alert! “Thin legs socks” are not careful to become “elephant legs”

After wearing it, you can become a “thin leg socks” of “supermodel leg”

Recently, it has become popular on the Internet


One of the lower body is obese due to a long sedentary

Huizhou citizen Xiaomei bought a pair of followers

As everyone knows, the leg edema is recruited!



The doctor said that Xiaomei’s legs became thicker

It is caused by the pressure of too much stovepipe socks


Fortunately, the problem is not serious

As long as you relax reasonablely, you can return to normal

Beautiful leg socks, born in the medical industry

The scientific name of the beautiful leg socks “Varic vein socks”, nickname “stretch socks”. Due to the damage to the venous venous vascular wall of the venous vein patients, insufficient venous blood pressure, and the blood cannot circulate normally, the pressure of the venous curvature socks can promote the blood flow of the lower limbs of the patient’s lower limbs in the venous vein.

Normal people wear intravenous vein socks, they will get sick!

There are rumors that wearing beautiful leg socks in 24 hours has a significant skinny leg effect. In addition, the experience of a well -known actress’s successful weight loss, once again pushing “beautiful legs” to the altar.

First of all, the main disadvantage of thin leg socks is that the pressure of the entire socks is the same, not segmental pressure. If the socks are too tight or wearable for a long time, it is easy to cause poor blood circulation. In fact, elastic socks are generally divided into 3 levels, and the pressure is progressive. Normal people can choose level 1 stretch socks, which has a certain effect on preventing varicose veins, but if wearing high -level elastic socks is to destroy their legs.

1. Broken skin: Plastructure socks are thicker than ordinary stockings and poor breathability. The skin of the legs will always be tight, making the leg skin unable to breathe well. In the long run, the skin of the legs will become dry, rough, and allergic.

2. Recruiting varicose veins: More seriously, long -term oppression will cause the original normal vein blood flow, and there is a condition that is not circulating (this is also the reason why some beautiful women wear elastic socks “leg numb”) For people who do not have venous songs themselves, Normal venous blood vessels are squeezed for a long time, which may lead to decline in blood vessel function, leading to problems such as venous corraphrities and vasculitis.

420D, 480D only represents thickness, and has nothing to do with pressure

The words “beautiful legs socks” on the market often see 480D or 420D. Many people think it is a stress value. In fact, D is the abbreviation of the fibrous unit “Denier”, which means how many fibers of this material every 9000 meters. The larger the number of Daniel, the thicker the fiber.

Popularly, it means the thickness of the socks. The larger the number in front of D, the thicker the socks, and the pressure of the socks.

No fat burning effect

Experts believe that rumors have no scientific basis at all. It is more likely that the meat is tightened because of the varicose veins, which improves the leg curve and looks like the illusion of becoming thinner.

In addition, some girls have swollen legs. They swelling and relieved after wearing varicose vein socks after a period of time, it feels like “thinning”. And most of the beautiful leg socks are black, and black will feel compact visually, commonly known as “thin”.

What should I pay attention to when wearing stretch socks?

The quality of the skinny leg socks sold on the market is uneven, and there are many irregular products. Long -term wear will not only be skinny, but also may endanger leg health.

Doctor’s reminder

People with a lot of obese subcutaneous fat

You can improve your dietary habits through reasonable exercise

People with more developed muscles

By stretching movements, the calf muscles can change

Don’t be superstitious about “Thin Lead Stockings” ~

Comprehensive: good doctor; Dr. Lilac; partial drawing from the Internet

Source: Guangdong Radio and TV Station today’s most news

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