How to choose children’s toothpaste? You know after reading this! (Pure dry goods! There are product recommendations inside)

Earlier, I posted a article “These” Children’s Products “pit father and dolls! Don’t buy it for your child! “, Mentioned that children’s toothpaste is not fluoride, and don’t be too superstitious.

Many Ma Ma leaves a message, want to know how to choose children’s toothpaste? What is the fluoride -containing standard for children’s toothpaste?

Mice Moma checked information and specifically sorted out this article, hoping to provide some help for Mattan to buy children’s toothpaste.

Basic common sense of toothpaste

What are the types of toothpaste?

We use toothpaste every day, but many people know it at all! Listening to the advertisement said that toothpaste has whitening, hemostasis, anti -allergic … it looks like a lot of tricks.

According to the relevant regulations in my country,

There are only two categories of toothpaste: ordinary toothpaste and effective toothpaste.

Efficacy toothpaste includes: fluorine toothpaste, inhibitory toothpaste toothpaste and desensitization toothpaste.

Other toothpaste, no matter how much the advertisement is blowing, it is ordinary toothpaste, and there is no “drug” toothpaste.

How to specify the fluorine content of toothpaste?

Fluoride toothpaste refers to the containing fluoride in toothpaste, commonly including sodium fluoride, sodium fluorophone, fluoride, etc.

Essence Fluoride is an effective anti -caries.

There are no separate children’s toothpaste standards in my country. Children’s toothpaste products implement the mandatory national standard “GB8372-2008),

The standard stipulates that “the total fluoride volume index of toothpaste in the children’s toothpaste is 0.05%-0.11%, and the fluorine content of adult toothpaste is 0.04%-0.15%.

What is the friction agent of toothpaste?

Regarding the friction agent in toothpaste, the most common is calcium carbonate. Its friction is strong but the particles are relatively thick. Although it can remove the pigment dirt on the teeth, it will also wear a certain wear on the enamel.

Calcium carbonate is a low -grade friction agent, while calcium phosphate and calcium calcium phosphate are not common.

The relatively good friction agent on the market is hydrolysis silicon.

Can xylitol prevent tooth decay?

Some children’s toothpaste claims to be fluoride and has no harm to the health of the baby! Some children’s toothpaste, without mention of fluoride, will emphasize that they contain lignitol:

Everyone knows that gum contains xylitol, which is a sweet taste used to replace sucrose. The sweetness is equivalent to sucrose.

Hylolol cannot be fermented by caries in the oral cavity, inhibiting the growth and acidity of rinseee. Secondly, it can promote saliva secretion, slow down the decrease of pH, reduce the acid erosion of the teeth, reduce the production of tooth spots and reduce the possibility of dental caries.

However, there is no conclusive scientific evidence that xylitol can prevent dental caries. Clarifying prevention and reduction possibilities, these are two concepts!

Therefore, the dentist will tell you that chewing gum cannot be replaced by brushing!

How old can I use fluorine toothpaste?

In the past, I thought that the child could not use fluoride toothpaste before the age of 2, because I was afraid that he would eat it.

In 2014, the American Dental Association (ADA) and the American Pediatric Association (AAP) were revised:

The baby can use fluoride toothpaste from the first teeth!

Don’t worry about poisoning? Let’s say that, it is not easy to want fluoride poisoning!

Earlier of 0.05-0.07 mg of weight per kilogram is excessive. For example, if your baby weighs 15 kg, then the risk of excess poisoning at 0.75-1.05 mg of fluorosuction!

It sounds small, so do you know how much fluorine is there in fluorine toothpaste? The fluoride content of fluoride toothpaste is 1000 ppm, that is, 1 gram toothpaste contains 1 mg of fluorine. How much is 1 gram of toothpaste? You can fill the entire toothbrush head inside and out!

Who squeezed so much brushing the baby? There is no brain in water …

For children aged 0-3, it is so big to brush their teeth and squeeze rice grains every time

(It’s true rice grains, not my baby, haha ​​:),

Children aged 3-6, squeeze soybeans each time (about 5 mm long)

Essence This amount is very safe, even if you swallow it!

Parents pay attention to,

Press the paste into bristles when squeezing toothpaste

This can prevent the baby from eating toothpaste as jelly to the greatest extent.

What should I do to live in a high -fluoric area?

Some parents want to say that the region we live in the water content in the water is high, can they use fluoride toothpaste?

Regarding the influence area of ​​high -fluorine water poisoning, I Baidu was Baidu … the area is really wide.

Almost all of the plain areas in North China, Northwest, Northeast China and Huanghuaihai. Many provinces are also affected by the dual fluoride poisoning of drinking water and coal -fired pollution. Tears run ing … can be said to be a gun in the country except Shanghai!

The limited standard for Chinese drinking water in life is: 1 mg/liter

If this value exceeds this value, fluoride spots on the teeth.


Someone will definitely ask, is there any way to remove fluoride ions in drinking water? After checking the relevant information, the method of removing fluoride in the water body mainly includes ion exchange method, adsorption method, chemical precipitation method and membrane treatment method.

Today’s commonly used film treatment technology, including:

Reverse Osmosis, RO)

Electro dialysis (ED)

MicroFiltra-Tion, MF)

Ultrafiltration (OF)


Wait, it is a physical separation technology.

