Recommended pants in early autumn, warm and fashionable fashion is gentle, it is too feminine to wear, it is quite tender.

Everyone likes to wear in early autumn


It is because the warmth effect is good, and it is relatively cool to wear trousers alone, which is very suitable for the cold and hot season in early autumn.

But do you know how to wear trousers, is it enough to wear it enough? When many people choose trousers, just choose a simple black pants. In fact, everyone in black style has one. Enough, but color pants can try more.

I am not a colorful pants recommended by Xiaobian, but the way of dressing of various trousers. After learning, you can make your early autumn season more

Fashionable and exquisite,

Recommended in early autumn pants, warm

Fashion and gentle

, Put on too

Women’s taste

, Quite tender.

This is pants

The advantages

As long as you match it, you can show any advantages, which is quite age -reducing.

“Japanese style”, lady


The temperament is very charming, and the pants can be reduced.


Classic black

If you want to match pants, you must first understand


Temperament, like black pants, must have one, so how to match black pants is enough to be fashionable.

After all, black pants are not the same as colored pants. If the selected matching method is not exquisite enough, it is too low -key. Xiaobian suggested that it is matched with colorful clothing, and don’t choose to wear it alone to wear

Color clothing.

You can choose, green clothing stacked with white clothing, so that the visual effect has



It can also show very unique and exquisite


Moreover, the overall atmosphere is also partial

Japanese beauty.

The biggest advantage of the color matching method is that it can make your aura look younger, and the age reduction effect is better.

Dark blue

Blue pants, everyone is no stranger, like jeans, usually blue, and dark blue is even more common, because dark blue is thinner than light blue, and the effect is also matched. It’s cool, suitable for adults to wear.

So how to match dark blue pants


Japanese beauty

First of all, you have to choose one

Loose dark blue pants

In this way, the overall atmosphere is relatively easy.

Secondly, you should choose a loose one when matching the jacket, but the color should be selected


, Like a yellow top, or a gray top is good.

The style of the top is conservatively presented

Mild and natural.

High -grade gray

Gray pants are actually very common in everyone’s life, but most of them are sports pants or wide -leg pants. Xiaobian recommends bib pants this time. Gray itself is a high -level color. It will look like


Instead, there is a unique literary atmosphere.

Just put a white top in this way. If the weather is cold, you can also match one piece

Purple coat,

Or a black jacket, but it cannot be paired with gray with gray, just

Senior is too much.



The style of trousers is actually very many, like stitching styles, leg -pull styles, etc., the visual effects will be more novel, and they are more cool and handsome.

The color will not be too picky


But when you match, you must have a little heart, and you want to match it

Aesthetics of Japan


If you can choose a shirt, or a brown retro clothing.


Purple pants

The color of purple pants is very novel, the eye -catching effect is very good and the temperament is relatively comparison


Therefore, a 30 -year -old woman is just right.

When matching, you must match it

Light -colored top

, But it must be the same color, such as light purple or pink purple, etc. It is not recommended to match

Blue or red this

The colors will make the aura of clothing look too unique and not gentle enough.

Light blue

Xiaobian recommends that you choose black and white clothing, so that the temperament will be more available



And pants leg style selection


Some, flared pants and wide -leg pants are good.

Light blue is a lady style clothing, matching


Effect of retro style

It will be more refined.


Green system as a kind

Youth color

When matching, the requirements for fashion are very high. If you have no way to master the scale between the colors, it is best to choose the simple

White clothing.

The white clothing style is not recommended to choose too much

Conservative model

, Or ordinary T -shirts, or sexy styles, the effect will be more effective


Beige pants

Beige as a

The color of the retro style

The effect that can be matched is relatively gentle, so the color of retro style will be better.

For example, rust red, or retro blue, are all good, and beige pants are very versatile. Even if you do n’t match very unique colors, the visual effect is more exquisite.

The color of the pants is actually many, common in life

Red blue yellow

Wait, they are more practical and have a lot of pants.

In the early autumn season, don’t worry about it

Black trousers

Choose or choose a special choice as soon as you go out

Thick pants

Zi, simple pants, Japanese style matching methods can make your clothing look younger.

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