La Marzocco launched a house high -end Italian concentrated coffee machine


La Marzocco公司推出家用款​高端意大利浓缩咖啡机

On March 24th, La Marzocco, a well -known coffee machine manufacturer, launched a new home -based high -end coffee machine Linea Mini based on the design concept of the classic commercial Coffee Machine Linea Classic.

As a member of the La Marzocco’s family coffee machine series, Linea Mini is priced at $ 4,495, which is more than $ 2,400 than the GS3 with a slightly sophisticated design and higher level of automation than the same grade high -end household coffee machine. Compared with commercial Linea Classic, its price is nearly $ 5,000 cheaper. Linea Mini’s elegant lines and appearance design reminds people of classic Linea Classic. Linea Classic coffee machine has been popular all over the world in the 1990s. The well -known international chain Starbucks uses this coffee machine.

Here are the basic parameters of Linea Mini coffee machine. The size of the coffee machine is 14×21 inches. All data from La Marcozzo official website:

1. Power: Linea Mini uses standard 120V/15A power supply, which can be used at any place.

2. Warehouse: The coffee machine has a built -in 3.5 -liter water warehouse, which can make multiple cups of coffee at once.

3. Dual heating system: The built -in dual heating system of the coffee machine adopts the latest boiler group technology, which can ensure the constant temperature to the greatest extent, and at the same time, energy saving is saved. Its function is comparable to commercial coffee machines.

4. Production indicator: The indicator light is on, which means that the coffee machine is in a working state. The indicator lights illuminate the outlet of the coffee machine at the same time, and you can enjoy the beautiful color changes of coffee through it through it.

La Marzocco公司推出家用款​高端意大利浓缩咖啡机

5. Temperature regulator: You can debug the water temperature by the temperature regulator on the side of the coffee machine.

6. Volume: Linea mini coffee machine is only 14 inches wide, the fuselage is exquisite and small, which is very suitable for home use.

LA Marzocco launched a total of four different colors of Linea Mini coffee machines, which are stainless steel nude, black, white and red, and the price is $ 4,495. The manufacturer was officially shipped in May 2015. Manufacturers said that the number of first batch of production was very limited. We expect that the future market will be very popular in the future. What are you waiting for? The tyrants quickly start one!

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