There are 2,422 villages in Guizhou being stared at by the country! Will get “special care”! Have your hometown

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A few days ago, the official website of the National Tourism Administration issued a notice of the “Rural Tourism Poverty Alleviation Project Action Plan”. Show in the scheme,


A total of 2,422 villages in Guizhou Province were included in key villages in rural tourism poverty alleviation.

Summary table of key villages in rural tourism poverty alleviation

2422 villages in Guizhou Province

Come and see if you have your village?



Liupan Water Market

Zhongshan District (25)

Yuezhao Community Shuangdong Village, Dushan Village, Xiaotun Village, Daba Village, Anle Community, Dahu Town, Yuding Village, Dazhen Community, Kaihua Community, Haiga Community, Dahe Town Zhoujiazhai Community, Bridge Community, Yumin Community, Yutang Community, Dadi Community, Dazhen Community, Wujiazhai Community of Wangjiazhai Town, Xinhua Community, Xining Community Ma Luoyu Village, Longguidi Village, Shuangjia Township, Muluang Village Hegou Village, Zhongxun Village, Maliya Rural Community, Botu Village

Liuzhi Special Economic Zone (55)

Anzhu Village, Xianxin Village, Shuangtun Village, Xianxing Village, Daizhuang Village, Xiling Village, Xiahuangbu Village, Xinglong Village, Bianchao Village, Canal Longtang Village, Lauba Village, Yanyuka Town Takahashi Village, Taihe Village, Liubao Village, Mu Gong Village, Longquan Village, Langyu Town Houying Village, Ale Village, Green Cai Tang Village, Huajiao Village, Shi Nuowei Village, Shangzhai Village, Moon River Township Xicun, Yue Buyu Village, Yueliang River Village, Panzhao Village in Luobi Township, Nijiao Village, Du Er Village, Kebu Village, Tashan Community Liuzhi Resident Committee, Nasu Neighborhood Committee, Tashan neighborhood committee Longhe Town Xinyuan Village, Longchang Village, Shuanglong, Shuanglong, Shuanglong Village, Yongfeng Village, Nike Community Qinglong Neighborhood Committee, Changzhai Village, Zhongzhai Township, Muze Village, Laoba Village, Xiaojinwang Village, Xinyao Township Bridge Village, Lianmohe Village, Niuchang Township Huangping Village, Longchang Township Yingfeng Village, Yinhu Community Yangfeng Village, Dayi Town Dayi Village, Xinchang Township Cannes Village

Source/People’s Network Guizhou Channel

▲ Happy Village

Shuicheng County (32)

Miyu Town, Miha Village, Miyu Village, Russia Village, Gaofeng Village, Yingpan Township, Haqing Village, Pulong Town Mucheng Neighborhood Committee, Yiba Village, Pingzhai Township Positive Village, Laoma Village, and Niangniangshan Village in Shunchang Township , Ercai Village, Xinjie Township, Sutu Village, Steado Town, Tufa Village in Chihuang Town, Noyezhong Village, Noya Jung Township, Haiping Village, Yushe Town, Gantang Village, Russian Foot Village, Wuliping Village (Ship Shop Village), Longchang Township Longchang Village, Entertainment Village, Mawo Village (Tta Village), Monakaya Township Bida Village, Gezi Village, Tianmen Village, Huaya Township, Qilin Village, Jinpeng Township Village, Qinglin Township Haifu Village, Yingying Mountain Sub -district Office Zhongpo neighborhood committee, Shuangshui Street Office of Di Shuiyan Village, Baohua Town Ale River Community, Xingzhai Village (Huacu Village) in Nankai Township

Panxian (61)


Shuangfeng Town Nanmen Village, Hongshiyan Village, Lianghe Street Office Luguan Village, Rockjiao Village, Pugu Township Tianqiao Village, Languang Village, Xinzhai Village, Gamu Village, Gumi Village, Dam Village, Dam Village, Factory Shangcun, Boqiu Village, Erpo Village of Wumengzhen, Pohishay Village, Bada Mountain Village, Walnut Tree Village, Danxia Town, Guitang Village, Taoyuan Village, Waishan Lan Village, Sanmin Town Santun Village, Shangzhael Village , Yangbi Village (Yu Na Village), Zhujia Village, Jichang Ping Town, Tangzibian Village, Sanzhai Village, Xiaoshilin Village, Pingdi Township, Central Village, Silki Township, Mago Village, Hebai Village, Zhonghe Village, Zhonghe Village, Zhonghe Village, Zhonghe Village, Zhonghe Village, Zhonghe Village, Zhonghe Village, Zhonghe Village, Zhonghe Village, Zhonghe Village, Zhonghe Village, Zhonghe Village, Zhonghe Village, Zhonghe Village, Zhonghe Village, Zhonghe Village, Zhonghe Village Bingsha Town, Black Town, Black Top, Shima Village, Serak Village, Yanfeng Village, Laogu Village, Hei Niuting Village, Poji Township, La La Village, Lengfeng Village, Lujiazhai Village, Yingwu Town Gempu Village, Pu Village Datuchi Village, Tianxiang Township, Qiujiashin Village, Baotian Town, Goose Maozhai Village, Xiaoshegou Village, Shengjing Street Office of Yanshang Village, Shaga Village, Lianghe Street Office, Panguan Township Village, Yingwu Town Development Industry Gat Village, Boha Village, Dashan Town, Dadi Village, Shiqiao Town, Haizi Village, Lupan Village, Tucler Village, Ledin Village, Ma Yugang, Yangchang Township Namura

Zunyi City

Photo source: follow the media network

Honghuagang District (13)

Guihua Village, Hot Spring Village, Gongmi Village, Shaping Village of Gongmi Village, Xiangkou Town, Zhongshan Village, Jinshan Town Houzhuang Village, Lianchi Village, Noroli Village, Jinsheng Village, Banqiao Village, Qingjiang Village, Shenxi Town, Da Wo Village, Gao Gao House village


Huichuan District (17)

Banqiao Village, Baiyang Village, Digou Village, Changtian Village, Jintian Village, Nagasu Town, Siyuju Village, Songshan Village, Matou Village, Guanba Village, Dakan Village, Guanze Town Muyang Village, Sihe Village, Bu Ting Village, Sanlian Village, Gaoping Town Paijun Village, Donggong Temple Town Naitian Village


Poster State (39)

Qingyuan Community, Changshan Village, Chang’an Village, Hongguang Village, Yueli Village, Yingli Village, Shangji Town Chashan Village, Bashan Village, Building Village, Fengxiang Town, Daba Village, Hua Village Mao Village, Pafang Village, Gouba Village, Yanhe Village, Sanhe Town, Luyan Village, Maping Village, Leshan Town Leshan Village, Pingzhengya Township Hongxin Village, Xinmin Town Central Village, Leshan Town Water Village, Tuanxi Town Xiangxiang Xiangxiang Shancun, Bahe Village Committee of Shiban Town, Citrus Zishu Village Committee, Leyi Village, Xiaoba Village, Hongguan Miao Township, Hongguan Village, Lianxin Village, Mago Town Tuanjiang Village, Pinghai Village, Nanbai, Nanbai Town Democratic Village, Longquan Village, Xiaowan Village, Longping Town, Shangshui Village, Xinglong Village, Yindu Village, Mao Li Town, Paushu Town Paper Factory Village, Xi’an Village