In other words, the pure water machine that supports the above membrane treatment technology can remove fluoride ions that can remove drinking water. The most common in the middle is RO reverse osmosis technology.

The advantage of this method is that the pre -treatment does not add any reagents, which reduces secondary pollution. It removes more than 90%of dissolved salts and 99%of organic matter and harmful microorganisms in water while removing fluoride ions.

There are many brands that support RO membrane reverse osmosis technology on the market. The price is more expensive than ordinary water purifiers. Dear friends can decide whether to buy according to economic conditions.

If you are sure not to buy a pure water machine, it is recommended to check the actual fluoride content of local drinking water, and then decide whether to use fluoride toothpaste for your child.

These ingredients should be avoided when buying!

Plane preservatives of hydroxybenzoate


For hydroxybenzoate (English name: Paraben), alias, also known as Nepalese methar essence, is a kind of preservatives used in cosmetics and medicines, and sometimes used in food additives. The entire large category includes: methyl ester, ethyl, propylene, isopen ester, butyl ester, isened ester, penta, Geon, cinnamone, etc.

In March 2002, my country has been approved for food preservatives for food preservatives sodium, sodium sodium sodium to hydroxybenzoate, sodium sodium hydroxybenzoate, and sodium hydroxybenzoate.


Paraben preservatives have the effect of imitating estrogen and have been found in breast cancer tumors. They may participate in the development of breast cancer. However, whether they have a direct relationship with breast cancer, they have not been confirmed in the medical community.

The above three paragraphs are taken from Baidu Encyclopedia

Such preservatives are legally added in my country, but because it will be absorbed by the skin and cannot be metabolized in the body, there is still the risk of interfere with human endocrine and hormones.

Therefore, from a more rigorous security prevention perspective, pay attention to the ingredient table when choosing a toothpaste for children.

It is best to avoid products containing: hydroxybenzoed, hydroxybenzyl, hydroxybenbly ester, Nepalese golden methyl ester and other products.


Calcium carbonate friction agent


As mentioned above, a main component in toothpaste is the friction agent, which is to help remove tartar and reduce tooth plaque.

The higher the value of the friction effect (RDA), the better the cleaning effect, but at the same time it is increasing the risk of damage to the teeth. The international regulation is safer to RDA value below 250.

Some toothpaste’s friction agent is cheap calcium carbonate, and its friction value is close to 250.

For children, without smoking or drinking strong tea, you don’t need such a strong friction agent at all. If you use more, you may hurt the enamel.

It should be noted that the RDA value of food -grade calcium carbonate friction agent is relatively low, but in many product components, the level of calcium carbonate used is not clearly indicated. In case,

When buying children’s toothpaste, it is best to choose a product with aquatic silica ingredients.

Sodium sulfate (SLS) foaming agent

No matter if you wash your hair or brush your teeth, many people think that the more bubbles, the cleaner the cleaning! If you wash your hair in advance, just brushing your teeth, the more foam represents the cleaner brushing.

There are many foam because toothpaste contains SLS foaming agents, and the composition table is displayed in the names of laurel alcohol sulfate, sodium glycol sulfate, and K12.

SLS foaming agents can easily lead to oral ulcers and cold allergies, and it will also give people a very clean illusion.

When buying children’s toothpaste, it is best to avoid products containing such ingredients.


Relatively speaking, the foaming agent in toothpaste is alkyl glycoside and other ingredients, which is moderate in foaming, safe and mild, and more suitable for children.

It is recommended to buy children toothpaste


The basic common sense of toothpaste has been popularized, and many children’s toothpaste payments have also been said. Based on the above content, I recommend several products and friends used by friends and children.

Most babies under the age of 2 will not vomit water, and they are likely to eat toothpaste. If Ma Ma is worried about the effect of fluoride, you can also choose a fluoride product:

Australia Gick Gil, Germany Vennick, Baby Gannick in the United States, South Korea LG Borio, Thailand Shuanglian and New Zealand GRIN are good.

If you choose fluorine-containing products: The British-Baby we have made, and the toothpaste of Bao Ning in South Korea is good, with moderate fluorine content, which can better prevent dental caries.

emphasize again:

There are many children with toothpaste on the market. Try to avoid Paraben preservatives, calcium carbonate friction agents, and SLS foaming agents.

The fluoride content of children’s toothpaste is safe as long as it meets national standards, and does not need to worry too much. It should be noted that don’t squeeze too much when used, and the children brush twice a day to teeth.

Milk Mom Broken Mind

Master the meaning of the important ingredients of toothpaste, and look at the ingredient table carefully when buying. Is it suitable for children? How old is suitable for children? Those or long or short nouns will no longer make you confused!

Brushing teeth within half an hour after the baby eats, the teeth are the best effect. In addition, eating less sweets. I really want to eat it. It is best to concentrate in a certain period of time.

It is important to develop good eating habits and pay attention to brushing your teeth in time, otherwise it is not significant to choose a good toothpaste.

Author Mi Mu, a return of returnees in the United States and the former 500 executives, focuses on scientific parenting, parent -child reading, chopping hands. 2-6-year-old Baoma, please pay attention to the Milk Mom Channel (ID: jiazhangribao), and the 0-3-year-old Baoma please pay attention to the love of Mimi Mom (ID: milima666), how much.

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