The days before and after Zhou Enlai died

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On May 30, 1974, Zhou Enlai shook hands with Mao Zedong. This is the last photo of the two great men

Zhou Enlai ignited the light of life, and he talked with Ye Jianying’s last time

In December 1975, Zhou Enlai entered a intermittent coma, and experts in the medical group felt that Zhou Enlai’s condition had reached the final stage. Everyone has made the worst ideological preparations. After all, Zhou Enlai, who was sick for more than two years, also enhanced its tolerance a little bit.

Late at night on December 7, Zhou Enlai suddenly became coma and called for a moment. The doctor on duty immediately called all experts, medical staff, and guards to the ward. The expert examination found that there was viscous sputum in his trachea that blocked the respiratory tract, hindered the breathing, and the fresh air could not get in, which caused the brain to be hypoxic and coma. Zhou Enlai woke up soon.

After Zhou Enlai was unconscious, the comrades on duty immediately reported the situation to the central government, and many members of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee in Beijing hurried to the hospital. When they arrived, Zhou Enlai had woke up.

Zhou Enlai opened his eyes and saw many central leaders around him, with a smile on his face. He trembled and stretched out his hand and shook hands with everyone. Zhang Chunqiao shook hands with Zhou Enlai. He and Zhou Enlai just turned around after shaking hands. Zhou Enlai seemed to think of something, so he called his name and wanted him to come over. But Zhou Enlai’s body was too weak and his voice was too small. Zhang Chunqiao stood not far away without response, apparently he did not hear. Zhou Enlai was a little anxious and called twice. The people around him heard it and told Zhang Chunqiao.

Zhang Chunqiao came to Zhou Enlai and leaned over to listen to him.

“You and Comrade Wen Yuan should help Comrade Deng Xiaoping.” Zhang Chunqiao repeated Zhou Enlai’s words, stating: “Prime Minister, rest assured!”

Zhou Enlai woke up from the edge of the death, and his consciousness was so clear. He knew that after the Politburo Conference in November 1974, after reading the “Key Points of Speaking in Workers” approved by Mao Zedong, a movement of “counterattack right -overrs” gradually expanded to the country. Senior people are very clear about this is a political movement from Deng Xiaoping’s rectification, and it also shows that Deng Xiaoping was once again pushed to the side of the political “cliff” …

At this time, Zhou Enlai said this to Zhang Chunqiao.

After the leaders left one after another, Zhu Dianhua, a hairdresser of Beijing Hotel, who had been having a haircut for Zhou Enlai in the past, once again asked someone to ask for a haircut to Zhou Enlai. This is his third trustee’s letter.

After Zhou Enlai knew, he told the staff saying: “Master Zhu has given me a haircut for more than 20 years. Seeing that I am sick now, he will be uncomfortable, or let him come. Thank you for him.”

Zhou Enlai was already ill, but he still pretended to be someone else, but he had no himself. Everyone has become a group, and I really want to find a place to cry.

After this rescue, the god of life just gave Zhou Enlai some time. Since mid -December, he has been unable to eat, and the food he needed was directly poured into the stomach by the medical staff with a tube. Then he couldn’t defecate, and the doctor installed an intestinal fistula on his abdomen. Due to repeated surgery, abdominal ulcers, pus, blood, ascites and other body fluids were leaked in large quantities. He is covered with tube, red is blood, yellow is pus, colorless is ascites, some tubes excrete body fluids out of the body, and some tubes supplement blood, physiological saline, oxygen, liquid food, etc. Turning over, it is restricted … It’s just that this scene is already amazing. If you think about Zhou Enlai to endure the pain of liver and gallbladder cracking at this time, it is even more unable to speak and describe. In order to reduce Zhou Enlai’s pain, doctors have to use sleeping pills and painkillers. However, the human body is resistant to medication. It didn’t take long for the pain relief to have any effects. Sometimes the drama struck, Zhou Enlai began to tremble, his face changed from gray to dark and dark red, and bean’s sweat beads flowed down his cheeks and necks down … At this time, Zhou Enlai always held his breath desperately. Breathing, staring at the ceiling, with the perseverance of Superman, motionless, gritting his teeth … Once he was sleeping, he was awakened by illness. He asked the nurse around him: “Did I shout?”

The nurse replied, “It’s okay, if you hurt, you call it, it’s okay.”

But he shook his head and insisted on not shouting.

Only once, he couldn’t stand the painful pain. He called Dr. Zhang Zuo Liang to his side and said painfully, “Doctor Zhang, I can’t help hurting, want to hum, can you do it?”

Zhang Zuoliang hurriedly said: “Prime Minister, Prime Minister, you shouted … it’s okay … what’s so painful, what’s going on! Prime Minister, don’t … don’t be restrained …” yourself. “

Speaking of which, Zhang Zuoliang’s tears have overflowed with the eyes. If it wasn’t for the glasses frame, it had already slipped down along the bridge of the nose. After he said this, he quickly left Zhou Enlai’s bed. He didn’t want Zhou Enlai to see his tears. If even a doctor would tears in front of the patient, what does it mean? It means that there is no medicine to cure, and it is no longer available. This desperate emotions cannot be conveyed to patients, let alone Prime Minister Zhou’s beloved.

At this moment, Zhang Zuo Liang suddenly understood why Zhou En was unwilling to share his pain after Zhou En was not in bed, and even refused Master Zhu who had a haircut for him all year round to scrape him with a haircut. Maybe he just wanted to keep his “perfect” image in people’s hearts.

People may not understand this behavior of “cherishing their image as if they cherish life”, or they may also be said to be the “spiritual cleanliness” of human nature. But looking back at the footprint of Zhou Enlai, he found that he was indeed a person who “identified the goal for a lifetime”. The stubborn personality of “Pursuing Perfect and Extremely Extreme” is also one of the recognized characteristics of Westerners who have studied the “AB” blood pattern for many years. Following Zhou Enlai’s historical footprint, it is not difficult to find that he does have perfect idealism in his destiny. Perhaps “pursuing perfection” is due to his character, but his “perfect” is used in the revolutionary cause. The ultimate goal of communism.

Da Fan to endure his pain to the extreme, it will produce a serious force, shocking people, and admiring people! Zhou Enlai still leaves the peaceful breath and peaceful face until he leaves the world.

At the last moment of Zhou Enlai’s life, some leaders of the central government were very concerned about him. As long as Zhou Enlai’s health allowed, they would visit the hospital.

