Domestic Black Technology A4 printer: No need to printer without ink, Han Yin Intelligent Work Printer

Since the epidemic, online education has become a trend. As a parent of the child, since last year, he has printed some learning materials according to the teacher’s requirements.

However, there was no printer before. Every time the teacher arranged the homework, it was printed in the company or printing in the print shop in the community. The most embarrassing thing is that sometimes the teacher will temporarily arrange some fast practice at night, and go to the print shop to close the door. It is a headache. Moreover, the print shop in the community is monopolized, and the printing is 1 yuan/piece, and the file must be transmitted to the owner each time. The homework does not matter. Personal files will inevitably leak privacy.

Therefore, I decided to start a printer. As a digital player, I found a very interesting product: Hanyin FT880ai Intelligent Work Printer. Focus on work printing without ink cartridges; it can also print remotely and voice control. Take a start and share the experience.


Appearance | Small and exquisite, built -in Tmall Elf

Let’s take a look at the appearance of the Han seal printer.

The first feeling is that the appearance is too small; the official data, the length is only 31.4*15.9cm, the net weight is 1.8kg, which is very light. In addition, compared with ordinary printers, the appearance of the Han seal printer is completely cubic, without external paper warehouses.


The face value is also relatively high, which may be the first time that the face value of the printer can be described. The wood grain design+white body, the workmanship is very delicate.

Overall perspective, people who do not know the details are hard to recognize it. This is a printer. The four corners have been transitioned in an arc, and there are babies in the family who don’t have to worry about bumps.

The paper mouth is designed in front of it.

As a printer that focuses on A4 -free printing, another feature of the Han -Indian printer is that the function is simple. There is only one switch button+two indicator lights in the fuselage. You can see the current power supply and network connection state.

Of course, the function is simple, and there is also a small disadvantage, that is, it cannot be copied. There are advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, the structure is relatively simple, which reduces the chance of failure in long -term use. The disadvantage is that this function is mainly used for children’s education, and the functions of copying and coloring cannot be realized.

The opening of the entire upper cover is achieved through two small wrenches on both sides of the Han -Indian printer. Another feature: Speaks are designed on both sides.

Here, the Han seal printer, another function is Tmall Elf, which can realize the remote control of some home appliances and can be used as speakers.

The power interface is designed to be in front of it; in addition, a wired network port is designed to facilitate access to the network.

Seeing this, everyone should be able to imagine the purpose of this wood grain design. The value is increased, so that even if it is used with speakers everyday, it is a very good choice.


Open the upper cover, you can see that the dedicated paper printed on the ink -free printed is the whole roll of paper, which is placed inside the Han seal printer.

It should be explained here that the Han seal printer has its own cutting knife. After the printing, it will automatically cut into A4 paper, so there is no need to worry. Another point is that because it is printed without ink, there is no need for a conventional printer ink box at all, and there is no supplies such as ink cartridges.


No ink printing, in fact, daily contact is more. For example, small tickets for supermarkets, lottery tickets, etc. are all ink -free printing technology.


Of course, since there is no ink printing, specially needed ink printing paper is needed. The printer dedicated to the Hanyin Printer calculated that the total cost of the consumables was less than 0.2 yuan for each A4 paper. Ordinary printers, because the consumables are different, the single costs are not the same. Some network printers I learned before buying are not low ink.

However, obviously there is no need to buy ink cartridges and A4 paper separately. It only needs to buy the Han seal printer that is used directly in the ink -free installation, which is more convenient.

Use | No need to drive easily, focus on the rich resources of educational built -in

Since it is a printer and positioning home and education, it must be connected to the mobile phone.


After downloading the APP, you can search for it, but the printer and Tmall Elf are two apps that need to be connected to the settings separately.

However, only the mobile app has no computer APP. Of course, the computer app generally needs to add printers and installation drivers, which also saves these tediousness.

APP, supports remote printing in the LAN and clouds. Even in the company, it can be printed remotely by receiving the assignments arranged by the teacher, which is very convenient.

There is also a very powerful feature: the operating box. Some resources that are stored at any time can be placed in the operating box first. To understand it briefly, it is a folder that can be placed in the job box in the files to be printed.


Another very important function: edit before printing.


Whether it is word, pictures, PDF files, etc., you can set detailed settings before printing. The picture can be tailored, rotating, adding filters, etc., the functions are very comprehensive.

When printing, you can set the concentration like an ordinary printer. Moreover, more powerful than ordinary printers is that A4 paper can be set and continuous printing can be made. If it is a long text, the content can be better reflected.

The printing function is comprehensive, and the student resource library mentioned above is a very practical function.


Many parents of children should have a deep understanding. The most concerned is the education of children. With the Han seal printer, a rich question bank can be placed in the workbox at any time, which is very good.


Another feature is Tmall Elf. Like other Tmall Elf devices, it is a voice assistant. However, Tmall Elf and Hanyin Printer function can easily implement the function of voice control. For example, “printing Chinese homework” can directly print the homework under the language folder in the operating box, and soon.

So, what is the actual printing effect?

Let’s take a look at the difference between the special paper (top) used by Hanyin, compared with ordinary A4 paper (bottom). The special paper of the Han -Indian printer is whiter and smoother; the comparison of A4 paper is darker. There are not much difference in other aspects.

The function of automatic cutting is very easy to use, and the photo will be cut directly in the size of A4 paper.

Looking at the actual printing effect, it feels very good, which is no different from ordinary A4 paper.

Look at the details, the printing is clear. Another feature is that the printing is super fast. After clicking, the paper is quickly out of the paper, and there is almost no need to wait.


Use it for children, except for the slightly smooth surface, there is nothing other differences.

One stroke is the only way to accumulate knowledge.

At the end of the article, I will share with you a few problems when I buy it.

1) Can this dedicated printing paper for ink -free printing technology be stored for a long time? Answer: Yes, the current technology is very high and can be stored for a long time;


2) How many sheets can be printed in built -in printing paper? Answer: 100 photos;

3) What is the biggest advantage? Answer: Simple operation, don’t worry about cardboard, ink lack, blocked, have a low failure rate.


Summary | Overall showing excellent ink -free printer, suitable for parents of children


To sum up, let’s talk about the disadvantages first, so that everyone has sufficient awareness.

1) The function of copying cannot be achieved;


2) Do not print both sides, only one -sided printing.


However, from the name of the product named Hanyin FT880AI smart operation printer, this product itself is to position “small, home, and homework.” This positioning determines its own Han -Indian printer to meet the needs of parents faster. From this point of view, it is very qualified, simple to use, and the function of Tmall elves can be printed.


In terms of overall use, I am very satisfied and suggested that parents of students start.

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