Women can’t forget the man wearing leather jackets

leather jacket

Almost everyone has it, and it is more popular, or more popular, especially for men, describing the standard items of men in many articles.

Of course, people who often look at Topmen also know that the leaves have such “one -sided”.

Nothing, it is really handsome, once you wear it, you are no longer willing to take off it.

I talked about a brand a week ago. It can be seen from the messages of my friends that everyone has their own belongs.


The leather jacket is not unfavorable, but some people can find some people’s troubles in it. “What is good to say that it is good? Why is it right?”

Today we have opened it. From the traditional common styles to the development of the trend in the past two years, how should we put the leather jacket “properly”?

First of all, in the color, black is definitely the most commonly used leather jacket color, and there are brown, red, blue and so on.

It is not a person who likes retro Vintage. Brown will obviously not please you. It will be prone to old -fashioned as it is worn for a long time. The red leather will be more “crazy”. Most people are not easy to hold.

Therefore, if you want to wear a leather jacket outside of black, the blue may be relatively appropriate, a bit light, and not crazy. However, today we are still the most accustomed black.

In the overall style, there are many optional leather jackets, but the most common is actually two models, which are Double Rider oblique zipper and Single Rider small collar.

Needless to say, Double Rider will choose it for almost 70 % of the first leather jackets. It was launched by Schott in 1928 and became the most popular one in decades.


Although it is very common, in contrast, Double Rider is indeed a more interesting choice in various leather jackets.

Because the asymmetric structure formed by the oblique side zipper and the lapel design on both sides, it will look like sufficient details, which is an advantage that other leather jackets do not have.

Wearing Double Rider, don’t think about it. One of the most direct and most promoted ideas is to highlight its advantages with the simplest items.

For example, in the spring, the black and white T -shirt is used as the inside, and the simple match will not take the leather jacket to the master, and to maximize the charm of Double Rider ——

The asymmetric structure is complementary to the leather texture

At the same time, the overall style is also a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere.


In contrast, Single Rider will be much simpler. They are designs without collar or small collar, and metal buckles will be added at the neckline.

Because of the vertical placket, there is not much design feeling. At this time, Single Rider does not seem to have obvious highlights, and it will become more “rigid” because of the thickness of the leather fabric.

We often say that leather jackets are rebellious. In fact, many times refer to Double Rider. There are not many Single Rider, but it is the main choice of screen tough guys.


It’s the best attitude of Single Rider without exaggeration




Wearing Single Rider can set off it with simply inward, but like Double Rider, but compared to the latter, because of less design highlights, it may become bored.


So at this time, you can add some thick details, such as boots, and transform the “rigid” of the Single Rider leather jacket into a tough guy, especially suitable for mature men.

Both Double Rider and Single Rider are good. There is a problem that cannot be ignored. These traditional leather jackets are generally narrower than ordinary jackets, shorts, and bodies.


This is due to the characteristics of their own locomotive jackets, which is convenient for cycling windproof, and some people are not wearing a leather jacket out of this.


As we all know, short jackets can easily highlight the proportion of legs, but it is not necessary to pay attention to things, but too short jackets are not a good choice.

Traditional locomotive leather jackets are typical. For people with pear -shaped figures, that is, people with thick lower body, thick legs and big hips, it is not friendly, like a tights, which highlights your “defects”.


If you observe it carefully, you will find that people who can wear short locomotive leather jackets are mostly weight loss.


However, this does not mean that you can’t CUE leather jacket.

If your legs are thin, even if your body is not tall, use a tight -fitting porn jeans to pair it with a leather jacket, and the degree of attention will be compared with many people.

If the legs are thick, then you need to change your mind, take one

Smaller pants

Wide pants, “tolerant” your stout legs are a wise choice to wear the leather jacket. Although it is not as strong as the narrow pants, it will also convert a single pattern of the leather jacket, not just not just Wild, the surplus space is also integrated into a bit of soft breath, gentle and wild temperament, how can it be eye -catching?

Secondly, you can also stack it, yes,

Use a leather jacket for stacking

To put it plainly, using a hem is slightly longer than the leather jacket, T -shirts and shirts can be used to create a simple “stacking impression”. The longer interior can also cover the buttocks and modify the legs. In addition, it can also be transformed into a very urgent feeling.

In fact, even if you are tall and thin, this is also a very worthwhite skill.

Whenever everyone dresss the leather jacket boring, with such a look, they can immediately show their distinctiveness. More levels give more feelings, and have an extra elegant temperament.

It should be noted that the leather jacket is best to try with Double Rider.


This is because the requirements of wearing a jacket must have a certain sense of detail. In contrast, if it is the style of the Single Rider leather jacket, the stacking effect is not so ideal, and it does not seem to change much.

In addition, in addition to the most common Single Rider and Double Rider, in recent years, due to the needs of retro style, it has also called back the previously unpopular A2, G2 and other leather jackets.

Ye Zi personally think,


Such lapels of leather jackets belong to the existence between Double Rider and Single Rider. It is not so exaggerated and bold, and it will not be too rigid. The version is no different from ordinary jackets, but retains the most full texture of leather.


It is a very good choice for men who like leather but do not like to wear publicity.

In fact, today’s leather trends are very different from the past.

If the past leather jackets are the products of locomotive and rock culture, then now it is more reflected in the fashion street.

The most obvious difference is that

There are not too many rock details and protective characteristics of the current leather jacket, and the version is no longer narrowed and no longer rebellious. It shows a more loose and concise trend. The people have formed a clear genre.


Naturally, if you want to wear a “bad man”, traditional leather jackets will undoubtedly meet your requirements.

And if you want to become modern and fashionable, the latter may be your real needs.

Eliminating the extra zipper deconstruction, more concise and clear loose version, without a strong personality, but can change the leather jacket into a lazy and easy -going taste while retaining the texture of the leather texture, it is more like an emerging ones Fashionable men.




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