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We should know that the most concerned on the mother’s care is that it is very important to add a safe and reliable baby cradle bed to the baby. However, the purchase of the baby cradle bed needs to be installed manually by itself. So how to install the baby cradle bed? Next, I will introduce the baby cradle bed installation method and baby cradle bed pictures.

How to install the baby cradle bed

婴儿摇篮床怎么装 婴儿摇篮床图片欣赏

According to the baby cradle bed of different series, the method is also different in how to install this problem in the baby cradle bed. There will be installation instructions in the new baby cradle bed. Reading and using instructions carefully, it will tell you how to install and how to debug. There are many functions, such as changing from the cradle to a shaking bed, from the bed to a normal bed, how to change? These instructions in the baby cradle bed are introduced in detail.

婴儿摇篮床怎么装 婴儿摇篮床图片欣赏

Appreciation of baby cradle bed pictures

This infant cradle bed uses Russian camphor pine wood, which is comfortable and environmentally friendly. Its intelligent and automatic swing design has a adjustable amplitude and no noise. In addition, it also has comprehensive functions such as intelligent voice control, damp reminder, and timing. Each part of the bed and the bed is round and smooth, and the structure of the bedboard between the bed plates is tightly structured to provide the baby with the greatest security guarantee.

Baby cradle bed picture appreciation two

Next, this baby cradle bed is made of fir, bedboard bearing: 50kg, the table is manually polished, without paint, no chemical components. This baby cradle bed, its large size is suitable for babies 0–6 years old. The bedside can grow to 140cm, accompanied by the growth of the baby. The design at the guardrail can be turned over and merged with the adult bed to facilitate the mother to take care of the baby. In addition, this baby cradle bed also has a locker for the game bed.

Baby cradle bed picture appreciation three

婴儿摇篮床怎么装 婴儿摇篮床图片欣赏

This European -style baby cradle bed, the color of the pink, also discuss the female baby. The beautiful curved design of this baby cradle bed is full of French style. It is made of imported New Zealand pine wood, which is strong, durable and safer! In terms of functional design of this infant cradle bed, it uses European and American standard colorants. It can be adjusted in three gear. It is suitable for babies at different ages and can even become a juvenile bed.

婴儿摇篮床怎么装 婴儿摇篮床图片欣赏

Baby cradle bed picture appreciation four

In the end, this baby cradle bed adopts its independent bow -like cradle design, which can carry the baby small shaking bed used with him. In addition, the balanced cradle design is the most suitable for baby’s growth and development. Garden design style, close to nature. This infant cradle bed is made of pine wood, environmentally friendly and painted, can be assembled by single person, and the operation is simple. The bread cloth used on the bedboard is good breathability and can be used directly.

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