How much is the leather sofa picture and price of leather sofa

The leather sofa refers to the sofa made of cowhide, pork skin, horse skin, donkey skin and other materials. The leather has natural pores and leather patterns, full of feel, soft, and elastic. The leather on the market can be roughly divided into four types: full green leather, semi -green leather, compressive leather, and cracking skin. So how much is the leather sofa? The price of the leather sofa varies from the price of 3000-18000. Let’s take a detailed explanation below!

How much is the leather sofa generally

The price of the leather sofa is available from the price of 3000-18000, and there are more expensive ones, mainly depending on what kind of sofa you buy. If it is a set of leather sofas used by the family, it is recommended to buy a sofa with a price of 8,000 yuan to 14,000 yuan.

The price of the leather sofa

真皮沙发一般多少钱 真皮沙发图片及价格

1. The lines, the lines of the head layer will not be uniform, the texture is large and small, the artificial leather lines are ruled, and the naked eye can also be recognized.

2. The feel, this method can also recognize the head layer skin and the second layer of skin. The feel of the second layer of skin is very rough, and the plasticity is not as good as the head layer skin. It feels, and it is difficult to restore the original folding skin for a long time. The head of the head layer is very delicate, and the skin has good plasticity. When the merchant provides the same skin, we can argue from its profile. (At the same time, you must use your hands to experience the consistency of the sample and the skin of the product to prevent some merchants from falsifying).

3. Finger pressing, this method can well recognize the head layer and artificial skin. When you press the head layer with your fingers, a small texture will appear near your fingers. After loosening, the lines will disappear again; however, the artificial skin will not have texture. Because the thick skin is thick, the texture is not obvious, but this feature can still be seen carefully. The same head layer skin now has different types on the market. Generally, the head layer is skin, the head layer is green, and the head layer is thick in the head layer. Among them, the price of green skin and thick skin in the head layer is more expensive, and mostly used for mid -to -high -end sofas.

4. The quality of the second layer of skin is poor, the plasticity is poor, and the fiber layer is thin. It can be clearly seen that the surface layer can be clearly seen on the section surface. If the surface is used for a long time, it will fall off a large range of the surface, and the cortex will break.

5. General head layer skin, its fiber layer is tight, the lines and green skin are obvious, and the plasticity is good. It is a relatively common leather sofa raw material on the market.

6. The head layer is green, its pores are thinner, the fiber layer is tight, the lines are lighter, the breathability is better, the plasticity is good, and it is used as a high -end sofa.

真皮沙发一般多少钱 真皮沙发图片及价格

7. The thick leather pores in the head layer are thinner, the fiber layer is tight, and the thickness of the skin is 1.5 times that of the general head layer skin. The plasticity is equivalent to the green skin.

8. Top layer skin use amount

Different usage is also a key factor in the cost of the sofa. Now the leather sofas on the market are exposed to leather sofas, and the back and some do not touch the artificial skin are replaced by artificial leather. However, in some places, high -end sofas and high -end sofas and quality merchants use the head layer skin or use artificial skin in the explanation situation, and bad merchants use artificial skin to consumers without explanation.

真皮沙发一般多少钱 真皮沙发图片及价格

9. Sofa sitting feeling

The sitting feeling of the sofa is basically determined by the sponge. At the same time, the softer sponge is better. The sponge must have a good recovery ability to maintain the service life of the sofa. Consumers can use their hands to press the sofa to see its recovery speed to judge their recovery ability. At the same time, consumers need to feel the handrail with their hands to check whether the sponge is uniform. The hard consumers can choose the one that suits them as much as possible. Do not pursue too soft and have a certain impact on the body.

Leather sofa purchasing skills

1. When you buy the leather sofa, you must first check the material. At present, the material of the leather sofa on the market is cowhide, pork skin, horse skin, donkey skin and so on. Cruckets are soft and thick, and the quality is the best. The quality of ocow leather and black cowhide is the best. Like high -end left and right leather sofas, this kind of leather is thick; water leather is relatively thick, affordable, and currently the most commonly used. Liscaver, easy to peel off for a long time, short service life.

2. Secondly, when you buy the leather sofa, you also check your wooden frame. The quality sofa uses square wood nails into a frame, and the board is fixed on the side. When the owner buys, you can hold the sofa when you buy it. Bad, the solid wooden frame is heavier, and the sofa nailed to the packaging board and splint is light.

3. In addition, you should also check the fillers of the sofa. Now the fillers of the sofa are mainly sponges. According to elasticity, there are three types: high -bomb, high bombs, super soft and medium bombs. Usually three types of sofa seats are high, high -bomb super soft and medium -bullet. Usually the sofa seat is sponge. When buying, the owner can ask the salesperson to ask the type of filling, and also feel the comfort in person.

Leather sofa picture appreciation

1. American classical

真皮沙发一般多少钱 真皮沙发图片及价格

With the improvement of the technical level and people’s aesthetic consciousness, the whole leather sofa has become more novel and stylish in style design. In addition to maintaining its luxurious temperament, a variety of rich elements are combined. , Extremely modern and fashionable. In the picture, this single full leather sofa style design is simple and stylish, top -level all -level cowhide production, and the thick color tone is matched with exquisite craftsmanship level, which interprets the noble and luxurious temperament of the whole leather sofa.

2. American pastoral

The whole leather sofa is more atmospheric, fashionable, and easy to clean. Good leather sofa is also more durable. And the shape is simple and good. The most important thing is that the texture of the leather sofa is better. It is very comfortable to sit on it. Nowadays, there are many types of all leather sofa on the market, making the price of all leather sofas far from. The full leather sofa style design on the picture is simple and atmospheric. At the same time, through some angle design, the overall comfort is improved, suitable for family use, so that customers can truly feel the relaxation and comfort of the home.

真皮沙发一般多少钱 真皮沙发图片及价格

3. Modern style

The whole leather sofa integrates various elements, with local gold leather sofas, and also adds other colors. In the concept of merchants, the leather sofa is not only for practicality, but also a symbol of identity. In a newly produced local tyrant, a tyrant local tyrant is a local tyrant. Golden leather sofa, not only fashionable in appearance design, but also pursuing further quality. This full leather sofa is made of head layer of scalp leather, high -end materials, soft skin, excellent toughness, good breathability, comfortable and breathable, thick and uniformly not easy to rub, very suitable for modern young families.

4. European classical

European classical style is a luxury in home decoration. The expensive and gorgeous fog blue whole leather material with bronze hollow cutting carving technology shows the noble temperament of the European -style classical leather sofa. Show the best comfort.

5. Chinese style

With the deepening of people’s attention to traditional culture, Chinese furniture is increasingly used in modern home decoration. The whole leather sofa style design is simple and stylish. The oil wax leather has a natural texture that is more exquisite than ordinary leather, soft and delicate, good toughness, and it is not easy to produce scratches. The solid wood design is strong and elegant and stable.

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