New product of dazzle, accompany you to spend winter

Dazzle’s new winter products are here, Liu Wen is super beautiful!


Look1: The color of this mesh skirt is high -grade, comes with a fairy temperament. The upper body is also gray, and the gorilla pattern adds fun. It is paired with light purple down jackets, which is very suitable for participating in party party.

Look2: Black leather pants are versatile in winter, and the knee is added with splicing design, which is more personalized. The upper body was wearing a light gray letter sweater, and the old flower denim cotton clothes were covered with Liu Wen. The whole look revealed the handsome feeling.

LOOK3: This sweater is a particularly good -looking purple, and the upper body is super white. With a black pleated skirt, you can get casual laziness. Wearing a rice white wool coat outside, it is light and enough to keep warm.


Look4: The sweater of the Fer Island’s flower pattern shows a strong retro atmosphere, paired with gray woolen pants, full of Nordic sense. Wear waist down jackets outside, and the medium -long silhouette is paired with beam belt design, so that you are not bloated while keeping warm.

LOOK5: I also tried to wear the same beads sweater of Liu Wen. The lower body is a bead skirt. The shining element is the best choice for festivals and parties. Wearing hooded cotton clothes outside and design of the fabric design of the installed sensor, it has the characteristics of windproof and warmth.


LOOK6: This year, horseshoe pants are very popular, with thin band decorations on the feet of the pants, and the retro personality is super long. The upper body is wearing a rhombus beads, and the dark gray short down jacket. The down jackets are designed with reflective fabrics and technology sensory admission to extend the infinite futuristic.

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