Ye Jianying is a marshal who started with Zhou Enlai’s cancer cells, and he was full of marshals in Zhou Enlai’s treatment. Regardless of the day or night, as long as he has time, he will take the initiative to contact the attending doctor to understand the treatment situation. The one he said the most is: “If you want everything, you can extend the day and extend one day. Even if you extend an hour and one minute, as long as possible, you must fulfill the biggest effort and responsibility of medical treatment!”

Not only did he call, but he came to the hospital every few days to see Zhou Enlai. Experts and staff members of the medical group discussed, listened to the report, and made his own opinions on medical and health care.

Ye Jianying will not be empty every time he comes. If there is a delicious family in his family, he will remember to bring some sharing to Zhou Enlai. Zhou Enlai couldn’t eat anymore, and he brought medical staff to eat. Once he caught a barbarian of more than 30 pounds, he immediately sent someone to the hospital for Zhou Enlai. As a result, this fish was braised and steamed and steamed soup. Zhou Enlai gave the fish to the experts and staff of the medical group.

After everyone ate the fish, I called Ye Jianying. As soon as Ye Jianying heard that the enthusiasm of fishing was higher. After a few days, he sent someone to send fish, saying that this time he specially condolences to the staff. At first glance, this fish was not much smaller than the last time, so I picked the fish belly and gave it to Zhou Enlai, who liked the favorite fish.

After Zhou Enlai was seriously ill, especially after bed in the second half of 1975, Ye Jianying has basically come every day. Especially before and after dealing with major issues, you must ask for reports. At first, he often talked to Zhou Enlai for 3 hours. Slowly Zhou Enlai’s voice was getting weaker, and the conversation was reduced to two hours. Later, Ye Jianying was getting closer to Zhou Enlai, and the conversation time was getting shorter and shorter, and even an hour could not persist. In the end, there was only a few words, and a greeted … Finally, it was difficult for Zhou Enlai to speak again. At this time, Ye Jianying still persisted every day, and when he came, he sat down and sat down with Zhou Enlai’s hand gently. They said nothing, you looked at me, I looked at you … Comfort, the woman who knows and speechless, the reluctant comrades -in -arms are affectionate, whoever sees it and can’t bear to cry!

Zhang Shuying, the defender of Zhou Enlai, still remembers their last conversation at the end of 1975.

Ye Jianying came in and held Zhou Enlai’s hand first, because Zhou Enlai had been bed in bed, and he could only smile slightly to show his happy mood. Ye Jianying stopped talking, but looking at the medical staff around him, he told everyone to go out for the time being, and said that whether it was sending the water and the medicine, it would not be allowed to enter. But doctors and nurses cannot stay away, and they monitor Zhou Enlai’s ECG wave instrument outside the screen. The film inside only floated out. Everyone also knew that Ye Jianying must be reported to major issues related to the central government. At this time, after Deng Xiaoping was forced to interrupt and rectify, many contradictions intersect were very unfavorable to Deng Xiaoping. Ye Jianying’s heart was in his heart. In anxiety, I came to discuss countermeasures with Zhou Enlai.

When Zhou Enlai is in critical condition, the most relieved is the central leadership issue. He instructed Ye Jianying, “Pay attention to the method of struggle, and you can’t let power fall into the hands of ‘them’ anyway.”

Who does this “they” mean? Ye Jianying must be clear in his heart.

After Ye Jianying finished talking, he called Zhang Shuying and Guardians Gao Zhenpu to follow, and his expression was seriously instructed: “Both of you are prepared paper and pen, staying with the prime minister for 24 hours, and no one for a moment. Many things, many grievances are not talking in their hearts, especially for some people in the central government, what you want to say at the last moment, you must write it down … “

Because Ye Jianying could not stay beside Zhou Enlai every day, Zhang Shuying and Gao Zhenpu’s streamlined shifts were waiting to ensure that each of them had one guarding Zhou Enlai at all times, and they were ready to scratch the pen at any time … However, Zhou Enlai never said anything. In the last few days of life, he closed his lips and did not talk about politics until he stopped his breath and left silently. Zhang Shu welcomed the paper on the paper in his hand without a little ink.

After Zhou Enlai’s death, Zhang Shuying and Gao Zhenpu handed the white paper to Ye Jianying, and felt that he had paid Ye Jianying a white roll, which was very sorry for Ye Jianying’s trust.

Ye Jianying looked at the white paper, tears in his eyes, and said, “Well, he takes care of the overall situation all his life … Ah!”

In addition to Ye Jianying who came to the hospital, it was Deng Xiaoping. Here is a set of numbers that explain this. Zhou Enlai was hospitalized for 1 year and 7 months, and Deng Xiaoping came to the hospital 63 times. If you minus 10 days after each major operation, it is inconvenient to visit, and you will come to the hospital once every six or seven days.

On the one hand, Deng Xiaoping had to come to the hospital to talk about work often because of his position. On the other hand, his relationship with Zhou Enlai was deep. As long as he heard the news of Zhou Enlai’s bad situation, he would put down his work and rushed to the hospital to visit.

Leaders of Li Xiannian, Chen Xilian, Hua Guofeng, Ji Dengkui, etc., can also be regarded as regular guests of the hospital. Li Xiannian went to the hospital 52 times. At the end of Zhou En, he was the first leader to rush to the hospital.

Nie Rongzhen, Xu Xiangqian, Wang Zhen, etc. also broke the obstacles and went to the hospital several times.

Deng Xiaoping said firmly: “At this time, whoever you want to see, let who you see” “

On the morning of December 20, Zhou Enlai, who was in danger, suddenly proposed to see Luo Qingchang, director of the Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China to Taiwan.

At the time of Zhang Chunqiao, the director of the Political Department of the PLA was also responsible for working against Taiwan. In addition, he was on duty. The secretary reported Zhou Enlai’s request to Zhang Chunqiao. As soon as Zhang Chunqiao heard Zhou Enlai was going to see Luo Qingchang, he couldn’t help but refuse. The reason was that Zhou Enlai was critical, and he couldn’t see anyone again, let alone talk about work.

The secretary put down the phone and thought about it. I still wanted to help Zhou En to fulfill this wish, so I quickly asked Deng Xiaoping to “rescue”.

When Deng Xiaoping heard the news, he was in a hurry on the phone: “At this time, who the Prime Minister wants to see, let who you see!”

With Deng Xiaoping’s instructions, the secretary quickly arranged for the meeting.

Although Luo Qingchang was also very surprised this time, he was still very happy, which shows that Premier Zhou Enlai has improved, otherwise how can he find someone to talk? But Luo Qingchang rushed to the hospital to know that his expectations and happiness all the way were just a good wish.