▲ Huaimao Village

Tongzi County (89)


Jiuba Town Unite Village, Tianchi Village, Shanbao Village, Chaogen Village, Maoba Village, Maoshi Town, Zhongguancun, Maoba Village, Gaoshu Village, Fengshui Township Walnut Village, Paotong Village, Mui Ai Village, Jiangyan Village, Huhu Village, Tiger Brain Village, Pingzi Village, Huoshi Village, Jianxin Village, Xiaoshui Township Alliance Village, Tian Shangcun, Papaya Town Shihua Village, Yingtai Village, mercury village, soaking water village, Xingjia Village, Zhongshan Village, Tangkou Village, Rongguang Township Screw Village , Yuanmu Village, Dajing Village, Lianlong Village, Yunlong Village, Yunfeng Village, Shuangye Village, Lijiagou Village, Dabao Township, Heba Village, Rongrong Village, Huangxi Village, Changyan Village, Zhongshan Village in Yelang Town, Daping, Daping Village, Fangyan Village, Huafeng Village, Anning Village, Yaolongshan Town, Xiaoshui Village, Liujiashan Village, Fenghuang Village, Rongyan Village, Yaolongshan Village, Songkan Town Shuichai Village, Chadian Village, Baishan Village, Sanyuan Village, Chumi Town Santai Village, Bayi Village, Dahe Town Qi Er Village, Shi Ni Village, Tongliang Village, Malang Miao Township, Zhongling Village, Pingzhuang Village, Longtai Village, Xinglong Village, Gaoqiao Town Zicun, Mu Ren Ting Village, Tianyu Village, Gaotai Village, Podu Village, Liping Village, Huaqiu Town, Ledi Village, Huanglian Township Daizhu Village, Dalu Jingcun, Dabaoxi Village, Shangluo Crab Village, Xialuo Crab Village, Yinshan Village, Hunan Dongcun, Huanglianba Village, Xinzhuang Village, Hou Shenxi Village, Xiangping Village, Daxihe Village, Zhoushi Village, Gaoqiao Town, Qingbun Village, Yang Ping Town, Tianping Village, Tianping Village, Tianping Village Yangyan Village, Chumi Town Gaoshan Village, Shanping Village, Loushan Guan Town, Mengdu (Shanlin) Village, Xinshan Town, Zhutian Village, Guancang Town, Wafang Village, Shixi Town

Suiyang County (64)

Taibai Town Gaoping Village, Taiping Village, Fenghuang Village, Fuyin Village, Dam Village, Guanzhuang Village, Nangping Village, Hot Spring Town, Fair Village, Huaguang Village, Rama Village, Shuanghe Village, Hot Spring Village, Xiaoguan, Xiaoguan Township Feishui Village, Xiaoguan Village, Feishui New Village, Qingbinlin Village, Dazhai Village, Fulled Village, Jiafeng Village, Lianfeng Village, Fenghua Town, Xiyuan Village, Golden Village, Niuxin Village Shipingzhai Jiulong Village, Yanping Village, Baiyang Village, Luobai Village, Wangcao Town, Zhangjiagou, Chenguang Village, Maojiapu Village, Shiyang Village, Xiaoshikou Village, Zhengchang Town Diba Village, Wanli Natural Village, Wanglong Village Shishan Village, Jinzi Village, Yangzi Town, Lianzhuang Village, Tianping Village, Qingxi Village, Chashu Village, Heping Village, Maozhen Town, Xinle Village, Zhongping Village, Wenshan Village, Dali Township, Village Yonghe Village, Wenxing Village, Pu Pu, Puwa Daxi Village, Xinchang Village, Bridge Village, Gaofangzi Village, Pingle Township Lianmin Village, Heping Village, Jiefang Village, Shunhe Village, Qiangwan Village, Shangwan Village, Huilong Village Fengcun Village, Yellow Eagle Village, Shuangxin Village, Dongshan Village of Yangchuan Town, Dujiayan Kan, Yaquan Village


Source: Suiyang County Civilization Office

▲ Suiyang Xiyuan Village

Zheng’an County (36)

五 桴 桴 桴 桴 桴, Wuhui Village, Silian Village, Pingsheng Village, Longquan Village, Furongjiang Town, Cooperative Village, Mahe Village, Baolong Village, Furong River Town, Eruandu Town Baihua Village, Heping Village, Fengyi Town Dabao Village, Liba Village, Xieba Gexian Miao Township Xieba Village, Dongli Village, Shijing Village, Anchang Town, Zhengjiang Village, Qianqiang Village, Ziqiang Village, Dongba Village, Shifeng Village, Ruixi Village, Ruixi Town , Baiba Village, Sanxian Che Village, Jianfeng Village, Shizhi Village of Tuping Town, Alliance Village, Shipo Township, Miao Miao Zu Township, Longping Village, Longjiang Village, Xinzhou Town, Dingying Village, Xinzhou Xingzhen Tongzi Village, Miaotang Town Baoshan Village, Shangba Village, Banzhu Town, Dakan Village, Hexi Town, Chunlei Village, Green Town, Tianlou Village, Zhongguan Town

Daozhenya Gelao Miao Autonomous County (48)

Fengshan Village, Jianlong Village, Xinsheng Village, Sanjiang Village, Yunfeng Village, Batura Village, Daxu Village, Fuxing Village, Hekou Township, Meijiang Village, Xingmin Village, Chetian Village, Sanba Village , Zhulin Tang Village, Lianchi Village, Longxing Town, Qianjian Village, Sanlong Village, Sugi Village, Huaiping Village, Old Town, Guanba Village, Changba Village, Hexi Village, Yongcheng Village, Jianping Township Shengli Village, Wenlian Village, Wenlian Village , Sri Village, Cangpu West Village, Zhaoshan Village, Datang Village, Luolong Town, Yingzui Village, Longqiao Village, Third Courtyard Village, Lulong Village, Shanyan Village, Zhongxin Town, Xinmin Village, Dalatis Village, Taoyuan, Taoyuan, Taoyuan, Taoyuan, Taoyuan Township Qingxi Village, Qunyi Village, Taoyuan Village, Shuanghe Village, Shangba Township, Bayi Village, Wuba Village, Yuxi Town, Chengguan Village, Longtai Village, Yangxi Town, Wenjiaba Village, Dazhen Town , Pingmo Town Xingbao Village

Kukawa Miao Miao Autonomous County (76)

