slid or slippery. This foam used to use the bubble net is rich and delicate, soft and comfortable on the upper face, and there are no messy pigments or something. Some skin types can be used. After washing, it is not dry or tight. The whole face is smooth and tender and refreshing. Ben sensitivity can also use the skin for so long, the skin is no longer like the previous oil, the pores are clean and delicate, and the skin is really happy every day. The skin becomes fair. It is also a little fairy.

Recommended facial cleanser: These facial cleanser’s temperature and hydration make your skin moist and smooth

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