Middle -aged woman: Which “hats” should be worn and which should not be worn? It is easy to show the soil and be said to be tender.

Seeing that the spring of 2022 passed, and suddenly the temperature heating made it difficult for us to adapt. At the time of changing the season, everyone began to change the style of dressing. Middle -aged women are also worried that the hat of the hat will reduce the temperament.

So today we are going to talk about which hats should be worn and which hats should not be worn. It may be easy to show up when we wear wrong.

1. How do middle -aged women choose the right hat for themselves?


>> Judging from the face shape

No matter what kind of hat you choose, first of all, when we choose, we have to consider our face shape. To choose a hat style according to your face shape, it is not easy to make mistakes.

Generally, we make our face

Round face, square face, long face and short face, standard melon seed face,


Different faces are suitable for different hats. For round -faced and short -faced women, you are more suitable for wide -eave hats, and try to match high -top hats. For long -faced and square faces, you are suitable to choose relatively soft hat types, more Gentle temperament.

>> Judging from the hat style

Secondly, when choosing a hat, one thing to pay attention to is the style of the hat itself. I have to say that there are many hats in the current fashion circle.


The baseball cap is casual and handsome, the beare hat is elegant and sweet, the jazz hat is simple, and the bell hat is retro and modern.

When choosing a hat, you have to understand the style of these hats and the historical background of the hat. Only then can you use your personal advantages to the greatest extent.

Wearing a hat

One depends on your own style, and the second thing to look at is to wear style. These two styles will be unified to the insurance point, and the error rate of the hat will also be reduced.


>> Judgment from the hat version

When choosing a hat, you need to look at the version of the hat itself. This combination is not easy to make mistakes. Generally, we look at the hat mainly to see two points

One is the hat crown, and the other is the brim.

If the hat is high, it can stretch the face shape. The low brim of the hat will look flat and more suitable for long face. The hat with a wide brim is suitable for big face women and can modify our face shape.

2. Which “hats” should not be worn?

① Don’t: The hat with too narrow brim


First of all, the hat with the brim is too narrow,

Everyone knows that the brim width is conducive to modifying the face shape. If the brim is too narrow, it will also make your head look wider, and it is easy to look big.

, Especially those flat -faced women should not wear as much as possible.

The comfort of the too narrow hat will also be relatively low. After all, the narrow hat will feel more crowded, which tests the face shape and head shape.

② Don’t: The version of the version is too soft


Secondly, you also need to look at the hat version. If you want to wear good and high -level, don’t try too softly stepping on the hat. If the version of the hat is too soft,

It is easy to look cheap, and it will have a very poor modification effect on the face shape and our head circumference.

If you want to match the good and delicate, try to choose a wide hat type, which will make your face lines modify, and the facial features look more three -dimensional.

③ Don’t: The hat with too cheap material

In addition, pay attention to the material of the hat. Wearing a hat with a bad material will only lower the temperament, and it will make your overall matching cheap.

There are two main characteristics of the hat with cheap materials,


One is that its own color is dim, and the other is the hat it itself. It will be deforming twice. Basically, if you can’t wear it long, you will feel that its hat type is not good -looking.

Third, which hat should be worn?

One wear: wide eaves cap

For the hat worn by middle -aged women, I suggest that you try to use these fashionable wide brimmed hats as much as possible, mainly because it can be compared directly with our face. It is also friendly to women with large heads. I can’t wear it myself.


You can find that these bloggers will focus on wide eaves and high -top design when wearing hats, and they can create a three -dimensional facial contour and delicate face, and then combine elegant and exquisite wear to highlight the femininity. really beautiful.

Er Dai: High top hat


As the name suggests, the high top hat is that its hat is relatively high. This high -top hat has a feature that it can make our foreheads be covered.

And can stretch the face shape, suitable for female friends with round faces and square faces, and this high -top hat is better than the outline of the flat -top hat

, So the effect of modifying the face will be very good.

The high -top hat is suitable for the design of the wide eaves, which can effectively modify the facial features of the face. It is very friendly to women with low foreheads. It can also learn bloggers with sunglasses, which is more aura.

[4] How to match the hat is more fashionable?


*Create frozen age through light -colored wear

Mature women should choose light -colored, dark hats when wearing a hat, and wear it in spring and summer.

Light goose yellow or pink hat, these refreshing colors are more conducive to modifying the skin tone.

Then you can choose to wear the same color to appeal to make the shape more fashionable.


*Basic model matching is more advanced

Another thing to pay attention to is the style of the hat. Relatively speaking, mature women are suitable for wearing basic models and not suitable for too exaggerated styles.


Try to focus on basic styles, such as these simple wide -eave straw hats or fashionable little hats are very temperamental.

Wearing it will also look good, with shirts and T -shirts.

Seeing the demonstrations of these bloggers in this article, everyone has learned a lot of ideas. It is also critical to learn to wear a hat in spring and summer. Hats, try to follow these techniques as much as possible.

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