Huangyang Village, Ganhe Village, Dan Sha Village, Guanxue Village, Longtan Village, Dapng Village, Sankeng Village, Duoyu Town, Liangfeng Village, Tongmu Village, Sanqiao Village, Liuping Village, Huangdu Town Wanyuan Village, Dazhu Village, Sanhe Village, Guihua Village, Division Water Village, Sanxing Village, Zhongba Village, Tianshan Village, Jinhua Village, Crossing Jiangcun, Moon Village in Hongsi Township, Advanced Village, Shangba Village, Tai Basun, Qinglong Village, Ni Gao Township, Botu Village, Zhenjiang Village, Ni Gao Village, Liyuan Village, Eagle Village, Ajaiba Township Leju Village, Longqiao Village, Dazhu Village, Maqing Village, Lishui Town, Garden, Garden, Garden Village, Fuxing Village, Paradise Village, Shuanglian Village, Heba Village, Yangtze River Village, Huilong Village, Laoshan Town, Shizhao Village, Laoshan Village, Bridge Village, Monan Village, Zhennan Town Nancun, Tongxin Village, Xinyang Village, Tao Fu Village, Taiping Village, Shizhao Township Jinghu Village, Dacla Village, Langshui Village, Sugiban Village, Fengyang Town Shuanghe Village, Xiaoping Village, Heping Village, Yonghe Village, Qianqiang Village, Yiyang Village , Dangyang Village, Pearl Village, Fengle Town Miaoba Village, Sanjiang Village, Guanba Village, Niutang Village, Mao Tian Town Tongxing Village, Xinglong Village, Qianyang Village, Yuquan Village, Bai Village Town Longtai Village

▲ Longtan Village


Fenggang County (28)

Qingshang Village (Zhaishang Group) in Shiwei Township, Moutai Village, Lapagawa Town, Yuquan Village (Hexi Guzhai), Heba Town, Shuohe Village, Longquan Town, Yong’an Town Chongxin Village, Huaping Town Dongshan Village, Guankou Village, Huaping Town, Yutang Village, Heba Town, the Central Village of Evolutionary Town, Lianghekou Village of Shiwei Township, Linjiang Village, Evolutionary Town, Dashi Village, Suiyang Town, Lingyun Village, Heba Town Dasaku Village, Suiyang Town Aima Village, New Town Guantian Village, Shata Village, Evolutionary Town, Xinjian Town New Community (Changxian Village), Shuangshan Village, Yonghe Town, Longshan Village, Yong’an Town, Chaoyang Village, Langchuan Town, and Wangzhai Town Village, Pingtouxi Village, Tianqiao Town, Yanyu Village, Tianqiao Town, Xiaoshe Village, Beeyan Town, Tianba Village, Yong’an Town, and Village Village


Meitan County (62)

Yuquan Town United Village, Jintong Village, Xinshi Village, Tusang Village, Shiyin Village, Xinnan Town, Liangjing Village, Fenghuang Village, Liushui Village, Heping Village, Quanle Town, Qunfeng Village, Luohuatun Village, Qunxing Village, Sand Tangcun, Fuxing Town Bridge Village, Suiyangshan Village, Gaoyan Village, Guanyin Pavilion, Moutai Village, Gaotai Village, Gaotai Town, Jinsang Village, Taoyi Village, Tianhe Village, Sanlian Village, Fuxing Town Meiji Village, Xinjinlong Village , Qiliba Village, Yangjiaping Village, Two Road Village, Xihe Town Paris Village, Horseshoe Village, Xiping Village, Wanxing Village, Xiaba Village, Shijiazhai Village, Bayan Village, Mashan Town, Gongchen Village, Xinjian Village , Shilian Township, Zhijiang Village, Xinhua Village, Huanglianba Village, Liming Village, Guanyan Village, Huangjiaba Town, Tiewa Village, Iwaping Village, Xinchang Village, Xima Town, Meiziba Village, Panjiazhai, Meijiang Town Huilong Village, Jinhua Village, walnut village, Xinjie Village, Guanguan Village, Maoping Town, Tugao Village, Yongxing Town Liangjiaba Village, Maoba Village, Divolt Village, Xinglong Town Shuiya Village, Miao Temple Tangba Village, Longfeng Village, Kaotou Village, Xinnan Township, Lijiayan Village, Tiancheng Town

Yuqing County (6)

Guancang Village, Aoxi Town, Pixian Village, Longjia Town, Erlong Village of Songyan Town, Huashan Village, Huashan Township, Dawujiang Town, Dawukou Village, Dawujiang Town Hongdu Village

▲ Hongdu Village

Xi Shui County (42)


Zhaoba Town Lingxianhe Village, Xiyuan Village, Yongsheng Village, Youyi Village, Fuxing Village, Fenghuang Village, Shangba Hexin Village, Hongwei Village, Tucheng Town, Jiulongtun Village, Qianyuan Village, Xingfu Village, Qingbibo Village , Tianxingqiao Village, Honghua Village, China Resources Hope Town, Wuxing Village, Unified Village, Donghuang Town Swanchi Village, Yangjiu Village, Changjiegou Village, Taiping Village, Tao Tong Village, Longxing Town Village, Xiaoluo Village, Dapo Township, Longng Village, Luojiaba Village, Xiaoyu Village, Xianyuan Town, Yayi Village, Erli Township Yuxi Village, Guanmao Village, Xiaoguchi Village, Chengzhai Township, Wenshui Town, Wenshui Town Liyuan Village, Xixi Village, Xilin Economic Industrial Park, Machu Economic Industrial Park, Sangmu Town Tuhe Village, Sanchahe Township Sancha Village, Shengli Village, Tongmin Town, Yong’an Town Square Village, Qingfeng Village, Erlang Township Luo Yudong Village, Zhai Township

Chishui City (36)

Hulchi Town Tiantang Village, Kenjo Town Kaixuan Village, Baoyuan Township Lianfeng Village, Fushun Village, Wanglong Town, Bing’an Township Aihua Village, Shizhang Village, Changsha Town, Wuzhufeng Village, Yuanhou Town, Lianghui Water Village in Datong Town, Datong Town Baiyun Township Baiyun Village, Huaping Village, Datong Town, Lianhua Village, Baoyuan Township, Hulchu Village, Yuanhou Town Shilin Village, Yuanhou Town Shimei Village, Taiping Village, Long -term Town, Tianqiao Village, Datong Town , Xianhe Village, Guandu Town, Liming Village, Lianghekou Township, Yiqun Village of Shibao Township, Malu Village, Lianghekou Township, Datong Town Ethnic Village, Yufeng Village, Baoyuan Township, Yuhuang Village, Guandu Town, Bai Tian Village, Long -term Town Bing’an Village, Bing’an Village, Bing’an Township, Sanfo Village, Panlong Village, Lianghekou Township, Gaoqiao Village, Hulchi Town, Cultural Office Construction Village, Yuanhou Town, Hunong Village, Tongxin Village, Wanglong Town, Jinbao Village, Guandu Town Yuan Township Huilong Village, Yuanhou Town Guiyuanlin Village, Fenghuang Village, Tiantai Town

▲ Chishui National Village


Renhuai City (9)

Luga Town Longbao Village, Liangjiang Village, Beach Township, Shunhe Village, Beach Township, Changgang Town, Changtian Village, Xintian Village, Baya Town, Anju Village, Sanhe Town, Beach Township Wine River Village, Nanmu Village, Qima Town

Xinpu Xin District (22)

