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A heavy cooling last night made me get caught off guard this morning. When I walked out of the house, the hair was trembling. I didn’t think that the headache in the afternoon, so the autumn was really here. Everyone must pay attention to keeping warm.

When it comes to keeping warm items, I have to mention it



Essence As a must -have item in autumn, it is too easy to wear. Although it is casual and fashionable, it is very interesting to match. You can play a lot of styles, which is very suitable for girls who do not match.

TIPS1: It is recommended to start from the length and choose the sweater that is most suitable for you

For most women, sweater items are no stranger, and there are almost a few pieces in the wardrobe, but the reason why the effect is still not effective is that they do not choose the right style.

In other words, the first point before we match the shape is to have a keen vision. Choose the right shape that is suitable for ourselves to interpret the better

Autumn matching


In fact, the length of the sweater is very simple, from short. Ordinary and medium -long style selection. The easiest way is to choose with height, the small man chooses a short model, and the tall man chooses the medium long model, but this is a little one -sided after all.

after all


The dressing is to modify the figure

, So you need to choose according to your own advantages and disadvantages.

Here is a long sweater for everyone. Don’t think that it is too lazy. In fact, it is really very good, and it will definitely make you love it.

The sweater can wrap the figure we wrap,

Not only keep warm, but also cover the meat

It is the most perfect match in autumn and winter. And it can be worn inside and outside, which can be described as more.


TIPS2: It is recommended to start with “multi -level” to enhance the sense of fashion of matching

A sweater is a relatively casual item. It is easy to look too monotonous when matching, especially the basic parameter sweater. Therefore, we can add some layered design to the match.

most common




The matching is stacked and designed. There is no need for extra items. It only needs a white T -shirt as an inside, then everything can be solved.

Although the basic sweater is simple and low -key, it is really very good, it can be said to be a very practical item.

It is recommended that you choose basic sweaters from the three colors in autumn and winter seasons, black, white and gray. Black is thin, white pure, and gray casual, with any coat, it is handy.


In the sense of layering, there is a design that is very easy to ignore. Because the single product is small and belongs to accessories, it is not so eye -catching. For example, this is the same. The warm and practical items are used to avoid the danger of exposing the ankle and have a thin effect.

Furthermore, all kinds

Accessories can also have the effect of improving the refinement

It is an indispensable design in the sense of layering.

TIPS3: It is recommended to start from the style, playing trendy fashion, and more fun to wear

Most girls face the status quo is a lot of items in the wardrobe, but they do not know how to match it at all, even the basic sweater.

If you are the same, then you might as well try to mix and match fashion, use other styles of matching


Mixed -match leisure style

, Let you easily change the trend of fashion, and can even wear more clothes.

In fact, the mixed design is really low -key. Although sometimes it makes people grit, it is still more


It is reminding us to make changes all the time.

The trousers change, the jacket changes, and even the changes of the shoes can have different fashion styles. Therefore, we can start from these aspects to mix and match, the effect is amazing, not only can we become domineering, but we can also interpret the gentle and elegant style.

Simply put, the sweater must be indispensable in autumn, and the matching of the sweater must be indispensable.

If you want to become more beautiful in autumn, then today’s wear formula will definitely make you love, presumably you can give you some inspiration, we see you next time.

I am a settlement. If you are confused, you can trust me privately, and welcome to leave a message to discuss! Following it and learning to wear, we become better and beautiful people together!

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