“Philips VTR5102PRO” upgraded function to solve your little troubles on the spot

With the four and a half gold and silver, the spring light in April heated up, and the workplace activities of all walks of life were full of firepower.

Large product conference, talent selection meeting, technical exchange meeting, experience sharing meeting

When various offline activities start, at the same time, all kinds of campus activities are also in full swing to prepare for germination.

Theme lectures, reading sharing meetings, famous teachers and celebrities interactive classrooms, famous enterprise professional observation meetings, entrepreneurial training courses


The opening of various events will be carried out wonderfully. As active participants, live communicationists, and activists, it is naturally necessary to record and organize on -site information high frequently.

to this end,


Jinghua & Philips officially launched a new generation of lightweight intelligent recording pens in April -Philips VTR5102PRO

Based on the original VTR5102 “intelligent+classic+dexterity” product concept, further upgrades and optimizations in the use needs of “efficient and practical” have the advantages of more humanized operations.

April Fangfei, meet a new voice

Philips VTR5102 Pro

Will be launched soon

Jingdong flagship platform

Officially on sale


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Philips VTR5102PRO

Using new visual performance and more audio playback support, users can master the operating status of the device more clearly on various occasions, bringing users more playback options on audio audio. A sense of comfortable operation to get the experience of surpassing VTR5102, for the


Combine the icing on the cake.

| Display screen


The display surface is bigger and more direct

The visual expression of functional feedback information is one of the processing methods for modern consumer electronics equipment to directly express the concept of humanization. Through the user’s visual feedback acceptance needs, it can show real -time performance. Compared with the visualization expression of VTR5102, the VTR5102PRO maximizes uses the front floor area of ​​the device, equipped with a larger screen, and replaces black and white icons with color icons, and uses bright colors to highlight key information to better guide the use of use use The person captures the content of the state you need.



The amplifier is strong enough, and the listening is awesome

The mystery of the record is to reappear. The original sound audio also needs to be able to play it freely. Everyone has different listening habits. Whether wearing headphones or directly, it is a choice.

The audio playback mechanism of VTR5102Pro is based on VTR5102 for optimization and upgrading. It can not only support the earphone audio audio, but also directly open the sound through the built -in strong speaker. Can listen to the listening ways you like to want.

| Design


Light is natural, and the face value is the original state

Intelligent AI. Recording pen VTR5102 focused on the appearance of miniature and lightweight in appearance. As an upgraded version of VTR5102PRO, it was shaped around the practical core of “light and portable”. PRO not only maintains a consistent implicit texture in the touch, but also has a more agile style in visual matching, allowing users to use them in various occasions, but also as the decoration and improvement of professional images.

| Core

Wisdom is still online, and the original sound is replicated on the spot

The upgrade of VTR5102 Pro mainly focuses on more convenient and practical operations, larger color display screens, more direct loudness, more delicate and considerable appearance, and more simple and stylish micro -intelligent AI. In addition to the core of recording and intelligent voice applications, the core of the application of recording and intelligent voice is firmly grasped, retaining the quickness of one -click recording, the intelligent voice experience held for life, the efficient translation of wireless translation, the original sound quality of the long noise reduction, the original sound quality of the noise reduction And the settings of various details, etc., are upgraded on the basis of a comprehensive advantage. This is the VTR5102 Pro, starting from humanized operations, for you!


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