Yongle Town Village, Pingyuan Village, Xinzhou Town, Yongle Village, Yongle Town, Pingxi Village, Xinzhou Town, Xinmin Village, Yongle Town, Yongle Town, Yongle Town Gao Liang Village, Maopoju, Yongle Town, Yuanquan Village, Yongle Town, Yongle Town, Yongle Town, Yongle Town, Shrimzi Town Lan Sheng Village, Sandu Town Gaofeng Village, Zhongqiao Village, Xinpu Town, Yongle Town Industry and Rural, Huaqiao Village, Sandu Town, Guan Tian Village, Xinzhou Town, Guantian Village, Yongle Town Beach Village, Zhou Town, Nanping Village, Shrimi Town, Shuanghe Village, Sandu Town, Jinzhong Village, Xinzhou Town, and Shuiyang Village, Sandu Town

Anshun City

Xixiu District (34)

Baojiatun, Jiuxi Village, Jichang Village, Zhenjiang Changcun, Yunshantun Village, Qixunqiao Town, Lianqiao Village, Sun Daguan Village, Xintaowang Village, Renkou Village, Da Qiyu Village, Qingshui Tun Village, Jiulongtun Village, Anhong Village, Yulong Village, Xiushui Village, Xingzhan Town, Muquanzhai Village, Benjiaba Village, Cai Guan Town, Zhongjiaba Village, Liu Guan Township Zhouguan Village, Dahei Dahei Village, Jichang Township Kongqi Village (Xinbao Village), Xinhe Village, Xiaopo Village, West China Office, Mengbang Village, Yangwu Township, Longqing Village, Huangxian Township, Dabao Village, Shuangbao Town Village, Ninggu Town Tianlu Wan Village, Xinchang Township Basin Club, Shisui Village, Yanla Township, Majuntun Village, Dongguan Office, Xitun Village, Dongtun Township (Dongguan Office)

Pingba County (13)

Gaozhai Village, Baiyun Town, Xingjiang Village, Baiyun Town, Yangxi Village, Baiyun Town, Qingzhuang Village, Leping Town, Gaotian Village, Tianlong Town, Laochang Village, Xiayun Town, Luoyu Village, Cross Township, Longhai Village, Yangchang Township, Cross Township Village, Qibe Town Hot Spring Village, Yangchang Township Daoxiang Village, Mao Liyuan Village, Xiayun Town, Tangyue Village, Leping Town

Puding County (21)


Xianma Village, Monkey Farm Township, Gaol Village, Huajia Town, Jichangpo Township Cursing Ruo Village, Yunpan Village, Malaysia Town, Shiban Village, Pingshang Town, Tianxing Village, Maguan Town, Zhongxing Village, Maodong Township Du Village, Chengguan Town Yelangxin Village, Xiushui Village, Longchang Township, Lianyi Village, Baiyan Town, Shange Village, Baiyan Town, Pingqiao Village, Longchang Township, Maguan Village, Maguan Town, Suoqiao Village, Longchang Township Dobe Village, Benjie Village, Bulang Township, Central Village of Baiyan Town, Bolang Township and other villages, Longcai Village, Chengguan Town, and Pingshang Town

Photo/Luo Silong


▲ Xiushui Village

Zhenning County (26)

Benzhai Village, Benzhai Township, Qishan Village, Masan Town, Dashan Village, Dashan Town, Yelangdong Village, Bianpushan Township, Xuhuai Village, helping towns, helping towns to Fukura Village, Taoyuan Village, Dingqi Town, and Fuqiang Village, Dingqi Town , Duobulong Township Xinyuan Village, Geeli Village, Geli Township, Zhuwang Village, Jianglong Town, Lesun Village, Liangtian Town, Bascao Village, Liangtian Town, Global Township Painting Emery Village, Rensing Township Village, Shazi Township, Shazi Township Hongxing Village, Shazi Township Zhongxian Village, Dazhai Village, Dashan Town, Longjing Village, Dashan Town, Gaodang Village, Chengguan Town, Shitizhai Village, Huangguoshu Town, Dasan New Village, Huangguoshu Town, Cai Linjia Village, Huangguoshu Town Relief Village, Yanxia Village, Benzhai Township, Huangguoshu Town


Guoling County (72)

Hujiang Town Wuli Village, Positive Village, Bai Ni Village, Zhongzhai Village, Pingzhai Village, Lianhua Village, Xichang Village, Yuanlin Village, Taoyuan Village, Muguang Village, Gaozhai Village, Jinlong Village, Taiping Village, Tianba Village , Maoma Village, Puli Township, Nanya Village, Yaxin Village, Changtian Village, Changchong Village, Yuexia Village, Dongguan Village, Puli Village, Dingyun Street Office Jiaozhai Village, Ma Long Village, Musicin Village , Guxin Village, Baomatian Village, Jianglong Village, Xinpu Town, Jiangxi Ping Village, Panjiang Village, Haili Village, Wolong Village, Xinlong Village, Tibetan Village, Gangwu Town Nauo Village, Mao Village, Dazhai Village, Dazhai Village, Dazhai Village, Xiaopanjiang Village, Baobao Village, Central Village, Banqiao Town Macheng Village, Ethnic Village, Nabe Village, Geyao Village, Najian Village, Pozhou Village, Baling Village, Houzhai Village, Pangui Township Poori Village , Canyon Village, Dude Village, Baishui Town Hangbian Village, Lucun Village, Daping Village Talc, Wengzhai Village, Shangguan Town Luoqian Village, Le’an Village, Shuiyun Village, Pusong Town, Fanhua Village, Kanghe Village, Guan Suo Street Office Xilong Village, Bridge Village, Moon Bay Village, Xiazhai Village, Shating Town, Qianjian Village, Yongning Town Zhongxing Village, Wall Village, Dingyun Street Office, Shibanjing Village


▲ Mucheng Village

Ziyun County (18)

Xinchang Village, Banzang Town, Xinchi Village, Baishiyan Township, Ge Baohe Village, Ge Baohe Town, Nijiaojing Village, Maoying Town, Xiaowan Village, Monkey Farm Town, Dasang Township Naste Village, Huangheying Village, Cat Camp Erguan Village in Hezhen, Kangdang Town, Geyang Village, Geyonghe Town, Jiuling Village, Liuhu Township, Huahe River, Huagu Township, Hongyuan Village, Bayang Township, Zongdi Township Daza Village, Sida Village Township Luoga Village, Cuihe Village, Banzang Town, Bazhai Village, Gelonghe Town, Haizi Village, Songshan Town

Anshun City Economic Development Zone (8)

Songqi Town, Huxing Village, Songqi Town Shiban Village, Songqi Town Innovation Village, Shangxing Village, Xingpu Town, Yangchang Village, Xingpu Town, Bai Guo Village, Songqi Town, Pingzhai Village, Songqi Town village


Dragon Palace Scenic Area Management Committee (3)

Xuantang Village, Taozi Village, Longtan Village


Bijie City

Qixingguan District (52)


