Runners have 6 misunderstandings, please don’t wear it like this

Although autumn is the most suitable season for running, in the blink of an eye, the temperature turns cool, and how to wear running into many running Xiao Bai is under the current difficulties. Wearing too little and too cold, wearing too much and sweating and catching colds, there are more runners wearing “wonderful costumes” …


In addition to mastering the correct running posture, excellent runners also need to learn the correct sports clothing matching. Correct dressing not only makes you run more comfortably, but also to prevent many conditions such as skin inflammation.


If you want to run healthy healthily, first do not make the following errors in dressing:


Misunderstanding 1: Wear cotton clothes, pants, socks

“Cotton is the enemy of sports!” So no matter what season when running, do not wear cotton clothes!

Cotton is a good thing, but it is a disaster for exercise. If it is unfortunately wet by sweat, then you can only move like this. Whether it is hot weather or cold weather, the emergence of the situation will make you extremely torment.


At the same time, cotton clothing is easier to scratch your skin. If you run in cotton socks, your feet are particularly prone to blisters. Today’s sports manufacturers have launched a lot of sports equipment made of fast -drying materials, which can ensure that your body is enough to dry and comfortable.

Misunderstanding 2: Do not change the clothes in time


Wearing fast -drying clothes must be cleaned in time after wetness, and underwear that is close to the skin, it will be contaminated with various sweat stains and dandruffs secreted by the daily skin. If you can’t see the naked eye, you can’t consciousness, it is easy to cause skin infection. The acne and skin on the back of the chest and back are inexplicably red or itchy, which comes like this.

The underwear is not washed in time, and the sweat on the body is easy to pile on the underwear. After a long time, the underwear will become yellow. It is difficult to clean it. It will also deform the underwear and affect the service life of the underwear.

Misunderstanding 3: Wear loose sports pants


Once upon a time, people always wore this loose sports pants and sweatshirts when they were running, especially in the cold winter. But with the progress of the materials, we don’t need to wear these loose clothes to run.

In cold weather, sweat will not quickly sweat as fast -drying materials and keep your body dry as those quick -drying materials. Instead, water vapor will continue to move in the gap between clothes and body. So take these clothes and pants as a casual suit. If you want to exercise, let’s buy some professional.

Misunderstanding 4: Wrapped three layers of three layers in winter

The simplest and rude way to fight the cold wind is to wrap themselves on three layers and three layers. Many people wear thick coats when they run. But if you wear too thick, you are facing the trouble of overheating temperature and sweating too much. At this time, taking off your clothes will make you cool. Commonly wearing charge of running clothes, sultry, heavy, and impermeable. In the severe aerobic running sports, wearing charge clothes running is definitely a stupid thing.


So when running in winter, you still need to wear light sweats. The temperature difference brings physical discomfort, and the cold and cold body sensation is minimized.


Misunderstanding 5: Wear worn running shoes or basketball shoes

Although you have fully carried forward the new socialist style of diligence and frugal morality, and leaving those running shoes with hundreds of battles, Niu Niu has to tell you that these dilapidated running shoes will increase your risk of injury.


With the wear of running shoes, these shoes gradually lose the role of shock absorption, buffering and stability, which means that the impact of legs and joints brought by running and the pressure on the body will gradually increase. The best way to prevent running shoes from bringing sports injuries is that every 300-400 kilometers, change a pair of new shoes.

There are also running in basketball shoes, heavy shoes, unrestrained ankle movement, and not breathability of the upper fabric. Basketball shoes have gathered almost all the advantages of running shoes … opposite. So, if you run for a long time, choose a pair of running shoes that are suitable for you.

Misunderstanding 6: New equipment on the competition day


Many people like to wear new equipment and appear on the day when the game arrives. However, this is not a good time for dazzling equipment, whether it is new running shoes, sports shorts, or sports underwear.

You should adapt to these new equipment in advance during daily training to feel whether they will make you more comfortable. Before you are familiar with them, you never know where the new equipment will be for you. So in order to maintain your best state, you can choose the one you are most familiar with.

Running in autumn and winter, wearing 3 principles

Have you recruited the wrong ways of dressing above? So what should I wear? Let’s tell you below.


The classic saying of “three layers of dressing” does not necessarily need to have three layers of clothing, but that it must be achieved: three elements: close -drying, medium -layer warmth, and external windproof. These functional layers are not a single existence, but need to form a circular system together to reduce the difficulty low -temperature running.

The first layer is sweating

First of all, the most intriguing inner layer is the fast dry layer. This layer requires a very high -drying function because it directly contacts our skin and affects our body feel. The inner layer of material is the least recommended in cotton. Although the touch is comfortable, once sweating or wetting, the breathability and warmth will become strange.

In addition, after a long jog of jogging, the running position will involuntarily becomes uncoordinated. The tights can help the core muscle group and back of the back to a certain extent to support and keep the body straight.


Second layer of warmth

Putting on a separate tights, in general, it is more inclined to wear indoor jogging or training. If outdoor jogging is performed in autumn, you need to see the temperature with a light -quality running sports shirt to ensure the temperature balance of the thermal insulation layer.

In fact, what we usually call a sweater, it can also become a good insulation dress when running. However, we must note that most of the sweaters we usually wear are cotton, which is not suitable for wearing during exercise. We must choose a quick -drying fabric, so that the sweat can evaporate quickly while keeping warm. In addition, when buying, it is best to buy a style with thumb cave in the sleeve, so that in winter, you can better warm your hands.

The third layer of windproof

That is the isolation layer. This layer of functional points are very pure -windshield and rainproof, generally they will be a running jacket with both functions, but after all, there are fewer situations when it rains. The breathability function is mainly.

The lower installation is relatively easy to choose,

First follow the principles of not wearing pure cotton clothes, and secondly, you need to have a better warmth effect; then


The ideal choice of the personal layer must be compressed pants. Wearing a sports pants with good windproof effects outside, it can be competent for the weather above -10 ° C.

In addition, give the boys’ shoes a suggestion, wearing tight pants/compressed pants to base, remember to put on a pair of running shorts, the reason for everyone will experience it by themselves, anyway, it must wear N times better than not to wear good looks ~


Hurry up and collect this running guide, and you will never be afraid to wear the wrong clothes to run! Have you learned it? Run up quickly ~

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