When he walked into the ward, he hardly believed his eyes. Zhou Enlai’s handsome face that was familiar with everyone had been tortured by the illness. Very thin and thin. Luo Qingchang worked hard to control his sadness, sat down in front of the bed, and just asked “Prime Minister”, Zhou Enlai apologized to him, “I’m really tired, let me take a break for 10 minutes and talk.” Before Luo Qingchang reacted, Zhou Enlai was in a coma again.

Doctors and nurses all poured to observe the situation and began to rescue. Luo Qingchang had to quit the ward and wait for Zhou Enlai to wake up in the small living room next to him. At this time, Luo Qingchang’s heart sank to the bottom: Is the Prime Minister really at the last moment of life? Thinking of Zhou Enlai at this time, he was still worrying about national affairs and care about Taiwan.

Luo Qingchang waited until noon that Zhou Enlai woke up. In Luo Qingchang reported, Zhou Enlai continued to ask Taiwan’s recent situation and the situation of old friends in Taiwan. Luo Qingchang answered one by one. They were only 15 minutes of conversation. Zhou Enlai was tortured again and was speechless again. After a while, he beaten up. He said to Luo Qingchang, “Don’t forget old friends in Taiwan …” Luo Qingchang heard it when he heard it. Here, I couldn’t help it anymore.

After Zhou Enlai finished this sentence, he slowly closed his eyes and fell into a coma again.

Mao Zedong published two words, and Zhou Enlai made a slight laugh after hearing it.

Zhou Enlai must understand the situation at home and abroad regardless of the situation of the body. In the past, I used to read the international briefing, domestic dynamics, reference materials and other document materials. Later, I couldn’t sit up. The nurse reads him.

After December, Zhou Enlai entered a state of unconscious and sober state. Zhao Wei, who gave him a newspaper, began to worry. She knew that Zhou Enlai was very concerned about the future political situation, and was very worried about whether Deng Xiaoping could successfully preside over his work? When listening to the newspaper every day, you must want to find the information you need from the newspaper. At that time, the article on the newspaper’s “counterattack right turning case” was overwhelmed. Publicly criticizing Deng Xiaoping’s rectification was to turn over the case. Including the sand -lacked attack Zhou Enlai was a supporter behind him. If everything was read to Zhou Enlai at this time Influence.

So Zhao Wei told Deng Yingchao this worry.

Deng Yingchao also felt that Zhao Wei’s concerns made sense, and called Zhang Shuying, Gao Zhenpu, Zhang Zuoliang and Zhao Wei to discuss. Everyone feels that at the moment of life in Zhou Enlai, try not to tell him any bad news. Deng Yingchao heard everyone’s opinions and made a decision decisively: “In order not to add a burden on the Prime Minister, don’t read the new newspaper.”

However, it is not possible to read a newspaper for Zhou Enlai. If you want a way, let Zhou Enlai hear the content of the newspaper and not stimulate him.

Deng Yingchao thought about it and said, “Then read the old!”

Everyone thinks that only this “good -faith lie” can “deceive” the savvy Zhou Enlai.

In this way, several staff members who worked for the longest time to work around Zhou Enlai and had the deepest relationship with Zhou Enlai had to make a “fake” in order He listened and persisted until Zhou Enlai died.

But one day the newspaper is completely real, that is, New Year’s Day in 1976.

In the early morning of New Year’s Day, Zhou Enlai, who had entered the time of dying, vaguely heard the radio broadcasting of the radio in the sleepy sleep. He knew that it was the New Year’s Day, and published Mao Zedong’s “Returning to Jinggangshan” and “Bird Q & A”. He quickly asked Zhao Wei to read the “People’s Daily” to him.

This time, Zhao Wei did not dare to read a fake newspaper, but gave Zhou Enlai’s editorial. When Zhou Enlai heard Mao Zedong’s poems, “No need to fart, try to look at the world”, the corner of his mouth was pumped, and a few smiles were bloomed. Although he was so painful, he insisted on putting the newspaper on his pillow.

Zhou Enlai in the serious illness apparently appreciated these two words, and asked the staff to read it many times. When he heard the staff misunderstood the words in the word, he immediately corrected it. When he heard interesting, he would smile slightly, and occasionally talked about a few words.

Li Xiannian first proposed to oppose: No, no memorial service can not take the prime minister to operate

In the early morning of January 5, 1976, medical staff performed the last surgery for Zhou Enlai, who was in danger of life, that is, a mouth was opened in the left lower abdomen to solve the problem of stools. There is no help to the condition, it just temporarily relieves some pain.

After the last operation, Zhou Enlai seemed uncertain and was always reluctant to receive a doctor’s treatment.

One night, he said to Dr. Zhang Zuo Liang and Zhang Shuying who guarded him, “My illness is like this, and I am very clear. I don’t want to trouble the experts anymore. They should go to the place where they most need them to go to more for more. People who treat them with illness. I want to go home and go back there again … Alas, I really want to go back for more than two years, I really want to go back to live! “

Soon, Zhou Enlai stopped mentioning the matter. He has always been strict with the law, knowing that this matter makes the medical staff embarrassed, and he dispels the idea of ​​the love family.

On January 7, Zhou Enlai’s condition continued to deteriorate, his breath had become very weak, and he was in a coma for a long time. Members of the medical team and nursing staff were guarded in the ward day and night, ready to rescue at any time. At 11:00 at night, Zhou Enlai, who was dying, woke up from the coma. He opened his eyes slightly and recognized Dr. Wu Jieping, who was next to him, and left the last sentence in the world with a weak voice: “It’s okay here. Need you … “At this time, he was not very clear to speak, but everyone still understands this sentence.

After Zhou Enlai finished this sentence, he kept his eyes open, always looking at the direction of the door. The doctor on duty asked, “Prime Minister, are you looking for your eldest sister? The elder sister has gone.”

Zhou Enlai shook his head, meaning that it was okay. But he opened his eyes like this until 12pm and didn’t sleep. Zhang Shuying, Gao Zhenpu and other guards thought that Zhou Enlai had improved his condition, and he couldn’t help but be happy. But doctors have a tightened brow, and there is no joy at all.

After the morning meeting on January 8th, Dr. Zhang Zuo Liang walked into the ward and looked next to the ECG. He didn’t find abnormal changes. Then he went to the bed, and saw Zhou Enlai still lying on the bed quietly. The lips are a bit green, and the breathing is light and fast. There are more than 30 times per minute. Although there are more than 90 pulses, it is weak and weak.

Zhang Zuoliang felt that the situation was not very good. When he was about to report a heart disease expert and anesthesiologist expert. They decided to notify all experts to be present, so they pressed the bells that were ready to deal with emergencies in advance.