Gaofeng Village, Dadi Village, Xinzhuang Village, Jiming Village, Dazhai Village, Chuanshan Village, Pingba Village, Ruishui Village, Xinghuo Village, Dawan Village, Tianba Town Advanced Village, Panwari River Village Town Nitigong Village, Dingjiazhai Village of Bihai Street Office, Dannan Village Committee, Haszhai Village, Shuangyan Village, Zhuchang Town, Xiaotun Village, Songwu Village, Qingshuopu Town Orange Manyuan Village, Qingshui Shop Town Lijiaping Village, Daxinqiao Street Office Bridge Village, Ganyan Village, Changchunbao Town, Xiaohe Village, Daxinqiao Street Office, Guanxiang Village, Town Town, Tai Chi Village, Liangyan Town Dishuang Township, Sili Village, Heshi Village, Haizi Street Township Relax Village, Falang Village, Qianxi Township, Lingfeng Village, Sanbanqiao Street Office, Western Village, Saraxi Town, Gaofeng Village, Dashan Town, and Shi Ying Village, Jianshan Village, Dashan Town, Shanzhai Village in Po Town, Hongqi Village, Xiaoshiyutu Town, Mihe Town, Mihe Township, Dahe Township Village, Qingchang Town Dashan Village, Shanghuang Village, Longchangying Town, Puyi Town Ledu Village , Yantong Village, Yangjiawan Town, Zhongzhai Village, Miao Township, Miao Township, Ashi Township, Sanguan Village, Datun Yi Township, Yixin Village, Yanzikou Town, Qixing Village, Yangjiawan Town, and Tiankan Township

Dafang County (25)


Yushan River Village, Yanshan River Village, Yangchang Town, Yanyan Village, Maochang Town United Village, Mamchang Town Minfeng Village, Guanghua Village, Dashan Township, Yunlong Village, Murbus Ancient City Street Office, Giant Stone Village, Changshi Town Kai Village, Xiaotun Township Faqi Village, Xiaolu Village of Shunde Street Office, Xinfeng Village of Liulong Town, Anle Village, Anle Township, Hongqi Village, Yuluchi Township, Fale Village, Education and Education Township, Fengshan Township State Village, Yangchang Farm Town Longgong Village, Walnut Township Muzhai Village, Junling Village, Xingsu Township, Qingsong Village, Anle Township, Shangzhai Village, Guowa Township, Lingjiao Village, Xinglong Township, Xiantun Township Rock Village, Huangnitang Town Songlin Village, Xingsu Township Heshan Village , Fulu Village

▲ Muzhai Village

Qianxi County (30)

Yingpan Village, Zhongjian Township, Xinren Township Huatao Village, Dujuan Street Office Wuxianba Community, Xinfu Village, Jinbi Town, Baini Village, Jinxing Town, Hongpan Village, Zhongjian Township, Daxing Community, Dujuan Street Office Laixiang Fangtian Village, Houzhai Village, Daguan Town, Tuqiao Village in Jinbi Town, Dongzhuang Village, Jinxing Town, Heroes Village of Dingxin Township, Honghu Village, Jinxing Town, Dazhai Village, Gantang Town, Chuandong Village, Honglin Township West Bridge Village, Linquan Town, Lingkong Kong Village, Honglin Township, Dahaizi Village of Greening Township, Liangjing Community of Shuixi Street Office, Wenfeng Street Office Xingqian Community, Xinren Township Changjing Village, Guanzhai Village, Zhongping Town , Gramju Street Office Jinzhong Community Guanyin Dong Town Guanyin Dong Village, Matshan Village, Zhongshan Town, Jiefang Village, Hongshui Town, Qiulin Village, Daguan Town, Haizi Village, Linquan Town, Yuduo Town Rudu Village, Supu Town Lingbo Village

Jinsha County (31)

Pingba Town, Sanpu Village, Banqiao Village, Yankong Street, Cangshan Village, Pingba Town, Yumo Town City Wall Village, Daxian Village, Anluo Township, Kaihua Village, Xiluo Street, Kanaba Village, Houshan Town Jiajie Community, Shuangxing Village, Pingba Town, Tiantang Village, Shatu Town, Yongfeng Village, Iwakong Street, Xinlong Village, Datian Township, Lanfeng Village, Lantou Town, Baibi Village, Datian Township, Qianshun Village, Huajue Town Town Qingshan Village, Jinhe Village, Huajue Town, Old Village of Annda Town, Dalong Village, Yumo Town, along River Village, Lantou Town, Kunlun Village, Changba Township, Zhonghua Village, Xiluo Street, Shangshan Village, Yanyong Street, Mu Dushui Village, Confucius Town, Qingchi Town, Jishang Village, Jinlong Village, Yumo Town, Huanjue Town United Village, Shizhang Township Xinjie Village, Guishan Community, Houshan Town, Guihua Village, An Di Town, and Yantong Town Yangba Village

Zhijin County (24)

Dongfeng Village, Chadian Township, Qianjian Village, Chadian Township, Guanzhai Township Guanzhai Village, Guanzhai Township Hua Village, Hongyan Village, Guanzhai Township, Magua Village, Guiguo Town, Maswo Village, Guanzhai Township, Guanzhai Township Dazhai Village , Guiguo Town Cat Farm Village, Majiantun Village, Malaysia Township, Malaysia Township Central Village, Guaguo Town, Xianai Street, Daxu Village, Sanjia Street, Longtan Village, Sanjia Street, Muoli Village, Sanjia Street, Sanjia Street Longchang Town Sunshine Village, Chadian Township Hongyan Village, Zhongshan Village, Shangpingzhai Township, Shangzhong Village, Guanzhai Township, Daiping Township Qunjian Village, Shuangyan Street Jinnan Community, Xiongjiachang Township Baima Village, Shuangyan Street Guihua Village

Nayong County (17)

Pingzi Village in Pingzi, Shabao Township, Tianxing Village, Yongxi Office Dazhai Community, Dalongjing Village, Baixing Town, Changpo Village, Changpo Township, Pantongguan Township, Blacksha Wushu Village, Zhaile Township Hejiayuan Village, Gaiba Township, Huanghe Community of Spoonwo Township, Yangchang Township Faboyu Village, Taoying Village, Tongdongguan Township, Tu into Township Gun Yanyan Village, Xintang Village, Longchang Town, Wuyi Village, Daowo Township, Lingling Zhen Xiaotun Village, Lukaiba Community, Juren Office, Qingbun Village, Ledu Town

Weining County (57)

Heila Township Heido Village, Chayuan Village, Heishan Town, Haruhe Township Hebian Village, Sea Street Office Sea Community (Jiangjiawan Happiness Town), Dougu Township Mile Village, Yulong Township Tianba Village, Shimen Township, Shimen Township Xinmin Village, Shimen Township Pot Factory Village, Shimen Township Caimoto Village, Shimen County Ca passenger Village, Xiong Ying Village, Banwei Township, Yinlong Community (Yinlong Happiness Town), Shimen Township Gusu Village, Sea Street Office, Puthan Village , Xueshan Town Bofu Village, Majie Village, Yun Gui Township, Street Township Street Village, Snake Street Village, Yangjie Town, Ronghe Village, Shimen Township, Tongxin Village, Caosi Town, Miyamura Village, Dongfeng Town, Yuanmu Village, Dongfeng Town Shuguang Village, Banwei Township, Heaven River Village, Heixihe Town, Hexin Village, Laoshan Town, Shushu Village, Xueshan Town, Caohai Town Yiguan Village, Zhengjiaying Village, Cahai Town, Yancang Community, Yancang Town Village, Jinzhong Town Faishui Village, Liuqiao Street Office Caohai Village, Wuligang Street Office Liying Village, Shaanxi Bridge Street Office Kongshan Village, Shaanqiao Street Office Dashan Village, Liuqiao Street Office Longfeng Community , Luojiahe Village, Cahai Town, Xinfei, Mulu Town, Maza Town Canal Village, Fa Le Village, Flat Town, Bayi Village, Bayi Village in Heishi Town, Heishi Town Heishi Village, Shilin Community, Snow Mountain Town Village, Shazi Village, Guanfenghai Town, Lianhua Village, Lianhua Village, Daizhai Village, Xiaohai Town, Xia Zhangguan Village, Yantong Village, Yancang Town, Liangshan Village, Shuanglong Town, Bahai Village, Mashachi Town Shecun, Xinzuyi Township United Village, Liqiao Street Office Qianjin Community, Dongshan Village, Caohai Town, Banxiong Village, Banxiong Village, Banwei Township


