It has a small and beautiful custom dog food business.

Foreign media news, pet food company “PET PLATE” has recently received $ 9 million in Series A financing, led by the capital management company DFE and venture capital department 301 Inc. Other investors include Marco Polo and FernBrook Capital Management LLC, and existing investment The Yard Ventures and Castor Ventures.

This round of financing will be used to expand the company’s pet food scope, including new recipes, organic food and nutritional supplements, and the company will also expand teams and infrastructure. In 2018, the company has received a $ 4 million seed wheel financing led by Dane Creek Capital.

PET PLATE is located in New York, founded by Renaldo Webb in 2016. It is a company that provides a custom meal for pets. Petplate directly subscribes to consumers, and its personalized meal is balanced by veterinarian nutritionists based on pets’ diet. The meal is customized, cooked and frozen to maintain freshness. Packing separately so that the product can be consumed directly from the refrigerator, or it can also be used for microwave heating.

Dr. Renee Streeter, veterinarian at PET PLATE, said that the nutritional balance of meals prepared by PET PLATE, no refined meat or by -products, no artificial preservatives, and a fresh diet composed of high -quality vitamins and minerals. As of now, PET PLATE has served more than 300 pet species in 48 states and Washington Special Economic Zone, with a cumulative amount of about 9.2 million meals.

它经济下小而美的定制狗粮生意,「Pet Plate」获900万美元A轮融资


The rise of the pet economy brings a hundred billion -level market, and the pet food supplies industry as the upstream of the industry chain has also ushered in an outbreak. The core business of the London startup ButternutBox is to legalize dog food through intelligent algorithms by collecting the age, weight, quality, active status and physical conditions of pets. In 2019, the company received 15 million pounds of new financing.

Earlier, 36 氪 has reported that domestic dog food brands are confidential, which is positioned as a mid -to -high -end pet consumer. It is also a company that provides customized health solutions for pets. The user submits pet -related information and consumption power through WeChat, and is matched with customized dog food and feeding solutions based on the algorithm. In addition, the platform has also launched snacks, nutrients and pet health products.

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