Performance of an elegant life, the American Caracole Modern Chongqing strikes

On September 28, the “art life, also modern” series of theme activities “The last stand of the” hot mountain city ” -Chongqing successfully concluded. Following the modern trip to Xiamen, Hangzhou, Qingdao, and Harbin, Meikemei came to this city that brings together the essence of Bashu’s modern culture.

感知雅致生活的脉络,美克美家caracole modern重庆来袭

As one of the economic and cultural centers in the Bashu area, the modern culture of Chongqing has matured earlier, and the interpretation of art and quality of life is also more unique and diverse. The Michael Caracole Modern’s understanding and pursuit of artistic and modern pursuits are closed.

△ The Michael Microba Series Activities Comes in Chongqing

On the same day, Ma Xin, the general manager of the Mark Michards, Mark Miki, Max, and Caracole international business expansion and brand ambassador Luiza F. Holland, “Comfort Comfort” editor -in -chief Li Pengbo, and media friends from all walks of life, beauty The new and old customers of Kumeijia attended the opening ceremony and witnessed the new “modern” era brought by the Meikemei family Caracole Modern.

△ Caracole International Business Development and Brand Ambassador Luiza F. Holland

Ma Xin, the general manager of the Urcen -Chongqing Kunming City Group, Mike International Home Supplies Co., Ltd., said in his speech that Chongqing has always been one of the most important cities in the southwestern region of Meike’s home. Since entering the Chongqing market in 2005, Midea Ke Meijia opened 4 stores in the core business area and served nearly 20,000 Chongqing customers. In these 14 years, we have witnessed the continuous upgrade of Chongqing consumers’ living standards and aesthetic consciousness. In this prosperous and deep cultural heritage, the Meikemei family also continued to draw inspiration to give back to consumers with better soft outfit design and service.

△ Li Pengbo, editor -in -chief of “Comfort Comfort”

At the scene, with the full -fledged opening dance performance, the guests on the present experienced the new work of the Mark Modern Caracole Modern -Stream Line style space and the Modern Grace cloud ballet series.

The new products of the two series continue the “art” DNA of Meikemei’s family, re -explained the understanding of “modern” in a unique way, demonstrating the beautiful longing for modern modern life, and presenting a modern generation for the pursuit of art life. Field home aesthetics feast. The Stream Line style space pays tribute to the American industrial design style of the 1940s, combines luxurious and smooth modern streamlines, and the contour definition is full of modern sense of modern beauty. The warm living space is a shelter for you in the city.

The Modern Grace Cloud Ballet series made people unforgettable with fresh and elegant shapes and beautiful lines, creating a delicate habitat for users. In addition to the outstanding face value, the cloud ballet series also considers the user’s living habits more in terms of functionality, so that your room has a elegant signal in terms of appearance and use. Modernism of modernism.

△ Ballet on the cloud

感知雅致生活的脉络,美克美家caracole modern重庆来袭

It is understood that “art life is also modern” as the theme of this release event, which contains the new interpretation of Meikemei’s art and modern. “Art Life”, art is life, this is also an attitude towards life and aesthetics. “Modern”, which means artistic and beautiful things, itself is the carrier of modern life, and Meikemei has deeply analyzed consumers’ pursuit of art and aesthetics, and integrates the design to integrate these arts into life and home life scenes. Among them, like a clear flow inspiring people who love life.

感知雅致生活的脉络,美克美家caracole modern重庆来袭

The perfect ending of this event in Chongqing not only brought new modern interpretation and brand -new products for Chongqing people who pursuing modern and comfortable life, re -ignition their modern souls, but also paint on a series of theme activities. A complete end.

感知雅致生活的脉络,美克美家caracole modern重庆来袭

△ Meikemeijia new product display

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感知雅致生活的脉络,美克美家caracole modern重庆来袭

Since its establishment in 2001, the Meikemei family has engraved the art of art in the design concept. The Meikemei family is always committed to providing Chinese consumers with an artistic, diverse and international lifestyle, and providing consumers with extreme soft installation services and one -stop shopping experience. The Meikemei family also continued to absorb the cultural demands of Chinese consumers, incorporated Chongqing’s cultural heritage into their own designs, and provided the dual enjoyment of home life aesthetics and homeland emotions for consumers in Chongqing and across the country. Under the design concept of the new generation of crowd’s delicate and comfortable life, the Mark Meijia inject art inspiration into each work and provides consumers with a diversified service with temperature. Essence

Caracole officially joined the Mark Home in 2009, and has always left a deep and beautiful impression on the Chinese market with its elegant and modern style. There are three different product lines under the Caracole. Among them, the gradient autumn leaf decorative cabinet and “black beauty” Windsa chair in the Caracole Classic series have won the peak design award equivalent to the “Oscar” award equivalent to the home industry. Caracole Signature strives to provide high -end people with life solutions, emphasizing exquisite life and elegance. Caracole Modern is young and modern, paying more attention to the transmission of modern elements in life to people who focus on contemporary art. After entering the Chinese market, Caracole is deeply popular in first -tier cities, especially new first -tier cities. Its simple, elegant, modern, and classic elite people who are pursuing quality homes are loved.

△ Caracole International Business Development and Brand Ambassador Luiza F. Holland

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