Chun Shuitang: subverter of the silicone doll industry

Chun Shuitang: subverter of the silicone doll industry

According to CCTV Finance recently, the number of Chinese singles has exceeded 200 million. my country’s solitary population will reach 92 million, and the single population will reach 400 million in the future, and the marriage rate will decline year by year. Behind these single population, a lot of sexual needs have not been released.

As the population of the new generation gradually becomes mainstream, people have gradually received some intervention of sexual supplies to release depressed sexual needs. Among them, silicone dolls have become indispensable important products. Due to the late starting and sexual supplies in the mainland for a long time, the topic of “taboos” has caused many companies and talents to flow into the field, which has led to the prevalence of this industry and the popular products.

In this regard, the leading domestic sexual supplies company Chunshitang CEO, Dang Digang, said that the current “cottage silicone doll” runs rampant, and 98%of consumers buy cottage silicon gum dolls made of inferior TPE paraffin oil materials instead of real silicone dolls, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex Dolls are divided into inflatable dolls and physical dolls. The physical doll is divided into TPE dolls and silicone dolls depending on the material.

TPE dolls made of cheap TPE materials mixed mineral oil account for 98%of the current physical dolls of the current physical dolls. It can also be called “cottage silicone dolls”. TPE’s “cottage silicone doll”.


TPE Doll (“Cottage Silicon Gel Doll”) five major disadvantages -ugly oil stinky cracks, ugly value, ugly and unrealistic, body oil and drooling greasy, body exudation, not licking because mineral oil is carcinogenic, short life, three life span three three three life span Five months will crack naturally, and the experience experience is extremely poor.

Sex dolls made of expensive liquid silicone materials are called silicone dolls. The physical dolls developed and produced in Chunshitang are made of liquid silicone, which is the real silicone doll.


And Chunshui Hall Silicon Gloves doll is the ultimate good product: baby is like a living person -Chun Shuitang silicone doll belongs to hand -made artworks made by the ultimate craftsmanship. Like a real person, the limb movement is like a living person, and the sound feedback is like a living person when interacting with intimate interaction with touching vocalization. , Life is 5 years, and 43 joints can put up most of the poses.

It is understood that Chun Shuitang has been developing the process of silicone dolls in May 2017. By the end of 2019, the process of silicone dolls has been developed, and it has the technology of producing silicone dolls. By August 2020, a 8000 -square -meter production plant was established in Dongguan. At present, it has experienced more than ten times in 2022, so so far, we have surpassed Japan’s peer companies in the process and quality of silicone dolls, and have broken Japan’s absolute leading lead in this field.

The core point of the silicone dolls is the beauty. We call the real beauty: not only to be beautiful, but also like living people. This is the first element we evaluate a silicone doll.

In addition to the quality of quality, Chunshui Hall has also developed the cost -effectiveness of silicone dolls to the extreme. Through the integration of R & D, manufacturing and sales, the market price of “watching like a living person, touching the living, and the experience of using a living person” is generally not less than 20,000 yuan of silicone dolls, which sells for 2999 yuan The ultimate low price (the price of “cottage silicone dolls” made by TPE materials is almost the same), making high -quality silicone dolls from luxury goods.


This series of business behaviors directly subvert the existing market pattern of silicone dolls. Chun Shuitang has become the world’s number one silicone doll brand. Not only has a large group of loyal players in China, but also a large number of consumer groups overseas.

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