The bell is the command! The attending doctor Wu Jieping and all medical staff rushed to Zhou Enlai’s side. After Professor Xie Rong came, he immediately proposed that he wanted to be intubated in the trachea to Zhou Enlai, and asked Zhang Zuoliang to report to Zhou Enlai to obtain his consent.

Zhang Zuoliang bent down, closer his mouth to the right ear of Zhou Enlai, and raised his voice and said, “Prime Minister, your trachea is blocked by sticky sputum. Obstructing breathing, oxygen can not enter Insert a rubber tube in the nostrils, suck the sticky sputum, and then enter a lot of oxygen, just, do you agree? If you agree, please nod or open your eyes. “

When Zhang Zuoliang spoke, the people in the room staged their breath and stared at Zhou Enlai’s response.

No one expected that Zhou Enlai was really awakened by Zhang Zuoliang. He not only opened his eyes, but also looked at his head slightly and agreed.

Xie Rong immediately inserted the rubber tube that had been taken in his hand quickly and accurately into Zhou Enlai’s right nostrils, and started to attract the motor motor to suck phlegm. He only heard the sound of the rubber tube and did not see how much sputum was sucking. Xie Rong decisively switched to inserting the trachea with a slightly thicker tube, and after taking some sputum, he kept pinch a big black leather ball with his hands, pressed the oxygen transmission, and mass massage in vitro. Save Zhou Enlai’s life.

The rescue continued, but the miracle did not appear. After pressurizing oxygen and in vitro heart massage, the condition still improves.

Experts were locked one by one and nervous. Zhang Zuoliang has been holding Zhou Enlai’s right hand, feeling that the pulse is getting weaker and weaker, and the curve wave on the heart electric wave ritual has changed significantly. From 60 to 40, there are not a few seconds, it falls to 20, and finally the heartbeat will beat the heartbeat. The curve was pulled into a straight line, and the pulse stopped.

The ECG showed more than 10 minutes after a straight line. At this point, Wu Jieping looked at the watch. After exchanging the opinions with several experts, he announced that the rescue work could stop and remove those things. This includes the infusion pipes on Zhou Enlai’s body, various drainage tubes and excretion pipes, ECG electrode boards and other equipment, and instructed the nurse to clean Zhou Enlai’s face, organize the bed, and cover Zhou Enlai’s whole body with new sheets …

Before Wu Jieping finished speaking, someone suddenly pulled his throat and called loudly: “Prime Minister! Prime Minister! Prime Minister!”

This sound wakes up the sadness that everyone has suppressed for a long time, and the sad feelings burst out. The whole room cried and shouted, “Prime Minister, you wake up …”

In this sad cry, Deng Yingchao’s cry was particularly heartbroken.

Deng Yingchao touched Zhou Enlai’s cheeks with both hands, kissed his forehead gently, and said unlimitedly, “Well, you are gone …”

Subsequently, a brand new white was covered by Zhou Enlai’s body.

Experts, doctors, nurses, and workers around Zhou Enlai sobbed and left the bed reluctantly. Everyone stood to the room to bid farewell to Zhou Enlai’s body for the party and state leaders.

Everyone was worried that Deng Yingchao had always been so sad, which would cause her heart attack. So several nurse came over to help her into the room next door to the ward and rest first to save energy to cope with heavy aftermath work.

The first to come to the ward was Li Xiannian, followed by Hua Guofeng, Ye Jianying, Deng Xiaoping, and members of the Politburo in Beijing.

When Jiang Qing walked into the room, people focused on her. Someone helped Deng Yingchao, Jiang Qing hugged her, and said a few words to her.

At 11 am, the central leaders reached Qi. Deng Yingchao referred to the three requirements put forward by Zhou Enlai during his lifetime: First, do not keep the ashes; 2. Do not handle the aftermath not to exceed anyone; Deng Yingchao said that everything was determined by the organization of Zhou Enlai’s funeral, and she had no opinion and requirements.

After listening to the opinions of Deng Yingchao, Li Xiannian first proposed to oppose: “No, no memorial service can not take the prime minister to operate. In this case, we can’t explain to the people of the country.”

Li Xiannian’s opposition was immediately approved by the leaders, thinking that it was the form of reform and mourning, and he could not start reforming from the Prime Minister.

As a result of the discussion of the leaders, not only the memorial service will be opened, but the body must be farewell. As for whether the ashes are retained, they need to be approved by Mao Zedong.

Then at 11:00 noon, according to the plan agreed in advance, Zhou Enlai’s body was lifted to an ambulance. Wu Jieping and Yu Songting, Xiong Rucheng, Yu Huiyuan, Wu Decheng, Cardiology expert Tao Shouqi and Huang Wan, Fang Yan, the guards, health doctors, nurses, etc., who have followed Zhou Enlai for many years, sat in the car to escort. Master Lao Yang drove, guarded vehicles, driving routes, deployment of soldiers and police along the way, all carried out the specifications of Zhou Enlai’s life. The body was stored in the body. In the Beijing Hospital’s peaceful.

On January 15, 1976, the “Comrade Zhou Enlai Memorial” was grandly held in the Great Hall of the People, and Deng Xiaoping gave the eulogy

Han Zongqi took on the responsibility of his junior. Master Zhu of the Beijing Hotel, who had been posted for more than 20 years for Zhou Enlai, took the last hair for Zhou Enlai, and quietly saved a ray of gray hair.

At noon on January 8, 1976, the fleet who sent Zhou Enlai’s body to the Beijing Hospital from the north gate.


After Zhou Enlai’s body was transported to the Peaceful of the Beijing Hospital, the medical staff, the guards, and the secretary soldiers were divided into two roads to separate the aftermath: the first road is the medical staff to dissect Zhou Enlai’s body; Crystonic box.

The anatomy of the body is also Zhou Enlai’s last wish. He once said that after he hoped that he would do pathogenic dissection after he died, in order to understand the development and death of cancer, and made a final contribution to the medical career.

According to Han Zongqi, deputy dean of Beijing Hospital, who is responsible for the anatomy of the remains: “When people are slowly lifted up, the prime minister’s thin face and several surgical scars on the abdomen are very sad. When the organs have a cancer tumor metastasis, some people can no longer help crying. “

After the body anatomy, the next step is the affairs behind the haircut, makeup, plastic surgery, and dressing.

Master Zhu Dianhua of Beijing Hotel has always wanted to make a haircut for Zhou Enlai, but was declined by Zhou Enlai. As a result, Zhou Enlai did not have a haircut for 8 months. It wasn’t until Zhou Enlai died that Master Zhu received a notice from going to the haircut. He said nothing to believe in this bad news. He took his apprentice to Beijing Hospital, and as a result, he saw Zhou Enlai who was always sleeping in the general. Zhou Enlai, who was “removed” in front of him, could hardly recognize him.

