118 baby hand -to -hand stroller evaluation: European and American big names, which are worth it, which are not worth it?

Hand -carbon is a must -have object with a baby. The price difference is also very large, there are two or three hundred cheap ones, and the expensive ones are four or five thousand.

Lightweight umbrella cars, spacious traditional cars, double -seater cars, tourist system cars, different use scenarios have different types of hand carts.


How to choose?

In this issue of the test data of Stupid Dads combined with the test data of foreign authoritative testing agencies, I will share with you which brands are trustworthy and which products are worth buying.

Let’s remind you of Bao Da Bao Ma. The brand of the brand involved this time is mainly European and American brands, and the price is more than 1,000 yuan. The hundreds of dollars have not involved it for the time being.



Purchase point

Test introduction

Recommended products and not recommended products

Brand trust ranking

Select details

Part1 purchase point

1. Lightweight

This may be a major focus considering many parents.


One is to be light weight, and when you move on private cars, subways, buses, or stairs, it is convenient to carry one. Some people also see if they can bring the plane to put on the cabin when flying.

The second is convenient to open and storage, because many times you need to hold a baby with one hand to collect the car. If it is inconvenient to open and storage, it will be more affected.


If you put it at home, it is also important not to take up the place after storage. After all, many people have a baby after there are baby at home.

The lightweight car is the umbrella car that we generally call it, which is suitable for using the baby to go out or play.

2. Comfortable

The above point is mainly to consider the comfort of the parents. This is to consider the comfort of the baby. It is indispensable for sitting and lying on the function. The baby was basically lying 6 months ago. After 6 months, he began to sit. Sitting and falling asleep, it is best to let go and lie down.

Comfortable needs to be spacious. Do not look narrow and cramped. When the baby is sitting and lying, the symbol should conform to ergonomics. Do not let your baby feel uncomfortable or affect spinal development.


However, the spacious carts are generally heavier, and the volume will be larger. It is suitable for pushing in the community or a short distance. This is generally called “traditional cart”.

3. Reliable quality


The reliable quality includes the steering sensitivity of the wheels, the smoothness and effort of implementation, the ability to reduce shock absorption, the stability of the support structure, the easy and durable of the back of the back height, and the safety of materials.

Especially the price of thousands of yuan, at least the baby can be used for three or four years old, or even the second child can be used, right?


4. Other aspects


It is also necessary for easy disassembly and cleaning. After all, after the baby is a little bigger, the car will be more likely to be dirty; or some treasure moms put the cart in the stairs, aisles, and storage rooms. It costs a lot when cleaning.

Some people also value other functions of carts, such as storage bags and storage baskets, grooves or pockets in toys, or even small speakers.

5. Multi -purpose demand

Many brands have also launched a combination of hand carts, which can be equipped with infant cradle, and some have car safety seats. Also known as a modular stroller, the applicable age span is larger.

There are also some baby cars called travel systems, which are complicated in structure. It is generally suitable for taking the baby when you go out and travel.


After understanding this, let’s enter the analysis of the evaluation results below.

Part2 test overview

testing agency:

1. Consumer Report, the earliest institution in the world to compare consumer goods comparison testing, is also the world’s most influential comparison test agency.


2. International Consumer Research and Test Organization (ICRT), a commodity assessment organization composed of compared to testing agencies in multiple countries.

Test indicators:

1. The test indicators of the “Consumer Report” in the United States are divided into 3 parts.

① Use convenience: use and adjust the seat belt, fold and expand, adjust the back, carry, disassemble and install car seats (only applicable to compatible strollers) and other aspects.

② Operation: Evaluate by the trained testers, simulate the control of different routes when the baby is sitting on the car: S -shaped turning, narrow roads, grassland, soil path and other fragments, uphill.

③ Safety: Assessed the safety standards of the Federal Federal Vehicle, including structural stability, braking effectiveness, and so on.


2. The test indicators oficrt include the following aspects:

① ergonomics, storage basket design


② Daily usage: control and driving performance, put in/holding out of the baby and setting up adjustment, operating hand carts, installation/disassembly car safety seats/random baskets, transportation, and cleaning.

③ Safe test: body structure, seat belt, durability, indication instructions, etc.


Although the test items of these two institutions are different in details, they can basically be divided into three aspects: safety, use convenience and daily opeibility.

Test time and test sample:

1. American “Consumer Report”: Including 78 test samples so far.

2. International Consumer Research and Test Organization: A total of 40 test samples in 2017 and 2018.

Below is the test results of the stupid father based on the results of these 118 products, and combined with whether it is sold in the Chinese market, the recommended products and uncomfortable products are compiled.

Part3 Recommended Products and Don’t Recommended Products

1. Single traditional stroller

Advantages: spacious, strong, stable, easy to use. It can meet the basic needs of a series of basic needs such as cement roads, bricks, and soil roads. Have good operability and durability.


Disadvantages: heavier than umbrella carts. If you go out and move, the portability is worse.



▲ PEG PEREGO Booklet Stroller

▲ Thule Tuotu Urban Glide Stroller

▲ GB good boy QBIT+

Not recommended

▲ GB good boy Pockit Stroller

2. Umbrella light stroller

Advantages: light, convenient, easy to fold. Some of the newer models can be completely flattened, and some models can also be compatible with car seats.

Disadvantages: small space, bigger babies will look crowded; some lack of suspension and seat support, not very solid and comfortable; small wheels, pushing may be more laborious; seats can rarely be completely flattened, and some can not even lean on; Most of them are not suitable for babies of less than 6 months.



