Takaratomy pushed AR Yoyo ball on May 26th to directly link tiktok

The classic toy Yoyo has a new gameplay. The AR Youyou ball “Infinite Youyou” launched by the old Japanese toy factory Takaratomy will be officially released on May 26. The super cool gameplay can also directly link Tiktok to release cool videos.

TAKARATOMY推AR悠悠球5月26日发售 直接联动TikTok

• The translation of “Mugenyoyo” is the meaning of infinite leisure balls. In fact, the electric driver method used by this leisurely ball can be “infinitely” rotating. It is still very friendly for novice players.After shooting with AR -specific APP software, various special effects will be cool and extremely cool. It is reported that more than 40 AR special effects will gradually be unlocked with the accumulation of player experience.

· “Mugenyoyo” APP can directly connect Tiktok. Players’ cool gameplay videos can quickly share with world players, and it is also the first toys that can be directly linked to Tiktok in Japan. Please look forward to it.

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