Han Zongqi told: “Tens of millions, more soap, the knife is faster, and the technique is lighter. Do not scratch the Prime Minister’s face any point.”

Master Zhu held a scraper and looked at Zhou Enlai’s legacy. He felt like turning over the sea. The scraper in his hand seemed to be a knife of years. White beard … After a while, Zhou Enlai’s face was clean, no damage was damaged.

Master Zhu completed a difficult cosmetic task, straightened his waist, looked at Zhou Enlai’s legacy, and his tears flowed again, because he knew that this was the last time he had a haircut for Zhou Enlai, and the last time he saw Zhou Enlai’s face. When he cleaned his hair on the ground, he deliberately put a ray of gray hair quietly. He wanted to save Zhou Enlai’s hair with his own unlimited thoughts.

During Master Zhu’s haircut for Zhou Enlai, the guard Zhang Shuying and Guardian Gao Zhenpu and others also brought Zhou Enlai’s clothes from the Xihua Hall.

At that time, Deng Yingchao clearly told the guards: “Don’t make new clothes, choose the best clothes that the Prime Minister usually wear.” As a result, the staff found it in all the clothes worn by Zhou Enlai. The old is patch, and there is almost no patch for underwear and underwear. In the end, I can only choose a gray Zhongshan dress worn by Zhou Enlai in winter. Although it is older, there is no patch; a cloth shirt has also been worn for many years, but it has changed the collar and cuffs. Some of these clothes have been worn for a few years, and some even wear more than ten years. When they selected the clothes and asked Deng Yingchao to determine, Deng Yingchao nodded with tears: “This is the style of Enlai. It is difficult to add a piece of clothes to him. After his death, we still respect him. Waste money, the new old ones are the same, and the last fire will be burned. Someone may blame you, that’s temporarily. “

The staff sent the prepared clothes, wrapped it with a purple cloth for many years, and sent it to Beijing Hospital. Han Zongqi took over the burden and opened it, and it immediately became hot. None of these clothes were new. He couldn’t help but shouting angrily at Zhou Enlai’s guardians: “What do you mean? What do you want to do? How do you bring such clothes? Why not make new? … I ca n’t do it for the Prime Minister myself? … you have been with the Prime Minister for so many years, can you be able to afford him?! “

Zhang Shuying, Gao Zhenpu and others listened to his accusations, and said nothing. Because they knew that Han Zongqi’s father and Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao had a deep friendship, Han Zongqi was also regarded as a junior of Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao. This time, he took the initiative to ask for the sake of being responsible for Zhou Enlai’s funeral. It was not entirely the responsibility of a doctor. To a large extent, he felt that he was a junior and should do his filial piety.

Han Zongqi gradually calmed down. He also knew that Zhou Enlai did not even wear a new dress in the end, and the guards were uncomfortable, and it was not a taste. It was useless to get angry at them. Later, Han Zongqi knew that Deng Yingchao was the habit of respecting Zhou Enlai during his lifetime. He had to do it. He helplessly accepted the “Shouyi”.

After changing the clothes, the last item should be the last item.

Due to the torture of the disease for a long time, Zhou Enlai was already very thin, and his eyes collapsed. Regarding Zhou Enlai’s plastic surgery, Deng Yingchao once explained to Han Zongqi: “Don’t organize Enlai as like wiping rouge powder, to bring some illness, because he is a person who has been sick for so long.”

At 11 o’clock at night, the body of the Zhou Enlai body after hairdressing, dressing, cosmetic surgery, and makeup was placed in a house with only less than 100 square meters in the Beijing Hospital. There was no aisle in front, and a door was directly connected to the outdoor. Zhou Enlai’s body was parked in the middle of the room, plastic pot flowers around, and several layers of wreaths were placed close to the four walls. In addition to standing a few spiritual personnel, the remaining space is only enough to hang a small circle.

This condition is very simple and very narrow, which is the spiritual hall that all walks of life in the capital to say goodbye to Zhou Enlai’s body.


Deng Ying went to the censorship, but her old man shed tears and satisfactory. Especially Zhou Enlai’s legacy, there was no rouge, but just a little bit of color. It makes people look at, although they are sick, but the expression is very calm, as if sleeping.

Immediately afterwards, the staff of the Xihua Hall and the comrades of Zhou Enlai’s funeral office went to the Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery to buy the ashes. The person in charge there came out two types of ashes. One was more decorated and the price was more expensive; the other was cheap and the color was also available. They felt that they were not very elegant and solemn, and they decided to buy that kind of cheap based on the preferences of Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao. I didn’t want to have only two at that time: one dropped one piece of patent leather; the other was complete patent leather, but the lid was not easy to use, and it was a bit strenuous. They want the ashes to open the lid often when they are installed. The patent leather was selected with a complete but inconvenient ashes.

After returning, Zhang Shuying and Gao Zhenpu reported to Deng Yingchao and asked her to see it. Deng Yingchao said: “Don’t look at it, you are fully entrusted to you. The ashes box is just a form, so there is no need to pay attention to it.”

In order to prevent a large number of relatives from coming to Beijing to participate in the hanging, Deng Yingchao deliberately dictated a telephone text and told relatives from other places to not come to Beijing after hearing the news of Zhou Enlai’s death. Electricity is: people are dead, and relatives come, not only without any sense, but a waste, it is better to work hard to work in their own jobs. This is the best memory of the deceased. She also explained: “When I die, they are not allowed to come to Beijing.” In this way, Zhou Enlai’s hometown Huai’an and relatives working in the field received the telegram, and did not enter Beijing to hang in accordance with Deng Yingchao’s telegram.

All national flags in the country have dropped half a flag. At 9 am on January 10th, members of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee came to say goodbye to Zhou Enlai’s body

On the morning of January 9, all the national flags in the country dropped half a flag …

Sorrow finally passed on this unfortunate news to the north and south of the motherland, and the sorrowful cry suddenly sounded on the ground of 9.6 million square kilometers.

Many people do not believe their ears, inquire with each other and confirm the accuracy of the news. After 10 o’clock, in front of the newspapers in Beijing, the People’s Daily, which was also exuding ink ink. This cruel fact can be confirmed -the major newspapers across the country have published the statue and campaign of Zhou Enlai on the front version of this day.

In the country, organs, groups, schools, factories, streets, streets, people talk about this unfortunate news with grief. People are suppressed by this painful news, adding a more tragic atmosphere to this cold season!