▲ Happy Town


Hezhang County (24)

Yongkang Village, Huatangbao Township, Shuitong Village, Yitang Township, Zhongtian Village, Guda Township, Coca -Cola Village, Guda Township Heping Village, Weipou Township Dazhai Village, Wishui Village, Weishui Village, Xingfa Township , Xingfa Township Yadu Village, Zhongying Village, Xingfa Township, Zhongzhai Village, Pingshan Township, Zhongshan Village, Pingshan Township, Choospeng Village, Zhuang Township, Quezu Village, Xingfa Township Xiaosi Village, Yingzui Village, Xingfa Township Xingfa Township Ethnic Village, Xingfa Township Basha Village, Zhushi Township Isa Village, Bai Guo Town, Rhimatsu Village, Coca -Cola Township, Coca -Cola Township Farm, Weisin Township Dazhai Village, Weipou Township Yingpan Village

Baili Dujuan Management Area (16)

Xiaoqiao Village, Qiaotou Village, Gong Village, Shi Niu Village, Kayami Management District, Liangjing Village, Kaimu Village, Kaimu Management Zone Dujuan Village, Danyan Village, Jinpo Township Village, Fuyuan Village, Gongmu Village Yingfeng Village, Hongfeng Village, Dakura Village, Yongfeng Village, Qihua Village, Yongxing Village


Jinhai Lake New District (31)

Guanzhai Village, Xiangshui Township, Shoushan Village, Zhuyuan Township, Qianjian Village of Xiangshui Township, Shangxiahe Village, Lishu Town, Feixi Village, Xiangshui Township, Pronunciation of Puhe Town, Chahe Town Tangfeng Village, Cheba Village, Liushu Town, Qianzhai Village, Chahe Town, Faulu Village, Chahe Town, Haiba Village, Wenge Township, Anqing Village, Wenge Township, Baohe Village of Lishu Town, Wahara Village, Jinhai Lake Office, Hailong Village, Zhuyuan Township Town Putu Village, Xiaoba Town Ying Geyan Village, Xichong Village, Xiaoba Town, Qingshan Village, Xiangshui Township, Liuhua Village, Xiaoba Town, Fenghuang Village, Xiaoba Town, Xinchang Village, Xiaoba Town, Xiaoban Village, Xiaoba Town Jinhai Lake Office Sanyuan Village, Wenge Township Zhongzhai Village, Shuangshan Town Hongxing Village, Qinglong Street Office Guanba Village, Qinglong Street Office, Gully Village, Jinhai Lake Office Changfeng Village, Qinglong Street Office Hantun Village, Xiaoba Town Qiaochan Village

Tongren City

Bijiang District (41)


Bashuang Town Niqian Village, Changping Village, Bahuang Town, Niuchang Village, Liulongshan Township, Luoyan Village, Liulongshan Township, Zhutian Village, Bahuang Town, Tongming Township Mianhuaping Village, Gaoba Tian Village, Bahuang Town Town Jinlong Village, Bahuang Town Taiping Village, Mengxi Village, Heping Township, Baiguo Village, Bahuang Town, Bahuang Town Mo Nong Village, Bahuang Town Songjiaba Village, Bangli Garden Village, Chuanyi Town, De Shengtun Village, Heping Township Chuanyu Village Chuanyu Community, Dingjiaxi Village, Wawu Township, Mayan Village, Heping Township, Heping Township, Heping Township Longyu Village, Hexi Street Office Maoxi Village, Laotang Village, Lanping Village, Wawu Township, Lanping Village, Wawu Township Huanbei Street Office, Dazhen Village, Liulongshan Village, Liulongshan Township, Xiaodongyun Village, Liulongshan Township, Bukou Village, Tongming Township, Tongming Township, Tongming Township, Kulai Village, Wawu Township Totou Town Chayuan Mountain Village, Xikan Village, Wawu Township, Jiulong Village, Yangtou Town, Heping Township Yaohe Dagou Village, Lu La Village, Yunchang Town, Xiaojiangkou Village, Chuanyi Town, Liangwan Village, Chuanyi Town Xingzhai Village, Heping Township Lengshui Village, Heping Township Dragon Village

Wanshan District (41)


Totong Community, Wanshan Town, Yushang Village, Chadian Street, Tart Cave Cave Changshou Village, Xiaxi Township Wutian Village, Chadian Street Office Ruixi Village, Yushan Village, Yutang Township, Qitun Village, Yutang Township, Yutang Township Da Da Longcun, Danyang Village, Huangdaodong Township, Guantian Village, Xiaxi Township, Yutang Village, Yutang Township, Xieqiao Sub -district Office Longmen Poly Village, Xieqiao Street Office Yaixi Village, Chadian Street Office Kai Tian Village, high -rise towering Pingting Youth Lake Village, Zhonghua Mountain Village, Boyi Township, High -Rong Tingka Naylangu Village

Jiangkou County (59)

Luxiang Village, Nuxi Town, Uniform Village of Taoying Town, Tao Ying Town Tao Ying Community, Longyang Village, Ba Pan Town, Xikou Village, Taoying Town, Zhangjiapo Town, Nuoxi Town, Guanhe Rural Eleway Dushu Village, Yanxi Village, Dewang Township, Shuangjiang Office, Chengjiao Village, Tao Ying Town, Yinhui Village, Dwang Township Xiaobang Village, Shuangjiang Office Huaifeng Village, Shuangjiang Office Mobi Village, Tao Ying Town Xin Zhai Village, Ba Pan Town Qinchu Village, Daping Village, Nuxi Town, Qixin Village of Shuangjiang Office, Gutilou Village, Nuxi Town, Ba Pan Pan Community, Shuangjiang Office, Xunjia Village , Longmei Village, Niuxi Town, Bagan Town Hezhai Village, Shuangjiang Office Zhenjiang Village, Mianhuashan Village, Nuxi Town, Miyangxi Village, Miyangxi Town, Dewang Township, Xinglong Village, Shuangjiang Office Tianbaxi Village, Pingzhai Village of Minxiao Town, Taipingzhai Village, Minhe Town, Yangliu Village, Dewang Township, Cen busy village of Taiping Town, Minhe Town Aiping Village, Kaide Office Heiyan Village, Minhe Town Leek Village, Guanhe Guanhe Township Jiangxitun Village, Maoping Village of Minhe Town, Fanjing Mountain Village, Taiping Town, Minhe Town Qingshui Village, Ba Pan Town Du Village, Capital Office Star Village, Minhe Town Masuo Village, Minhe Town Army Tun Village, Luojiatun Village, Nuxi Town, Express Village of Taiping Town, Minshe Town Longsu Village, Minshe Town Longxing Village, Sanpeitang Village, Taiping Town, Yu Liangxi Village, Minxiao Town, Zhaobao Village, Taiping Town Village, Yunshe Village, Taiping Town, Xiaotun Village, Taoying Town, Hekou Village, Nuxi Town, Chaxi Village, Taoying Town, Lianghekou Village, Nuoxi Town, Shuanglong Community, Taoying Town

