Torde briefly describes several practical indicators of 18650/14500 lithium battery protection board

1. Direction resistance:

Definition: When the charging current is 500mA, the MOS tube is deferred.

Due to the high operating frequency of communication equipment, the data transmission requires the low code rate, and its pulse string rises and decreases steep, so

18350 lithium battery

The current output capacity and voltage stability requirements are high. Therefore, the resistance of the MOS tube switch of the protective board should be small, and the single -section battery cell protective board is usually <70MΩ. Suddenly disconnect, phone calls, noise and other phenomena.

2. Self -consumption current

Definition: The IC working voltage is 3.6V. In the state of vacuum, the current through the protection of IC is generally small. The self -consumption current of the protective board directly affects the standby time of the battery. Generally, the self -consumption current of the protective board is less than that 10 Wei’an.


3. current ability

As a safety protection device for lithium batteries, the protective board must work reliably within the normal operating current range of the device. It must also move quickly when the battery is short -circuited or overcurrent to protect the battery cell.

4. Mechanical performance, temperature adaptability, anti -static ability

The protective board must be able to work through the vibration specified by the national standard; the protective board can work safely at -40 to 85 ° C, and can withstand the non-contact ESD electrostatic test of ± 15kV.

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