Autumn and winter versatile long one -step skirt cutting pictures, a skirt that can be watched by how to wear it

Today, we shared with the big autumn and winter long -lasting long one -step skirt cutting drawings. Students who like this style can do it. This cutting picture has been placed with a sewing head. Based on the pictures of the usual units and CM units, the black data in the tailoring map is the market inch data, and the red is CM data to meet the needs of different scholars. Some students say that they can’t understand the city’s unit. It is easy to get the data as long as you compare with the soft ruler. We use the city inch and not inch. Don’t make mistakes.



The main points of production:

Today, the autumn and winter versatile long one -step skirt we share with you. This winter one -step skirt is a more practical skirt in winter. It is practical and convenient in winter. A skirt that is eaten through all. This skirt is relatively simple and convenient to cut. It is relatively simple to make. It is easy for people with sewing foundation to make it. The entry -level tutorial is convenient to understand the tailoring map. The material used for this one -step skirt is the most suitable material. Material: door amplitude: 150cm 1 meter, if the material will shrink as much as possible, if novices can, you can use it if you are a novice. Buy a little more. Today’s cutting model is suitable for people with a height: 160cm weighing 100 pounds to 120 catties. Everyone will change this in data when choosing a cloth and cutting. Need to pay attention.

Cut the picture:

(The cutting point can be enlarged)

Reference data (unit: inch)

Skirt length: 23/77cm (this can be according to the needs of each person) hips: 31/104cm waist circumference: 23/77cm

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