▲ Yunshe Village

Yuping County (10)

Pingxi Street Office Anping Village, Laozhai Village, Xindian Township, Xindian Village, Xindian Township, Chaoyang Village, Xindian Township, Maopo Village, Zhujiachang Town, Huangmuchong Village, Tianping Town, Guojiawan Village, Yayu Township Jiamu Village, Jiamu Town, Xieqiao Village, Zhujiachang Town, Yutang Village, Zhujiachang Town

Shizhen County (32)

Shigu Township Gong Goose Village, Fengxiang Township, Jinfeng Village, Ganxi Village, Ganxi Township, Beiping Village, Huaqiao Town, Ganxi Township Puxi Village, Guorong Township, Shangcun Village, Xinhua Village, Wudisha , Wude Town Unity Village, Longtang Town Sleepy Niushan Village, Chengguan Village, Tangshan Town, Liaojiatun Village, Jufeng Township, Findshan Village, Pingshan Township, Hexi Village, Zhongba Town, Pingwang Village, Ganxi Township , Ganxi Township, Fuyan Village, Pingdichang Daishuijing Village, Wudi Town Huilong Village, Baita Village, Tangshan Town, Daping Village, Pingshan Township, Qingshan Village, Qingyang Township, Ge Yandu Village, Honzhuang Town Yintun Village, Xianmiao Village, Longtang Town, Jianghe Village (Hekou Village) in Zhongba Town, Hedong Village, Zhongba Town, Guanping Village, Longjing Township, Gongping Village, Shigu Township, Gaotun Village, Hebachang Township, Fengxiang Township Xiajiang Village, Laohu Village, Hebatchang Township

Sinan County (59)

Sunjiaba Town Tori Village, Shuangtang Street Office Yunshan Community, Xianglin Village, Tingziba Town, Crystal Village, Liangshuijing Town, Xinjiang Village, Tingziba Town, Jiaofeng Village, Tongtou Town, Chuanping Village, Sandao Water Township Haojiawan Village, Tianshan Village, Sandao Water Township, Yingxi Village Village, Sandao Water Township Shuanghe Village, Yantai Village, Daheba Town, Dachengyu Village, Pianxi Town, Longmen Village, Changba Town Sanxing Village, Datang Village, Datang Town, Jiaxiu Community, Datang Town, Guanzhongba Street Office, Baishajing Village, Fengmingchang Village in Shaojiaqiao Town, Tangtou Town, Xiangba Village, Xujiaba Town Street Federation Community, Bowl Water Village in Xiangba Town, Wuyi Village, Kuanping Township, Sanhui Village, Xujiaba Town, Laosin Village, Pojiazhai Village, Xujiaba Town Anti -Jiashan Village, Silin Township Yangjiazheng Village, Magenpo Village, Xinglong Township, Longshan Village, Wenjiadian Town, Jingzhuyuan Village, Xingxi Town, Hujiawan Community, Hujiawan Township, Ranjiaba Village, Zhangjiazhai Town Xia Dehao Village, Baochang Town, Feng Village, Baidhang Town, Zhoujiaxian Village, Hujiawan Township, Yangjiazhai Village, Baidan Town, Baiyang Village, Sandao Water Village, Anjiang Community, Wenjiadian Town Liuchang Ping Village, Changba Town, Guantangba Village in Dam Farm Town, Baiyanjing Village, Capricorn River Town, Tongxin Village, Liangshuijing Town, Fengyun Township Huanyan Village, Fengyun Township Baiyan Village, Tangtou Town Qingbaba Village, Tangtou Town Guanyin Mountain Village, Yangjiayu Township, Cen Tougai Village, Yangjiayu Township, Hongqi Village of Fengyun Township, Shazikan Village, Hujiawan Township, Shuangtang Street Office Tu Tu Village, Pingzifeng Village, Tingziba Town, Sunjiaba Town Yingchun Yingchun Village, Tingziba Town, Dahe River, Tingziba Town Ranjiayan Village, Fangjiaping Village, Liangshuijing Town


▲ Qingbiba Village

Yinjiang County (21)


Tuanlong Village, Ziwei Town, Jiangjiaba, Yangxi Town, Mast Village of Yangxi Town, Tuyan Village, ZTE Street, Mulong Village, Zilong Town, Jintong Village, Muhuang Town, Xiping Village, Muhuang Town, Hekan Village, Ziwei Town Township Express Village, Longjin Street Xingfu Village, Yantong Town Yanziyan Village, Daguang Village, Ziyuan Town, Muhuang Town Muhuang Village, Qianjiang Village, Longjin Street, Pingba Village, Muhuang Town, Xinye Township Pot Factory Village, Muhuang Town Ping Institute Village, Ziwei Town Douzonglin Village, Yongyi Village, Ziwei Town, Fengyi Village, Muhuang Town, Furong Village, Muhuang Town


Dejiang County (39)


Dongyuan Village, Qianjia Township, Qianjia Township, Qianjiaxiang Ping’an Village, Shangzhu Village in Pingyuan Town, Shengli Village, Republic Town, Toumiao Village, Nanzhong Township, Quankou Town Dawan Village, Lizi Village, Zongcha Town Town Guitang Village, Jiancha Town Heping Village, Zhuangkou Village, Quankou Town, Longxi Village in Hexing Town, Hepeng Village, Hexing Town, Takayama Town, Xianba Village, Qianyin Beach Village, Qianjia Township, Xinglong Community, Gaojiawan Village, Yanyang Township, Xintang Village, Quankou Town, Fenglin Village, Hexing Town, Xintan Village, Jiancha Town, Sugu Village, Jingjiao Township, Chuanyan Village, Jiancha Town, Chaoyang Village, Hexing Town, and Tianchi Village, Quankou Town , Quankou Town Mara Village, Xuanxi Village, Takayama Town, Chawo Village, Yantang Township, Qianjiaxiang Shiba Village, Banping Village, Hexing Town, Taitou Village, Pingyuan Town, Da Tu Village, Quankou Town , Quankou Town Xianlian Village, Shangyan Village of Pingyuan Town, Qixing Community of Fuxing Town, Fengxi Village, Fengxi Town, Shanyuan Community of Pingyuan Town

Along the river Tujia Autonomous County (13)

