Low sugar -raising index foods, let your blood sugar stable

Blood glucose index


Today I will give you the problem of choice of diabetic food.


First of all, give you a word-the sugar lift index. If you are a senior diabetic patient, you must have heard the word saying this word. Globe Raido Index (GI) (Doctors often say this: Ji-AI ️), which is used to measure the effect of food on blood sugar value, refers to the ability to increase blood sugar. The sugar contained in the high GI food will be quickly decomposed and then absorbed, and the glucose is quickly released into the blood, causing the blood sugar to rise sharply and then decrease. Conversely, the sugar containing low -GI -values ​​will be slowly decomposed or absorbed slowly, making the blood glucose level rise and decreased slower.

Scientific research shows that low -sugar -rising diet can effectively reduce blood sugar levels and effectively improve blood glucose management of patients with type 2 diabetes.


Common food GI value summary

The picture above is a sugar lift index that Xiaobian has compiled for you. How about it, is it very thoughtful?

Therefore, in order to control blood sugar, of course, we must choose low GI foods to ensure that your blood sugar should not be so fast and so high.

However, good wine cannot be greedy for cups. Low GI does not mean low calories, nor can it be eaten infinitely!

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