Quickly understand the common sense of BMW tires in 5 minutes

1. All BMW original tires are with (pentagram signs), referred to

2. Update the production date of the tire to pay attention to the tire side. BMW recommends that the tires should not be used for more than 6 years. The rubber is aging, and the safety factor decreases sharply


Third, pay attention to whether the tire side has RSC (lack of gas protection), explosion -proof tire logo

Fourth, daily tire pressure examination, standard tire pressure labels are attached to the door B pillar of the cab, be sure to use it as required (adjust the tire pressure in time to initialize the tire pressure)


Fifth, the most important point, the tire pattern deep inspection, it is strongly recommended that the tire must be replaced when the tire pattern depth is less than 1.6mm


Background knowledge: “Water Slipping Phenomenon” means that when the car passes through the water accumulation, it may occur.Vehicle out of control


In addition to the above points, there are many knowledge about tires. I will share with you in the future

I hope the above knowledge is helpful to your daily use of vehicles, thank you for your attention!

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