In the past 100 years, how has Chinese school uniform has become ugly? Is your school’s school uniform “recruiting”?

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The ugly school uniforms are not just the youth of the children, but also the fear of “beauty”.

Speaking of school uniforms, what is the first reaction of everyone–


Someone once ridiculed:


“The school uniform destroys the youth of the Chinese!”


Maybe it is not so serious, but when it comes to student days, I am afraid that most of the scenes appearing in the minds of most people are wearing a fat red, blue and green sportswear on the playground to make radio gymnastics.

What’s more cruel is that you think you are youth like this–


▲ Picture source web drama “The Best Us”


But in reality, your youth is like this–

Is Chinese school uniforms so ugly?

In fact, it has seen it well.

During the Republic of China: Open the era of uniform school uniforms


Chinese -style diagonal stand -up collar upper shirt / Western -style knee -knee pleated skirt / white stockings / black Western Oxford leather shoes


Yin Dan Shilin cloth robe / suit / Zhongshan dress / peaked cap

▲ The picture shows the photo of Lin Huiyin and the cousin wearing Beijing Peihua Women’s Middle School uniform

▲ Male students in the gangsters in Yin Dan Shilin cloth

▲ Students in the 1930s

After the Revolution of 1911, the introduction of modern western modern thoughts caused Chinese youth to pursue beauty and freedom. Students who have been educated have become the pursuit of modern ideas and trendy culture. limit. Under the collision of Chinese and Western culture, China has produced the latest tide first -generation school uniforms.


Subsequently, the cultural atmosphere and ideological consciousness were further active, and the improved version of the new cheongsam gradually became the clothing that was most popular with female students.

▲ The cheongsam of Yanjing University girls wearing

▲ Yanjing University Choir

In the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China: simple and simple shirt uniform


Western -style white shirt / dark uniform pants / and knee skirt

In the 1950s and 1960s, due to the change of ideological consciousness and the lack of materials, the working class led the new style of life, and the uniforms of students changed from complication to simple.

▲ Picture source movie “Long Live Youth”


▲ Primary school students in the 1950s

In fact, this style and color matching are not difficult to accept today.

1980s: The era of reform of imitation naval uniforms

White shirt / sky blue back skirt

Sky blue collar white shirt / shorts

After the reform and opening up, the design of the school uniform has also become full of flowers. Although there is no unified design, the improved naval uniforms are undoubtedly the most popular and fashionable school uniform forms, symbolizing “clean”, “simple”, and “purity”.

▲ In 1986, a middle school classroom in Beijing

▲ Elementary students in the 1980s

From the 1990s to the present: “Noodles Pokemon” unified the world

Polyester sportswear of various colors

In April 1993, the National Education Commission issued the “Opinions on Strengthening the Management of Municipal Primary and Middle School Students in Municipal Primary and Middle School Students”, which truly brought the concept of school uniform into the campus and opened the era of “face pocket”.

Ugly color matching, single style, and uncomfortable size are the main slot points of modern school uniforms. Although some schools have begun to try the school uniforms of “white shirt+pleated skirt”, they still can’t escape the dilemma of cutting clushed.

How does school uniform become ugly?

In the 1920s, the “new civilization” color was elegant and generous, and the style was dignified but not dynamic. It combined the traditional and beautiful beauty of China with the simplicity and modernity of the West, and the unique aesthetics made it a classic of the era of student costumes.

In the 1930s and 1940s, the Chinese cheongsam wore school uniforms in twelve -folds.


Even the combination of Western -style shirts and shorts, and back skirts that are popular in the 1950s and 1980s, will also show the youthfulness, innocence and purity of the students.

Why is the school uniform become ugly today?


The combination of collectivism and pragmatism

Today, the “noodle pocket” school uniforms popular in primary and secondary schools are derived from sports jackets that are swept across the country in the 1990s. In 1984, China sent the first sports team to participate in the Los Angeles Olympics and won 15 gold medals; in 1990, Beijing held the first Asian Games. The heroic Chinese athletes on the sports field have become idols followed by the people of the country.


▲ The picture shows Xu Haifeng wearing the “Plum Blossom” sportswear to the stage to receive the prize

Therefore, when the state required the promotion of the school uniform of “enhance the collective honor of students” in 1993, the sports jacket became the first choice.

Ji Xianlin once said, “

Our nation is a nation that attaches importance to reality. “


In the age of lack of supplies, it is true that only pragmatism is the only choice to maintain a basic life.


Polyester material


Do not lose color, do not shrink, low cost

The characteristics of the school uniforms are more cheap and durable, and the wide design makes the school uniform has stronger generality. No matter height, weight, and gender, it can be stuffed with a set of school uniforms. Only one single dress in the spring and autumn school uniforms, and you can put a thick sweater in winter.

When the school customizes school uniforms for students, it only needs to be distributed according to height. This also greatly reduces the operating cost of the school.

But in today’s cities, most people are no longer worried about eating and wearing, but the quality of life is still in the era of food and clothing.

Is it impossible for us to design good school uniforms? Or is the principal intentionally and normal aesthetic?

Actually not.


It is the concept of practical supremacy that makes people forget the meaning of beauty, even fear of beauty, and stay away from beauty.


The supporters of the “noodle pocket” school uniform are often parents who pay for school uniforms -most parents think that “ugly school uniforms” are conducive to curbing comparison and curbing students’ early love.

In 2007, a middle school in Nanjing solicited the students’ opinions and customized the beautiful Korean school uniform, but after knowing it, the parents of the students exclaimed, “The boys and girls are so beautiful, no wonder the daughter wants to think about it!”

However, if the early love and comparison were guilty of the school uniform, the school uniform said that the pot was really big and dark. Instead, if you are afraid of “wanting to be crooked” and deprive the children’s right to pursue beauty, this seems to be even more abandoned.

Maybe we should think about protecting the child’s beauty, which is more conducive to the correct self -awareness of children? What our child lacks is not the ability of “ugly”, but

Discover beauty, appreciate beauty, keep beauty

s eyes.

Lack of aesthetic education

Bai Yansong once said:

How important do we put aesthetics in? Just look at the school uniforms in China, and the school uniforms really reveal the heart of a nation. The characteristics of our school uniforms are: It is not easy to find ugly than it. Moreover, our parents set the school uniform to the children, and the school is one larger, so we have not worn fit clothes since childhood. This is the aesthetics of a nation. This happens to our campus.

The “noodle pocket” school uniforms that are practical and lack of design make the original vibrant teenagers become gender blurred, deadly, and no beauty at all.

Clothing is a second -layered skin of human beings. As a special clothing, school uniforms are not only a symbol of student spirit and campus culture, but also a microcosm of social civilization. If even the school uniform that lives so closely with the child has no “beauty” value, how can they learn to experience the wonderful art from Tang poetry and green brick and blue tiles; To appreciate the nature of the four seasons; look for a poetic life from the spring flowers and autumn moon and chai oil and salt.

A country or a nation must not have no soul. Beauty is the direct display of the soul of the nation.

China is not without aesthetics. From the “Qingqingzi” in ancient China to the oblique cheongsam of modern society, whether it is gorgeous, complicated, simple and simple, it reflects the uniqueness and elegance of the oriental world.

After experiencing the baptism of difficult years, the loss and forgetfulness of beauty. Today, how can our children regain the pursuit of a better life and experience the meaning of a beautiful life.

School uniforms may be the beginning of aesthetic education.


Article Source: Chongqing Education Inquiry Author: Huang Xun





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