Light leg artifact! Lin Zhiling is the same thin socks, sweating and sweating, wearing it as if wearing it!

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As the saying goes: beauty is not beautiful, depending on the legs.


Even if you only look at your legs, you can make people unforgettable at first sight.

Especially in the modern society in modern times, a pair of thin, straight and white fiber long legs are absolutely eye -catching!


Speaking of beautiful legs, the first one remembered Lin Zhiling. At the age of 44, she was sitting in the flower ring in a performance suit, and she was like a flower fairy who did not eat fireworks on earth.

And this section of water performance is even more beautiful and sexy,

A pair of white and plump, tight and uniform long legs, perfectly showing a good figure.


There is also Mo Wenwei who ran away immediately,


Two pencil legs are slim and straight

, The leg lines are superior to the girls. The two open long legs are too beautiful and too embarrassing! The legs investing 30 million are really different ~

Nowadays, the weather is hot every day, and a pair of beautiful legs under the short skirt can be seen everywhere on the street. So what should a girl with bad congenital conditions do?


Xiaobian tells you,

If you want a thin leg, the good method of ZUI is to wear stockings.

Not only can you modify the leg lines, but also conceal

Like the sun in spring and summer, it can also play a role in sunscreen. And any clothes with a stockings can always wear beauty. When the temperature difference between morning and evening, a stockings can also play a role in keeping warm.


So as a versatile item in spring and summer, even

Princess Kate is also its fans

Every time you attend important occasions, you must wear stockings.

However, these situations generally exist:

● It is often worn just when you just wear it, you are nails

Scratch directly



● Sisters go shopping and test shoes, stockings when taking off shoes


It’s suffocating;

● Can’t walk around, just walk for a while and be sure


Drop the file

It would be embarrassing for a while!

So today I will give you an unknown light -legged artifact–


Lin Zhiling’s same light legs thin socks

Essence not only



, Also very durable,


Anti -hook silk does not drop the gear

, One can be worn for 2 years!

And this is still a stocking that can really allow you to experience nude makeup legs,

Advanced matte texture

After putting it on,

Moving hair and chicken skin are invisible;

, Effectively alleviate onychomycosis!

Today, let Xiaobian take you to see why can this socks get so loved by Sister Zhiling?

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Not easy to hook silk, can’t afford the ball

It ’s like a new one for 2 years!

Wearing stockings, I am afraid of appearing



The situation, especially in public stockings, is really shameful and thrown home!

But wearing this Pokuna’s light legs will not have this problem.

Don’t look at it very thin, but very durable and not easy to hook.

It is more woven than ordinary stockings

Combined with mesh -like weaving method, the weaving socks are not only mesh and flat, but the fabric is closely colored, and it is stronger and more difficult to break.

In order to test its anti -hook silk effect, we prepared a small experiment:

Experiment 1: Cut the cucumber through stockings


We can obviously see that cucumber is already a paragraph, but stockings are not damaged by a little bit.


Pulling a few times, there was no trace of incision, stunned!

Experiment 2: Small knife scraping stockings


In the second step, we used the scraping form to scrape them back and forth on the stockings with a knife, and there were no rusts, so the girl with long nails was blessed and no longer worried that we would cut the silk.

Experiment 3: Cut the stockings and pull the hole at will

Cut out a hole in stockings and automatically lock the edge for 1 second without taking off the line.

Even if it is pulled hard to break the hole, it will not spread around. The hole is still very small. It is more than 10,000 times stronger than that of nail polish and frozen anti -hook.

Stop stabilized legs, do not drop the gear

Put out of the S -shaped curve in 1 second

Unlike ordinary stockings, this stockings are targeted from the abdomen to the legs. The moment you wear it,


Lift your waist and your legs.

The abdominal diamond -shaped tight design, tight thin waist


First of all, the abdomen is designed with a 3D three -dimensional diamond -shaped loose design, and it is not rolled. The elasticity is particularly good, and it does not deform hard, helps to tighten the small belly, and it looks thinner.

Giveop the crotch, comfortable and free to drop the gear


In order to avoid the embarrassment of dropping files, its crotch adopts a plus file, and it is based on different figures to make different files. The fabric section has a high -temperature and high voltage fixed type. After putting it on, not only has “Corgi’s hip” immediately, but it will not drop the file.

Seven sections of the legs are divided, and the legs are longer

The legs adopt a partition weaving method to accurately release the pressure. The pressure of the calf is tight, the pressure gradually reduces the calves up, the comfort is super strong, and it does not feel it at all, and it will also be more thin and thin visually. Pressure can also promote blood circulation.

One -click beautiful legs, fair and flawless


When choosing stockings, the color is also very important. After wearing too white or too yellow stockings, it is too big to have too much skin color. It is really ugly!


And this skinny socks, its skin tone is very close to our skin tone. After putting it on, it is like applying a air cushion for the legs, with a one -click beauty effect.

Special fit skin, can still

Chicken skin, sweat, and small scars on the legs can be invisible

Just like a good skin, the skin is fair and delicate, and it looks super beautiful.

Wetting and breathable

Breathe on your legs freely

As a pink of stockings, there are no less than 20 kinds of socks that Xiaobian have worn so far, but

A general problem is Taile

I want to take it off for 2 hours, it is really restrained.


But after this light -legged thin socks put on,

It doesn’t feel tightly at all


Essence This is because its fabric is as thin as a cicada wing, the feel is very delicate, and it is really comfortable to wear.


The elasticity of the fabric is also superb,


It can be pulled to twice the length, and it can rebound instantly

The breathability is very good, and after putting it on, I feel that my legs can breathe freely

I went to the street with my friends on the weekend, and I didn’t feel sullen at all, and the giant was so magical.

It’s not smelly when taking off the shoes

, Too incredible!


I asked the brand to know that this is because this conjoined socks have been used

Advanced technology extracts graphene molecules

And spin it into the yarn.

It is a smart multifunctional material, with advanced far -infrared function, set

Blocking bacteria, anti -ultraviolet rays, anti -static


Waiting for functions.

The antibacterial degree is very high, it can be said to be very high, it has reached

3A -level infant antibacterial level

Essence Whether you are climbing, outing, or shopping, you don’t have to worry about foot odor, you can also play a good sunscreen!

Five high -level colors

Bring different visual temptations

There are 5 colors of light -legged thin socks, all of which are very textured colors. These 5 colors basically meet all our daily travel, and sisters can choose according to their preferences.


, After wearing it, we have a one -click beauty effect, and the skin is fair and bright.


, Very thin color, wearing more legs and more sexy!



, Compared with retro colors, wearing little women is full of feeling.



A bit simple color, I personally think that it is more suitable for the office party, a very atmospheric color.


It is very suitable for students’ beautiful eyebrows, especially girls who like cosplay, lively and cute.

Light -legged thin socks are not only beautiful in color, but even the details are very intimate.


The feet are adopted


Special mesh structure pattern


, Increase the friction of the feet,

Barefoot will not slip


And the graphene on the feet can also relieve the athlete and onychomycosis.

The entire stockings are tidy

, I didn’t find a trace of the head,


There is no trace of people.


Once you wear it, let you fall in love with this comfortable experience!

Light, breathable, thin, and not hooking is synonymous!

The sun is just right, the breeze is not dry, put on this stockings, and he likes a romantic date, show your long leg charm!

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