The five -month -old baby’s head was stuck in the bed fence and died. Regarding the pit of the crib, parents should pay attention to

In recent years, more and more parents have paid more attention to the safety of babies. But some careless parents ignored some hidden safety hazards. For the safety of the baby, the Bao Bao mother liked the baby’s crib to install the guardrail, but due to the failure of the production or installation, the tragedy occurred.

Recently, such a news screening screen is distressed and regrettable after watching it:

Three years ago, for the safety of the baby, Ms. Chen installed a protective bar on the baby bed under the suggestion of her friends. After the protective bar, the baby’s safety was guaranteed for a period of time. One day Ms. Chen was busy with housework and didn’t care about her baby. She thought that he couldn’t turn it out in a small bed with a protective bar, so he cared for it and let the child play herself. When she was busy looking at her baby, the 5 -month -old baby’s head was stuck in the fence. The child had a trapped line due to suffocation, causing him to not be rescued in the end … In order to protect the child, Ms. Chen was distressed. Essence In addition to grief, Ms. Chen realized that the choice of baby products needs to be scientific and standardized.

Baby product

It also needs to implement its standardization and formulate corresponding standards.


At present, cribs are the choice of most Bao parents, and for the safety of the crib, parents should be careful and carefully buy them carefully.

How should parents choose the crib correctly? What are the precautions?

At present, the materials used for children’s beds are mainly wood, artificial boards, plastics, aluminum alloy, etc. Logs are the best materials for cribs. In the process of buying, pay attention to its cost -effective, such as buying more well -known brands. The bedside guardrail is supported and fixed with mattresses, so not all beds are suitable for using the bedside fences. There are some raised edges of the bed, and some are not. This will affect the style of the guardrail you need to buy. Before buying, you need to read your baby’s age, read the instructions carefully before use, check the safety of the bed, and so on. Pay attention to the smell when buying, if pungent, it may be excessive formaldehyde. In addition to these, the choice of bed guardrails is also important.

1. There are age restrictions


When choosing a baby bed for babies, it takes more than 18 months to use bed fences for babies. Otherwise, because the baby is too small, it is prone to danger. The baby can basically start climbing after 5 months. At this stage, the baby is petite and is easily pinched on the fence. Therefore, babies below the age of August do not use bed guardrails!

2. Is the bed guardrail and bed suitable?

The bedside guardrail is supported and fixed with mattresses, so not all beds are suitable for using the bedside fences. There are some raised edges of the bed, and some are not. This will affect the style of the guardrail you need to buy. Check whether there is a dangerous gap between the guardrail and the mattress to prevent children from falling in and ensure that successful assembly is successfully assembled. Components such as fixed anchor points and bundle ropes must ensure that the permanent firmness of adult beds must be connected to the adult bed. Essence

3. Read the instructions carefully

Before use, you must read information such as applicable age, warning and precautions, and use methods in detail, and use it in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions or the proposed mattress specifications, size and thickness. Therefore, reading instructions are necessary, and pay attention to whether the product has a complete labeling. Before assembly, you need to see the steps and precautions, depending on the actual situation.

4. Check the safety

After assembly, be sure to check whether the gap between the mattress and the guard will expand, whether the mesh will be removed, damaged, or bending the frame bending, so as not to cause the child’s hands, feet, head, and even the body to be caught. Pay attention to the tightness and stability of the guardrail and bed to avoid too much gaps, causing the baby to drop or stuck the head, hands, and feet out of the gap. Babies who are older are active, and parents must pay attention to these details.


1. Pay attention to whether the gap between the gap between the bedside fence products is too large and the structural parts are too large to avoid the child being sandwiched

2. Pay attention to whether there are protruding or sharp things on the bedside, if you may hook your child’s clothes or poke the child.

3. Pay attention to whether the mesh of the bedside guardrail is too large or the network cable is easy to break. To avoid children’s fingers passing or inserting into the mesh or network cable, causing harm.

4. The bedside guardrail products should be locked in each node, so as not to be affected, the product will suddenly fold or take off, causing the child to damage.

Let’s see what netizens say


@Three people and two cats: From birth to now, it has always been a baby bed, and adults and children have good sleep quality. When buying a crib, we did a lot of effort. From the purchase to the installation to the experiment, we all participated in our own participation. Therefore, quality is guaranteed, and safety is also guaranteed.


@胀: Do not sleep with your baby, always worry about your baby cold, hot and hot, of course, the most concerned is safety. We have also made a lot of effort in the guardrail of the baby bed. After all, the baby’s safety is greater than the sky. Only when the baby grows up healthy, the parents are relieved and broke the heart for the child.

@:: The mother and mother who prepared to set up a baby bed can learn more about this aspect. Many people have sent me privately before, saying that the babies have been harmed by the baby bed to varying degrees. Therefore, Bao Da Bao must do his homework seriously before buying and after purchasing.

Parents must pay more attention to the choice of cribs. It is necessary to install children’s bed guardrails in the family to protect their children’s safety at all times. Parents should learn more about children’s home safety knowledge to prevent the baby from being injured on the bed. Regardless of the selection of materials or framework, it will always be the first. The healthy growth of the baby is the happiest and happiest thing for parents. Therefore, not only should we pay attention to the structure of the bed, but also always pay attention to the baby’s movement. Do you understand the Bao Bao Bao?

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