Zhou Enlai’s funeral committee notified that on January 10th and 11th, he said goodbye to Zhou Enlai’s body.

At 9 am on January 10, members of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee came to bid farewell to Zhou Enlai. Zhu De, Wang Hongwen, Ye Jianying, Deng Xiaoping, Zhang Chunqiao, Jiang Qing, Chen Xilian, Yao Wenyuan, etc. walked off the car and walked into the hanging hall in turn. They all stood silent in front of Zhou Enlai’s remains, bowed their tactics, and then took a half week around the spirit bed, withdrawing from the side door.

Although the notification of the number of people who constantly restrict the farewell of the remains and the number of people who participated in the body farewell, the masses still surrounded the three layers of three layers of Beijing Hospital, and many ministries and commissions and Beijing units spontaneously organized the masses to come overnight Line in line to participate in the body farewell ceremony.

After all, there are only tens of thousands of people who can go into Zhou Enlai Lingtang. Compared with the millions of people who came to mourn, there are few parts, so thousands of people rush to the people’s heroes to mourn the love of Zhou Enlai before the people’s hero monument. Prime Minister. Turn the wide celebration venue into a magnificent mourning altar.

“Shili Long Street Send Prime Minister” has become an eternal wonders, and it is also a big review of the hearts of the Chinese nation. The cremation is right. Everyone cries loudly around the glass coffin, and desperately holds the glass coffin.

The two days farewell to the body passed quickly. Time pointer finally pointed to 4:45 pm on the 11th. This is the moment of goodbye to Zhou En. That night, his body will be cremated at Babaoshan cremation field.

All the central leaders and funeral committees, as well as the staff of the Xihua Hall, a few relatives and friends, with tears to come off for Zhou Enlai.

Deng Yingchao was holding a frame inlaid with a statue of Zhou Enlai in both hands. With the help of two female staff members, he staggered out of the hanging hall. Four mighty etiquette soldiers carried a black spirit, followed Deng Yingchao. Wang Hongwen, Li Xiannian, Deng Xiaoping, Ye Jianying, Wang Dongxing, and other leaders of the party and state leaders in the arms were silently walked behind.

A white gifted car carrying Zhou Enlai’s body opened slowly and drove out of the gate of Beijing Hospital. Dozens of cars formed a spiritual team after the hearse.

The hearse slowly crushed the lead -gray road surface of Chang’an Street, drove from east to west. On the front of the car, a huge wreath was tied with black and yellow gauze. His gifted cars also held the pain of the people in Beijing and heavy footsteps.

From the dusk to the night, this short time has made Beijing Chang’an Street to suffer too much grief. At this moment, millions of people in the capital walked to the streets spontaneously, surrounded by on both sides of Chang’an Street, waiting for Zhou Enlai’s gifted cars, hoping to send Zhou Enlai like their relatives!

Xinhua News Agency sent a photography car in front of the gifted car to shoot the scene of the hearse through Shili Long Street.

In the camera, thousands of capitalists, helping the elderly and bringing the young, crying silently, standing on both sides of the streets of the gifted cars. The spontaneous funeral team meandered for dozens of miles in the cold night.

How great this is! How sincere and simple feelings are this!

When the gifted car lights have disappeared at the other end of the night, the crowd surrounded by the crowd refused to dissipate for a long time …

When Deng Yingchao saw the scene of the street, she might not be willing to be frozen in the cold wind, and she was anxious and wanted to urge the police car in front of the road to go quickly, but there was no communication tools such as mobile phones at the time. Can’t reach the commander. The road of Chang’an Street has gone for more than an hour.

At the gate of the Heritage Cels, he was surrounded by a large group of people. Most of them are Shi Jingshan’s workers and members of the Babaoshan Commune. They are waiting here early. They want to retain Zhou Enlai’s body without cremation through their obstruction and begging. After the staff repeatedly explained and did work, the crowd slowly spread out.

At that time, Zhou Enlai’s nephew and niece also arrived in Babaoshan with the car. Although the sky was dark, he could feel that a lot of people had gathered in the yard. As soon as Zhao Wei saw that the situation was not good, he held Deng Yingchao in one hand, pulled Zhou Enlai’s niece Zhou Bingde in one hand, and passed on to the back: you hold a waist one by one, otherwise you must not scatter it for a while. So several nieces and nephews were holding one like Zhao Wei. But in the end, I was scattered, and no one could find anyone.

Zhou Enlai’s body was lying in the crystal coffin and placed in the second farewell room. The central leaders and members of the funeral office for offering were given to the last farewell to Zhou Enlai’s body.

At the beginning of the farewell ceremony, Zhou Enlai’s nephew niece did not squeeze. The children and others who had been raised or cultivated and rescued by Zhou Enlai had long regarded Zhou En as their father. At this moment, they could not accept the reality of Zhou Enlai who would be cremated. Qiao Guanhua had already cried and lived, and he couldn’t control his sadness. He felt like his biological father died, instinctively rushed to the front, protecting the spirit to not be cremated.

Deng Yingchao, who has always been strong, does not cry and does not let the people around him cry. At this time, he can no longer restrain his feelings. It is the most heartbreaking and painful moment. This is the last side! In a few minutes, she will never see relatives and comrades who have been with her for 50 years. She stroked the coffin with both hands: “Eh, I can never see you anymore-“

Deng Yingchao cried loudly after saying this.

Deng Yingchao’s cry attracted more people’s cry. The medical group, guards, secretaries, waiters, relatives, and members of the funeral committee crowded the house full, everyone cried …

The funeral staff repeatedly came to advise everyone: “The time to book cremation is here, please let everyone open it.”

At this time, the furnace door was opened, and there was a fire in it. In the last moment, everyone couldn’t give up. People suddenly embraced the coffin, surrounded it again, and stabbed the coffin with their hands and could not come to touch. Everyone’s sadness from the heart, heart and lungs, tears flowed down involuntarily, their throats were crying, crying, “Prime Minister, wake up! Prime Minister! You can’t go!”

Until 7 pm. Hello everyone, it was easy to hold tears and gradually calmed their emotions. Four young workers carefully lifted Zhou Enlai’s remains, as if they were afraid of awakening Zhou Enlai, who had wake up and slept, and slowly put it on the conveyor belt. I did not expect that Deng Yingchao suddenly broke away from Wu Guixian’s hand that helped her, and rushed to the body. A shouting of heartbreaking and lungs: “Eh Lai-“

The crying sound again, everyone rushed up again …

After all, the most sad scene of relatives to farewell to relatives will end. Deng Yingchao took the lead in tears and left the glass coffin with the help of the nurse, allowing the staff of Babaoshan to complete their historical mission. In front of the cremation furnace, Zhou Enlai’s body was sent to the cremation furnace, the furnace door was closed, and the fire ruthlessly swallowed the great man’s body, and the painful people retreated to the outside of the house and waited for the furnace.