▲ MAXI-COSI Mai Key Kaia Stroller

▲ Maclaren Margloland Quest Stroller

3. Single -seat group stroller

Advantages: many functions, large -scale span.

Disadvantages: expensive. When car safety seats are used, you may need to buy an additional car seat adapter. You may also need to choose some spare parts, such as rainproof hood, tire pump/pressure gauge/maintenance kit (if the stroller has air tires).

Note: MotherCare Amblee products have 2 security indicators that do not meet the standards and are not recommended to buy.

▲ MotherCareamble

4. Car seat baby cart

Advantages: Lightweight brackets without seats can be universally used on many brands and models of baby car seats.

The structure is compact, the weight is light, and the price is cheap. When you move your child from the car seat to the baby cart, you can avoid waking up the child.


Disadvantages: It is not suitable for children over 1 year old. When installing the car seat on the cart, an additional leather is required to be fixed.

There are relatively few test products in this series. There are one recommended product, which is not in line with products.

▲ Graco Grace Snugrider Elite Stroller

Price: 942 yuan

Applicable age: weighing less than 11.4 kg

Score: 83 points

5. Travel system stroller

Advantages: There are bearing frames, which allows you to move your sleeping babies from cars to strollers; some baby cars can be placed in almost flat; back can be adjusted to a comfortable position.

Disadvantages: The biggest disadvantage is bulky, and it is relatively tedious.


▲ Graco Grace FastASTASTATION FOLD JOGER CLICK Connect Trave

Price: 2300 yuan

Applicable age: weighing less than 16.3 kg

6. Double stroller

If you have twins at home, or two children less than 4 years old, you can choose a two -seater cart. Two -seat carts are usually parallel or tandem in front and back.

However, it is regrettable that the two -seater stroller does not score above 75 points, and there is no recommended product, and it is not recommended for products.

PART4 and 24 brands of brand trust ranking

Some Baoma may want to know how the other series of these brands involved above are worth buying?

To provide answers in this regard. Stupid dads statistics the test results of 118 products have obtained the average test score of 24 brands as brand trust. These 24 brands have more than 2 products.

The results showed that the 24 brands reached the pass. Among them, Britax Bao’s 6 test results performed well, with an average score of 80 or more; JOIE Qiaoyi also performed well and deserves trust.

Stupid dad commented on the test product of the first 3 and last 2 brands of the overall quality.

The top three brand trust are: JOIE Qiaoyi, Britax Baohe, and Bugaboo Bog step.


The quality of these three brands is stable, and the performance of each test product is better.

First place: Joie Qiaoyi

Both products performed well, with scores above 85 and the price of about 1000 ~ 2000.


▲ Joie Qiaoyi Pact Lite

Second place: Britax Bao Lai

Four products include traditional single -seat, single -seater combination vehicle and travel system. The quality performance is good. The scores are above 4 stars or 75 points, and the price is between 1000 and 3000.


▲ Britax Bao is suitable for HOIFDAY


▲ Britax Bao is suitable for B-Motion 4 Plus

▲ Britax Baodi 2017 B-Ready Stroller


▲ Britax Baodi 2017 B-AGILE 3/B-SAFE 35 Travel System S

Third place: bugaboo Bog Bu

The two models are single -seater combination cars, scored 4.5 stars or 76 points, but the price is more expensive, above 6000.


▲ Bugaboo Bugalo Stroller

▲ Bugaboo Berg Step BEE 5

The second place: Maxi-COSI Mai Ke is suitable

The price is cheap, and the quality of a single -seater umbrella car is better, but another single -seater seat car performs poorly.


The first place: Maclaren Magloland


The 7 test products include 5 single umbrella cars and 2 double -seat cars, with the price between 1000 and 3000. However, there is no score of 75 or more, and three products have a recall notice. The quality is poor and not stable enough.

PART5 Select details


The first choice of a trolley is to buy in a physical store, because you can try it. Pay attention to the following points when trying:

● Uncomfortable grip of the handle and the handle grip? Make sure your feet do not touch the wheel when walking.

● When promoting, it is difficult to push or tilt by increasing weight, such as heavy handbags, such as heavy handbags.

● Is the brake or rotating lock easy to use?

● Isn’t it easy to adjust the backbone? Is the strap fixed and reconciled?


● Is it easy to lift and carry when the stroller is opened and folded?


● Can one hand and two hands open and turn off the baby car easily?

● Is the bag space for putting things enough?


● The bracket of the cart does it look firm?


● If possible, take the stroller to your car and see if you can put it in the trunk after folding. Bring your tapes to prevent it.

● There are many functions of strollers. For example, the handle that can be highly reversed and adjusted, storage boxes, mobile phones, etc., and even built -in speakers that can be connected to MP3 player, and so on.


In addition, there are many additional components, such as alarm, rain cover, insect -proof net, beverage rack, and so on. These accessories are also one of the factors that determine the price of strollers, so parents should consider when buying.

Well, this issue is here. If you think the article is not bad, please forward more support!

If you have any questions, you want to consult, welcome to leave a message, the stupid father will answer it alone.

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Not recommended

Not recommended

Not recommended

▲ GB good boy Pockit Stroller


▲ MAXI-COSI Mai Key Kaia Stroller

Score: 83 points

▲ Joie Qiaoyi Pact Lite

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