Wearing clothes and clothes are all the shapes of “love you”.




Details determine the main tone of beauty, simple small design

It may also change the big future

Essence In the field of fashion, this subtle design and expression form is still applicable. Many times it is the finishing touch of the whole clothes, and even determines the style of the whole fashion item.


This fashion design to be introduced today

Is the French love collar

Although she is just a simple leader design, she is full of new ideas and achieves better display results with unique line fit.

If you are interested, let’s take a look together.

Fang Ling is no longer popular

, Now the “French Love”, which is thin and fashionable.

French love uniqueness

Speaking of the uniqueness of French love, it is actually very understandable. Its entire shape

It’s like a heart shape

In the previous position, large -scale broadening,

Finally leave a careful point

A certain width is exposed, it will actually reach

A thinner effect

Including the display of the collarbone, it can highlight the sexy characteristics. Secondly, the design of the tip of the heart seems to have some careful machines, which is more unique.

On the one hand, it can show elegant temperament, on the other hand, it can create a kind of

A cute and loved feeling

It is also very moving. Judging from the conventional square collar collar, French love collar is undoubtedly full of more fashionable design concepts.

French love collar top

in this way

Unique and novel design

The chance of applying to the top is larger. The ordinary top, even the most concise style, has the blessing of French love collar, becoming different.

Not only is it better in design, but also can

Better showing uniqueness

The minimalist element and novel tailoring design can be combined in order to convey a more avant -garde and fashion attitude in the subtle way without seeing it.

However, at this time, it should be better to achieve a adaptability of self and fashion items in combination with its own shoulders and facial conditions. Second, the top of French love can still be on

Complete the extension of the neck to a certain extent

, Show the advantages of the swan neck.

French love collar inside

At the same time, the very popular interior design now pays more attention to these micro -cutting

Creativity and uniqueness,

Some close -fitting camislars themselves are relatively simple and conventional, and even the main significance is to assist other clothes to experiment with better figure proportions and figure status, and sometimes it will assume the role of the bottom.

Coupled with the design blessing of love collar, just

Suddenly more exquisite

It also has a certain role in improving the temperament state of the whole body. Of course, some more exquisite inner design and French love collar are more appropriate.

Especially the inside of the lace material, itself

Unlimited charm, full of sexy

Essence In the fabric and the entire pattern design, it is still very prominent. It would be better if there is a certain pioneering spirit in the neck design.

French love collar skirt


The most prominent temperament of French love is not only the sexy and cuteness of it, but it is all elegant and moving. His elegance does not just refer to the mature temperament, but a kind of


Undefeated Beauty

There is no specific style of style and no constraints.

Just put the woman’s bones

The most primitive attitude shows


Just like the French afternoon sun is full of green grass. And in the process of colliding with a variety of elements, can it also show different feelings and tastes?

Knitted skirt

First of all, if you are more biased towards the exquisite body, you can choose

Covering collar skirt with knitted materials

This type is more formal, and it is easier to show a beautiful exquisite curve.

Coupled with the blessing of French love collar, the whole temperament


It’s very generous and elegant

It belongs to a type of salty and sweet, which is highly inclusive to the body.

Of course, if the body ratio is not particularly satisfactory, the little fairy

You can also pass this choice


, But the absolutely confident little fairy must try it. This style can create a kind of self -confidence and a fashion attitude.


The second one is also closely combined with love collar and is a suspender skirt, because the suspender skirt and love have a high degree of coincidence, shallow suspender

On the upper body of the body

There is no excessive modification, it will directly connect the skin of the face with the shoulders and arms tightly.

Many girls with flesh often do not dare to try, in fact

No need to worry too much

Essence Absolutely let go, but there will be no improper binding, there is an absolutely smooth line feeling. Second, the combination of love can

Magnify sexy and elegant temperament

, Make the simple suspender design more distinctive.

Floral skirt

The third is also a typical type of French skirt, which is to use the floral design that is very suitable for summer theme, simple and moving, and a certain sense of youth.

As an age reduction

It is not more suitable, the combination of its collaboration with French love also reaches a better state in the upper half.

In addition to the cotton material, this type of skirt is mostly

Circulation of chiffon material

Overall, overall

It feels lighter


It is a very good choice to grasp the body’s grasp and more delicate collar design that fully fits the overall style of the masses.

French love collar and shoulder design

Introduced so many types of clothes with French love collar design, presumably everyone has already understood the advantages of French love leaders, although it

With a certain style of connotation

, But its most prominent advantage is the modification role in the collar design.

When you choose, you must not only consider the design of launching love collar on the clothes, but also look at the shoulder design that is very closely related to it to build

A better figure proportions



The first is the sleeveless design, which is basically the style of a suspender or flat -sleeved design. In this way, first of all

Symmetry of both arms and chest necklines

, Especially for skirts, its slimming effect will be stronger, and the overall will spread out in the H -shaped mode.

To a certain extent, the role of the upper body design has been weakened, and a laying effect is achieved for the outline of the lower body skirt. And many sling design can also be to a certain extent

Share the pressure of the shoulder and neck,


A better results are achieved by more coordinated stable pressure.

Wrapped chest

Too faint shoulder and neck connection, you can

Realize the distribution of effect

Then the design of other designs on the shoulder and neck is also a choice of dressing. The combination of French elegant love collar and chest wrap design makes the connection between the skin and the arm of the chest smoother.

Do not make any decoration and present it

Love -wrapped love shoulder collar design

It can also better highlight the advantages of the figure, like the nakedness of the right -angled shoulders, can fully achieve the purpose of showing the figure, and it is more decent to the wrap of the chest and waist, and it can also achieve a certain self -cultivation effect.

Bubble sleeve

Finally, the combination of long and short sleeves and French love collar. Due to French love

The possessive area is still wide


The focus is on the shoulders. If the flesh of the arm is not a very confident girl, you can choose to hide the method.

Design with bubble sleeves,

Make the entire outline more significant


, Bring a formal sense and court style, to hide the flesh with an absolutely smooth volume, to achieve the purpose of not hindering the overall style, but also to modify the figure.

And the design of many bubble sleeves will also

It looks more cute and charming.

The presentation of age reduction also has a certain prominent effect.

French elegance

In short, the design of French love collar is not just reflected in its superiority

Showing mode and interesting tailoring

Above, it is more combined with the dressing needs that match it.


And French elegance is also the present

Very advocated fashion trend

It does not have a fixed model, but it shows the beauty of beauty, from the beauty of the bottom of the heart, and dare to accept the beauty of the time of time, which is the most prominent meaning of French elegance.

I hope everyone can do it in future fashion matching

Always pursue freedom and free

, Pursuing the desire of the real heart and work hard. Make beauty everywhere.

Small design


It also contains great energy,

If you have been designed by French love and grabbing your eyes, then try it quickly. Maybe it is the one that suits you most, but don’t forget other choices related to it.

Wearing clothes and clothes are all the shapes of “love you”.

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