When working at the cremation furnace, the staff around Zhou Enlai waited tiredly in the room in front of the furnace. After the furnace was retreated, they would also put Zhou Enlai’s ashes into the ashes.

At 11 o’clock in the middle of the night, three guards including Zhang Shuying, Qiao Jinwang and Gao Zhenpu held the ashes, statues and wreaths in turn, escorted by the comrades of the funeral office, left Babaoshan and went to the Labor People’s Culture Palace. Zhou Enlai’s ashes will be placed there. The people of the capital will hold a three -day hanging event in this special spiritual hall.

At 6 pm on the 14th, the suspension activity ended. At night, Deng Yingchao held Zhou Enlai’s ashes, walked into the Great Hall of the People, came to the Taiwan Hall, and stopped Zhou Enlai’s ashes here to spend the last place. This move is also to fulfill the desire to complete Zhou Enlai’s life: I hope to see the unity of the motherland.

Mao Zedong sent someone to send a wreath and placed on the statue of comrades -in -arms who had joined hands with him for nearly half a century. At this time, Mao Zedong said less and couldn’t even walk. He could only say goodbye to his loyal comrades in this way

When Zhou Enlai swallowed the last breath on the morning of January 8, 1976, Mao Zedong was lying in bed and reading. He did not close his eyes overnight.

Zhang Yaocai, deputy director of the Security Bureau, who was responsible for working around Mao Zedong, came to the swimming pool and told the nurses on duty outside. Small to pick up the pencil immediately, and wrote this painful news on a white paper that is commonly used to report things. She put the paper on the table in the hall.

Nurse Meng Jinyun was on duty in Mao Zedong’s bedroom at this time. She heard the sound of someone walking around outside the hall, and according to the experience of the past, I knew that this was someone to send a note or something. She walked out quietly and saw the note all at once. She was shocked first, then calmed her emotions, stacked the note, put it in her pocket, and returned to Mao Zedong’s bedroom. She saw that Mao Zedong was still reading there, and did not pay attention to what he did to go to the lobby at all.

Xiao Meng pretended nothing to happen, and she sat on the sofa chair next to Mao Zedong’s bed and picked up a book, but she was unable to concentrate and was tangled in her heart. Should she report to Mao Zedong now? But she thought again that Mao Zedong didn’t sleep all night, and now tells this bad news that if the emotional fluctuations are too large, what should I do if the nervousness causes heart disease? Don’t tell me, after all, this is a big deal, tell me, I’m afraid that Mao Zedong’s body can’t bear it … Among the dilemma, she decided to wait for Mao Zedong to wake up and tell.

After eating at noon, Mao Zedong took two hours of rest. At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the Politburo sent someone to send Zhou Enlai’s death. After Xiao Meng took it down, he saw Mao Zedong wake up, and his spirit was okay, so he decided to find the opportunity to tell Mao Zedong the news of Zhou Enlai’s death.

According to the convention, the time in the afternoon is the time to read and file Mao Zedong. Xiao Meng read some other content first, paused for a while, and picked up the sample of the cricket, read it in a low slow tone: “The great proletarian revolutionary of the Chinese people, Comrade Zhou Enlai, an outstanding Communist soldier Zhou Enlai, because With cancer, healing is invalid, and he resigned with the world on January 8, 1976 … “

Mao Zedong first closed his eyes and listened to the newspaper. At this time, he suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Xiao Meng, as if he couldn’t respond to what it means to “resign with the world”. After a while, he understood it, after all, Zhou Enlai was hospitalized for nearly 600 days, and it was cancer. The day of Zhou Enlai’s death should have been expected. He nodded to Xiaomeng and said he knew, and slowly closed his eyes. But he frowned, and after a while, tears rolled out of the closed eyes.

As soon as Xiaomeng saw Mao Zedong crying, the sadness that had been held for a long time also had a release of release, and he cried. She was crying while crying.

In the whole process, Mao Zedong didn’t say a word, only letting tears flowing silently, tears flowing across the cheeks, flowing to the corner of the mouth, and flowing in the neck …

A few days later, the central government intends to give Mao Zedong for review by the central government’s specifications of Zhou Enlai’s memorial service, the number of members of the Politburo and the leaders of the party, political, and military in charge of the party, political, and military in charge.

Mao Zedong picked up his often used red pencil, and wrote a circle with the word “Chairman” in the report report. The mulberry words, this circle entrusted Mao Zedong’s deep grief for Zhou Enlai. This circle expresses Mao Zedong’s affection for Zhou Enlai, and also symbolizes the history of the two great men’s half -shoulder battle.

After Zhou Enlai entered the critical illness, Mao Zedong was also dying and weakened. Although the two of them were not far away from each other, there was only a red wall in the middle and the asphalt roads on Xi’anmen Street. However, this short hundred -meter distance is difficult to afford to bed in bed, and it is difficult to move in an inch. For the elderly patients in the serious illness at the same time, even if there are thousands of words to say, there is a kind of affection and kindness. See. In fact, two great men can never see you again. Not only are they unable to meet each other, they can’t bear to meet each other. Missing is far more realistic than seeing each other.

At this time, Mao Zedong attended the memorial service.

In this way, Mao Zedong did not go to Zhou Enlai’s memorial service. However, he sent someone to send a wreath and placed on the statue of Zhou Enlai, who had joined hands with him for nearly half a century and the State Council of the People’s Republic of China for 27 years. Mao Zedong could only say goodbye to his loyal comrades in this way.

On the afternoon of the 15th, 5,000 people attended the memorial service in the North Hall of the Great Hall of the People. Deng Xiaoping came to mourning as scheduled. Ye Jianying, Song Qingling, Li Xiannian, Xu Xiangqian, Nie Rongzhen, Tan Zhenlin, Wang Zhen, Wu Lanfu, Cai Chang, and Wang Hongwen, Jiang Qing, Zhang Chunqiao, Yao Wenyuan, etc. attended the memorial service.

At 3 pm on January 15th, the sadness of sadness echoed over and over again in the western hall of the Great Hall of the People. Zhou Enlai’s ashes covered the party flag and placed in front of the hall.

On this day, the capital Beijing was a clear day, but the temperature was low to minus 10 degrees Celsius, and it was still scratching the three or four north winds.

People estimate in advance that the memorial service will open at 3 pm, and it will be martial law at 12 noon. So people arrived at Tiananmen Square before martial law.

