Sexy smart sports hood, or your personal sports coach

Working life is high, and there are many health, our fragile body can not help. And the body is the most important, you need to exercise to keep health. When women move, the choice of underwear is very important, and it is necessary to comfort the light, but also absorbent and sweat breathable. Today, I will introduce a female smart sports bra – Ombra, and it can guide you with comfort.


The appearance of OMBRA intelligent sports bra is not very different, and the shoulder strap can be adjusted. There are a lot of breathable net eye energy absorption, cloth material is polyester and spandex, soft and flexible. Four colors of black, pink, wine red, leopard pattern.

This smart bra is equipped with a lot of sensors, including accelerometers, heart rate sensors, gyroscopes, etc., and data collected by the sensor will be stored in the “Black Box” below the left chest, and then passes the data to the App in Bluetooth.

App will provide detailed reports of your sport, including motion speed, distance, heat consumption, respiratory frequency, and fatigue levels. You can clearly understand your real-time physical condition and motion status, and the app will provide you with the advice. It is a qualified personal coach.


The OMBRA bra is charged through the Micro USB interface, which is fully charged for a 24-hour battery life. The price is 474 yuan, and the friends who like it will start.


————- End ————–

性感的智能运动罩罩,还是你的贴身运动教练工作生活压力大,亚健康还多,我们脆弱的小身板禁不住啊。而身体是最重要的,你就需要运动来保持健康。女性在运动时,内衣的选择很重要,既要舒适防走光,也要吸湿排汗透气。今天给大家介绍一款女性智能运动胸罩— OMbra,穿着舒适还能指导你的运动。

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