How romantic is the Bohemian skirt? Different parties in different occasions, there is always a style to make you beautiful

San Mao once said that only her, Qi Yu and Pan Yueyun are most suitable for Bohemian -style big flower skirts in Taiwan.

There is no doubt that summer is the carnival season of dresses. Covering a “white” in winter, isn’t it just to put on good skirts in summer, expose her legs and shoulders, and make a fashionable girl?


By the way, there is a very important point, that is, the summer vacation tourism, about three or five friends, and then wearing such a very personalized bosimian long skirt, leaving your own puppet shadow in all kinds of beautiful scenery It seems to prove that I have been here.

Summer without travel is incomplete, but traveling without the Bohemian skirt always feels less.

In fact, whenever I talk about the Bohemian skirt, Xiaobian will think of the wandering story of Sanmao. As mentioned at the beginning, she has an inextricable source with the Bohemian style.


Some people have commented that Sanmao is “the last Bohemian woman in China”, and her departure takes away the real Bohemian spirit. Freedom, romance, rebellion, unruly, San Mao deeply burned her attitude towards her life in the way of dressing, walking footprints, and text.

It’s as if she can come out of the magnificent works at any time: a mottled long skirt, a horse off the horse, a free and free …

What is the Bohemian style?


Bohemian (Bohemian) was translated into

“Drustering artist”



Bohemia is located in the central and western regions of the Czech Republic. It is a multi -ethnic tribe in history, where many Gitza people are gathered. They walked in all corners of the world in a wandering way, living freely and scattered life.

The initial style of Bohemia is formed by this group of decadent cultural people in the waves of the world.


Essence They are mixed with the microcosm of various national characteristics: Indian sequined embroidery, Iran and Morocco’s tassel pendant, and North Africa’s stringing plants.


It is precisely because of this diverse “mix and match” that the uniqueness and exotic sensation of Bohemian style are formed.


However, it is necessary to discuss the growth of the Bohemian style, and it may be due to the new ways of innovation to give them to the hippie. They are also pursuing the spiritual world of freedom, free, free, and enthusiastic, and they wear Posmian -style costumes to taste hip -hop and play cool taste.

In short, the Bohemian style represents an unprecedented one

Romance, folk customization and liberalization

There are many elements they involve: lace lace, wax dyeing, cortex, handmade rope, embroidery skewers, and so on.


What is the Bohemian skirt?

Regarding the Bohemian skirt, we have actually entered a misunderstanding now. By default, the Bohemian skirt is attributed to the “beach skirt”.

If you want to determine whether it is a Bohemian skirt from the printed element, you need to look at its pattern details. Usually the Persian style printing is some patterns, totems, and geometric patterns with national characteristics and exotic style, which are full of mystery.


Or the fusion of design elements such as embroidery, streaming, hollow, beaded, etc., they can also be called the Bohemian skirt.

On the whole, the Bohemian skirt highlights an exotic style, which has strong national characteristics.

The style positioning of the Bohemian skirt is obvious, with strong exotic and unique charm. At the same time, it is like a lot of dresses, which are changing in style and fabric design. Therefore, when we choose, we can refer to our actual situation to avoid strengths.

Select according to the sense of quantity body

Selected by a sense of quantity, mainly to make people and styles achieve a harmonious beauty, avoid suspicion of appearing old or pretending to be tender.

A lot of sensory style is suitable for a large number of senses

A lot of sense of body type: tough facial features, tall figure

Select keywords: large -scale pattern, long elegant

The Posmian skirts such as such a large -scale national printing are complex and have a retro and old feeling. In this way, the whole person will look more mature after the upper body, so it is more suitable for a large number of women with a strong aura. ▼


Small sensory body type is suitable for small -scale styles

Small sense of body type: flat features flat and small, petite figure

Select keywords: small area pattern, short fit

Conversely, if you are a small -scale body shape, then you are more suitable for a small -scale style than the previous one, that is, the color of the color is not large and the color is more vivid and lively. The tailoring is also a short fit. ▼

Choose according to the material fabric

Obviously, as the textile printing process is becoming more mature, almost all fabrics can be used to make Bohemian skirts: lace, cotton, chiffon, real silk, etc. We are common or uncommon.


Most of the initial Bohemian skirts were made of cotton and linen materials with cheap and low process and technical requirements, but now we also prefer cotton and linen because we wear this material in summer and it is really comfortable and breathable.


The surface of cotton and linen fabrics usually have some nodes and obvious bumps, and the feel will feel more rough. However, its natural style is rough, which is in line with the spirit of Bohemia, and at the same time, it has good moisture absorption and humidity. Sweating in summer is not easy to dip in clothes, so it is dry and cool.

True silk material

To talk about breathability, it is naturally indispensable in summer. And as early as the 1970s, British designer Thea Porter used the elegant and light silk outline and flower embroidery to make Bohemian style charm.


Compared with cotton and linen, although it belongs to the fabric that belongs to “breathing”, its softness and skin -friendly degree cannot be achieved by hemp fabrics. And the real silk fiber has 18 kinds of amino acids that are beneficial to the human body. The color is softer and has a certain skin care effect.

Chiffon material


The first two fabrics are indeed very suitable for summer, but cotton, linen and real silk are easily wrinkled and difficult to take care of. At this time, women who are afraid of trouble usually choose chiffon. The main component of chiffon fabrics is polyester. It is actually very similar in appearance, luster and feel, so chiffon -like bosumian skirts also have the same sense of elegance and pendant. The point is that their price is in the three. The cheapest is!

We have roughly learned that the Bohemian skirt is not a special skirt for vacation. In fact, as long as it is selected and matched properly, it can wear different fashion style on different occasions.

Vacation occasion

Of course, so far, everyone will still reflect the Bohemian skirt when it comes to vacations. Bohemian skirts can be melted in the scene and set off the scene.


Fashionable and exquisite matching is often reflected in detail accessories, so when we use some headscarves, shawls, straw hats, and Roman sandals to match the Posamian skirt, we will have a strong holiday color.

Shopping party


Our daily shopping or meeting with sisters, our match is mainly comfortable and relaxed.


For example, like the figure below, the cool and breathable cotton and linen material is very suitable for high temperature weather in summer. The loose and lantern sleeve design makes women a little more sweet and playful, while the unique ethnic embroidery and tassel elements of the bosimian skirt It is very fashionable, so it is very special whether it is paired with flat shoes, high heels or boots.

Music festival live

Go to the music festival to watch Live’s Cool Girl. The blending method of Bohemian style is super suitable for you, so different.

For example, using the sweet lady’s perspective lace mix and match Boshemian characteristic half skirt, or use handsome black leather jackets and canvas shoes to match a elegant bosimian long skirt, and then wearing a cool sunglasses, The green grass is your most fashionable and unruly personality.

Conclusion: Fall in love with the Bohemian skirt, not only to love its complicated patterns and colors, but also love its attitude towards life and free and free.

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