By the time of martial law, Tiananmen Square has long been crowded, and countless wreaths have become the ocean of flowers. Thousands of people came to the monument to take off their hat silently in front of the monument. At the same time, the wreaths of Zhou Enlai all over the country’s wreaths, mourning poems, and Bai Huasu covering the land of Shenzhou.

Deng Xiaoping’s eyes were slow and serious in the sorrow. His painful tone was infected with the masses inside and outside the venue. People stand there and can’t stop tears.

That night, when Mao Zedong watched TV, the nurse and the person who accompanied him found that he had read the report of Zhou Enlai’s memorial service with tears.

Late at night on January 15, 1976, a plane flew into the sky with Zhou Enlai’s ashes. Deng Yingchao did not sleep overnight. In the early morning, she cried and grabbed the “Comrade Eunlai’s Wish”.

Zhou Enlai is a thorough materialist.

As early as 1956, our party proposed cremation at the Supreme State Conference. Zhou Enlai took the lead in response. In 1958, he sent someone to Chongqing to the tomb of the biological father who died during the War of Resistance Against Japan, and the tomb of Deng Yingchao’s mother who died in the same period. The crops are planted again on the original grave. After the 1960s, Zhou Enlai’s funeral and funeral thoughts had developed again. They believed that not only would people be cremated after death, but there was no need to retain the ashes. He said at a meeting of the State Council: “Why must people keep the ashes after death? Sprinkle it in the ground can be used as fertilizer, and it can be used as feed to feed fish. The remains can also make a little contribution. “

After he became ill in 1972, he talked with the doctors in the medical group many times: “The cancer problem has not been resolved. After I die, you must completely dissect and study it. I am very happy to make a little contribution to development. “

After the memorial service, the funeral committee will sprinkle his ashes into the rivers and lakes of the motherland in accordance with Zhou Enlai’s instructions. Deng Yingchao asked the family members, medical staff, and staff around him to hold a short meeting in the Taiwan Hall of the Hall of the Hall. She announced the news to her relatives: “After completing the last wish of the Prime Minister, sprinkle the ashes.”

The relatives present were crying and crying: “We can’t keep the uncle, can we not even keep the ashes?”

Deng Yingchao said with a serious face to his relatives: “I am a Communist member. I use the toughness of the proletariat to highly restrain my inner pain, and to relieve the pain of Uncle’s uncle with a happy spirit, and fight with his uncle together. When your uncle knew that his illness could not be saved, he repeatedly told me not to keep his ashes. This was jointly agreed by Bo and I and I. The establishment of the People’s Republic of China has always been buried. From emotional speaking, you are very sad. Although Uncle’s body does not exist, his ashes are used to serve the people in the land of the motherland. Look, the material is immortal, and it is endless. You have to support this action of Uncle. Uncle’s last wish is realized. You all hear Comrade Xiaoping’s eulogy, the central government’s evaluation of your uncle has exceeded his reality, you should not you should not, you should not have There are any opinions. From the death of your uncle, I have never said a word about the issue of the aftermath. I will obey how the central government arranges me. You do n’t want to think about it. “

Deng Yingchao had a meeting with his relatives, so he was preparing to escort the ashes to Tongxian Airport in person. At this time, the person who came in outside reported: “The outside world is all the masses. At this time, you can’t go out. Once you go out, you know that the prime minister’s ashes are about to sprinkle, and they will definitely come out to stop.”

Deng Yingchao and the staff around waited in the Taiwan hall for a while, and decided to go out of the underground tunnel from the hall to the outside.

Along the way, Deng Yingchao shed tears in the ashes of her husband. Zhang Shu, the old policeman around him, was very sad. He knew that Deng Yingchao tried his best to restrain his feelings in front of everyone, and did not let others cry too much. But when she faced her husband’s ashes alone, she could no longer control her sadness. Zhang Shuying wanted to hold Deng Yingchao for a while for a while, but Deng Yingchao shook his head and said hoarsely with his throat, “Let me hold it, this is the last time I was with Enlai …”

As soon as Deng Yingchao said, the guards of the guards flowed disobediently. They couldn’t share Deng Yingchao’s sadness, and even now they couldn’t share the weight in her hand.

When the car arrives at Tongxian Airport, the sky is already dark. For a long time, everyone recognized the runway and a stopped plane in the darkness. When they stepped forward, they knew that it was a pesticide agricultural aircraft.

Deng Yingchao held the hands of Luo Qingchang and the guards who represented the ashes of the Central Committee and Satsung’s ashes: “This task depends on you, I thank you on behalf of Enlai!”

Deng Yingchao stood in the cold night for a long time, and watched the small plane disappeared without a trace before returning to the West Flower Hall by car.

The plane was flying into the distance with Zhou Enlai’s ashes. As the plane continues to rise, the cabin is getting colder and colder, even if wearing a leather jacket, it is frozen. Luo Qingchang led everyone around the spray -shaped spray -shaped spray -shaped mouth, and there was a red silk bag with Sheng Zhou Enlai’s ashes. The ashes are divided into 3 pockets, that is, the ashes should be sprinkled in 3 places respectively.

In the roar, under the dim light, no one of everyone spoke, and they were extremely sad.

After a while, the leader in front said, “Sa!”

They poured the first bag of ashes into the barrel, the ashes were blown by the wind, and the sky was flying. Not long after, another order “Sa!” Everyone sprinkled the second bag, which was the location of the Tianjin Haihe. The plane flew for a while before sprinking the last bag on the Yellow River entrance.

Miyun Reservoir -Tianjin Haihe -Yellow River enters Haikou.

What does it symbolize? The footprint symbolizing Zhou Enlai, Zhou Enlai’s mind, also symbolizes Zhou Enlai’s forever life!

The entire empty task is completed 4 hours round trip.

In the early morning of the next day, Zhang Shuying and Gao Zhenpu came to the West Flower Hall to report the empty situation of the night to Deng Yingchao. As soon as I entered the door, I found Deng Yingchao’s eyes. It turned out that she did not sleep all night, not only did Zhou Enlai’s ashes cleaned, but also worried about the safety of the two guards. When she saw the two guards entering the door, she suddenly burst into tears, stood up tremblingly, opened her arms, hugged them, and 3 people cried and hugged a piece …

“Thank you, thank you for the last wish of Comrade Enlai! Thank you!”

Some people say good: The prime minister did not have himself before his lifetime, and he did not need to retain himself after his death. Alive to give life to the lofty revolutionary cause, and fight for life; leave the ashes to nature when sleeping, and turn into a loyal soul in Qingshan. He seemed to leave us nothing, but he left everything to us.

Zhou En came, but did not leave …

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