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Smart West March 31 news, Apple iPhone/iPad officially launched in mainland China with the old replacement plan, and more official descriptions are “reuse and cycle utilization plan”.

According to the old replacement plan of this time, the stink cat also interviewed the relevant insider of Apple as always, and called the Specialist expert in Beijing Xidan Dayue City. The relevant details are now released. Every problem is very important. Welcome everyone to everyone. Welcome everyone collect.

1. Is the reuse and cycle utilization plan this time?

Zhiwi learned that the reuse and cyclic use plan is a new plan for the old, and it is officially implemented on March 31.

2. What products do you include the old replacement plan this time? iPod (including iPod Touch5), iPad starts from the first generation, iPhone (from the first generation) Mac, Magic Mouse, charger?

The iPhone series is from iPhone4 to iPhone5s, but iPhone6 ​​and iPhone6 ​​Plus do not support the old replacement.

The iPad series can replace the new machine from iPad2 to iPad4 and iPad mini1. The iPad Air first and second generation, iPad mini second and third generations do not support the old replacement.

At present, only the old replacement of iPhone and iPad products, the peripheral products of MAC and iPod and Apple do not support the old replacement.

3. What factors will Apple direct stores consider to replace?

Zhixin learned that the premise of the old replacement is the mainland’s licensed goods (the old replacement of the old Hong Kong version, but the Taiwanese version needs to be specific), the machine can be turned on, and the mobile phone used is not an unofficial renovation, without opening the back cover, and no unofficial replacement parts. At present, only the degree of wear is considered, other such as storage space, color, iOS version number, or whether it will not be considered in the warranty period.

Hong Kong products will also enjoy new policies for the old replacement in the mainland, but the Hong Kong version of the products are different from that of the National Bank products. The Hong Kong version of the discount is a new product is the official renovation machine of Hong Kong version, but the new product of the Bank of China is the official new machine of the Bank of China.

4. In what form after evaluating? Is it exchanged for money or coupon?

After the iPhone completes the quality assessment, the discount is turned into coupons, and users need to buy products on the same day. Users need to note that the iPhone’s old replacement can only replace iPhone products, iPad can only replace the iPad, and cannot be replaced by iPhone.

5. How long does the evaluation process take? Where to evaluate? Scratches on the screen, screen cracking?

Zhiwi learned that the assessment time was very fast, because the user needs to buy the product on the same day, so the time consumed after entering the store is mainly in the evaluation time. It can be recovered within 15 minutes. The entire process is completed under the glance of users, which is very safe. After evaluating, users can purchase new iPhone or iPad by replacing new discount coupons.

6. What are the current support for the new policy? Is there a third -party after -sales after Apple retail store?

Zhixin learned that the old -fashioned policy only supports Apple direct stores. Baibang customer service and third -party Apple stores do not support the official new policy.

7. The whereabouts of the recycling iPhone or iPad?

The response to the stink cat’s call to the Xidan Yuecheng is: These replaceable products will be uniformly transported back to the factory, and then carefully check the components. Use it on the new after -sales machine.

But the stink cat saw such a sentence on the official website of Apple,

** The value of your old iPhone will be determined by our reuse and cycle. Old iPhone’s confirmed value can be used to buy new iPhone. You can learn about the complete terms and conditions in the Apple Store retail store. Some iPhone models are not suitable for discount discounts.


This plan means to transport the product back to Foxconn and re -disassemble the production.

This time, all the old new plans are implemented in Apple direct stores. Specifically, the old -fashioned new plan also needs to ask Apple’s shop staff.

Or poke this new plan to Apple’s old new plan page, you can inquire about supporting the new Apple direct store with the old change.

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