Waterproof brush coatings are out of date? The effect of using this cloth stability is better, and you do not leak water for a lifetime

For the bathroom, how you have to layout or design is okay, but it must be done in waterproof. Otherwise, it will occur in the bathroom.

Wait until the water is leaked, and the trouble will be great. The bathroom is waterproof. The usual approach is to brush waterproof coatings, but with the changes in these years, some people no longer use this method to switch to another waterproof material. Know. It is reported that the waterproof effect of propyropyne cloth will be better than waterproof coatings.

In this case, some people have doubts, why is the waterproof waterproof not popularized? The specific reason is going down.

1. What are the advantages of pallon cloth waterproof?

There is a certain difference in the method of waterproofing and waterproof coatings of pallopylioned cloth. Waterproof coatings are brushed up layer by layer, and Pthic cloth can be achieved through the surface structure of the surface and the cement structure. This also makes the waterproof waterproof can be available

Have excellent impermeable water and stability


Of course, the propelion cloth also rely on the cement protective layer on its surface to make it

Extremely resistant to atmospheric aging and ultraviolet light protection

effect. In this way, the waterproof waterproof is obviously better than the waterproof coating. This is why some people give up the brush coatings to choose to use it for waterproof. Of course, we also know that in the current decoration, there are obviously few people with pine clothing for waterproofing. This is not a newly released material. The reason why it has not been promoted is also a reason.


2. Why didn’t propelion cloth be promoted?


It’s not that the material itself is not good enough, it is mainly the reason for construction

Essence Waterproofing waterproof is not leaking for a lifetime, provided that you have to do well. This is really a test of the craftsmanship and experience of the construction master.

If you choose to use a propellar cloth for waterproof, the requirements have not been formally constructed. In general, it is more suitable for cement walls, because cement is its main adhesive, so that the stickiness will be stronger, and the effect will be greatly reduced.

When the formal construction, there are many difficulties. First of all, it is difficult to deal with

In addition to adding the additional layers, the yin and yang corners, falling water mouths, etc. In the process, it also needs to sprinkle water from time to time to maintain humidity.


There are also many details to pay attention to in the process. You cannot be wrinkled, you can’t stretch the curls, the air and the excess adhesive under the drain of the rolling materials are paved. These are still relatively common requirements. There may be a lot of details in the process. You still need to pay a lot of costs to do a good job of pallo.

This is understandable, why is the waterproof effect good, but it is not easy to promote it. Of course, these problems, one of the experienced masters, can also be solved.

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