Twelve Panpan Village, Sunjia Village, Middle Town, Qitan Village, Qidan Town, Shangzhuang Village, Xiajing Township, Xiajing Township Village, Qitan Town, Qiman Village, Heping Street, Heping Street Laulian Village, Nanzhuang Village of Shazi Street Office, Daxi Village, Heping Street Office, Xiazhuang Village, Siqu Town, Liangshi Village, Headou Office, Heping Street Office

Songtao Miao Autonomous County (25)

Zhaoying Town Dengbao Village, Dazhuigou Village, Zhaoying Town, Houyu Village, Dalu Township, Yiyu Village, Zhengda Township, Panshi Town Dangchong Village, Taohuayuan Village (formerly Lengjiaba Village) in Wuluo Town Shaping Village, Panshi Town Xiangshuidong Village, Huangpan Township Gexian Village, Changzheng Village in Dalu Township, Manjia Village, Panxin Town, Dawan Village, Panxin Town, Laoshan Village, Panxin Town Banpo Town Village, Panshi Town, Panmao Village, Gaoping Village, Changping Township, Pantang Village, Zhengda Township, Liupu Village, Panxin Town, Ma’an Village Village, Zhaoying Town, Zhaoying Town Changtan Village, Changxing Town Lidu Village, Zhaoying Town Luo Man Village, Zhaoying Town Wujiazhai Village

Southwest of Guizhou

Xingyi City (24)

Nihong Town Nihong Community, Ayi Village, Weishe Town, Le Li Village, Wanfenglin Street Office, Wanfenglin Street Office, Shuangsheng Village, Wanfenglin Street Office Yulong Village, Wanfenglin Street Office Wanfu Village, Wanfenglin Street Shangnanan Village, Wanfenglin Street Office Xia Na Gray Village, Jingjiatun Village in the afternoon, Anzhang Village, Zelong Township, Pingzhai Village, Caimang Township, Qingshuihe Town Lianfeng Village, Nanpanjiang Town Nannan Longcun, Wulisha Town Chajiang Village, Mubei Village, Wusha Town, Wusha Town Wanjiao Village, Wujing Village, Wusha Town, Pingzhai Village, Maling Town, Wanfenglin Street Office, Xingyi City Zhaojiadu Village, Hongchun Village, Jiangzhen Town, Fengdu Street Office, Gongqiao Village, Zetong Township, Junde Village, Mihumi Town, Jintu Village, Niwu Town

Xingren County (20)

Zhanma Tian Village, Bashan Village, Dashan Town, Li Guan Village, Chengnan Street, Qingshuihe Village, Luking Camp Township, Tongju Village, Tunjiao Town, Xinfangfang Village, Donghu Street, Jiutou Village, Tunjiao Town, Linjiatian Village, Balu Town, Chengbei Street Office, Qiaobian Village, Chengbei Street Office, Loess Village, Chengbei Street Bridge Village, Fengyan Village, Chengbei Street, Luofutun Village, Luofutun Village, Balu Town, Luking Hui Village, Lukuka Township Kuiyu Village in Tunjiao Town, Suzhai Village, Chengbei Street, Yiyuan Village, Chengnan Street, Baica Village, Ba Ling Town, and Balu Town Sanjiazhai Village

Putian County (17)

Luojiazhai, Chaoyang Village, Gaomian Township, Miao Village, Zhuimashan, Yinlu Village, Longyin Town, Beipanjiang Village, Longyin Town, Luohan Village, Luohan Town, Luojiazhai Village, Fanjiazhai Village, Qingshan Town, Qingshan Town Gangpo Village, Hongzhai Village, Bai Sha Township, Building Town, Building Town, Jiufeng Village, Nanhu Street Office, Jiangxi Po Alliance Village, Songyi Village, Xingzhong Town, Jiangxipo community, Jiangxi Po Town, Jiangxi , Panshui Street Office Hongxing Village and Xiahe Village, Xiajie Town, Qingshan Town

Qinglong County (9)

Wenfeng Village, Shazi Town, Xueguan Village, Jichang Town, Dachang Town Dijiu Village, Guangpatong Town Village, Mengzhai Village, Guangpatong Town, Huagong Town Dutian Village, Liancheng Town Congjia Village, Liancheng Town South Street Community

Zhenfeng County (26)

Bailin Town Bailin Village, Dian Ring Township Datian Village, Lu Rong Township Lurong Village, Pingjie Township Xiaohuajiang Village, Lianhuan Township Tun Shangcun, Longchang Town Paido Monashan Village, Baili Town Na Xiao Village Qiaoyan Village, Zhenfeng County, Datoco Village, Yingu Street Office, Dingxiao Village, Yingu Street, Dazhai Village, Changtian Town, Jintu Street Village, Jintian Town, and Yongfeng Street Office Ke Village, Zhexiang Town Poyun Village, Na Kong Village, Xiangxiang Town, Dongxiang Village, Zhexiang Town, Winter Town Dongmei Village, Shi Xiangzhen Town Town, Yongfeng Street Office of Yanyu Village, Zhexiang Town Xiangxiang Village, Pingqiao Village, Xinzhai Village, Xiangxiang Town, Jinjing Village, Beauty Town, and Kaoxia Village, Wanlan Town

Photo/Lu Zhijia

▲ Nadong Village

Wangmo County (18)

Baoshu Village, Shitun Town, Wangmo County, Kafa Village, Nighty Night Town, Wangmo County, Lewang Village, Lewang Town, Wangmo County, Pingsui Village, Wangmu Street Office of Wangmo County, Xintun Office, Wangmo County Tun Village, Wangmo County Angwu Town, Dagura Village, Mashan Village, Mountain Town, Wangmo County, Liuli Village, Lewang Town, Wangmo County, Naibao Village, Xintun Street Office, Wangmo County, Sanglang Town, Sanglang Town, Wangmo County Village, Hongxing Village, Shitun Town, Wangmo County, Laipao Village, Shitun Town, Wangmo County, Baichang Street, Pingdong Street, Wangmo County, Pingdao Street Office, Pingdao Street Office, Wangmo County Leyuan Village in Leyuan Town, Xiangmo County, Xiangthen Village, Xiang Town, Wangmo County, Maoping Village, Yiyi Town, Wangmo County

Book Heng County (52)

Xinhua Village, Badu Town, Weidong Village, Badu Town, Badu Village, Badu Town, Bada Village, Badu Town, Qiaoba Village, Shuangjiang Town, Babai Village, Shuangjiang Town, Shuangjiang Town, Shuangjiang Town Luoyang Village, Guanyin Village of Ruudu Town, Rongding Village, Shuangjiang Town, Meijing Village, Pooduo Town, Dingxiao Village, Shuangjiang Town, Puyuan Village, Poori Town, Nili Village, Pusi Town Sister Town Tongxin Village, Zheandu Town 岜 岜Village, Kongtun Village, Qiaoma Town, Hongqi Village, Nafu Street Office, Qiaoma Town Qiaoma Village, Banwan Village, Yatsu Town, Banben Village, Iwate Town, Dazhai Village, Dazu Town Naidu Village, Naiyan Village, Badu Town, Badu Town, Rudu Village, Ranfan Village, Yanjia Town, Luoda Village, Yanjia Town, Panfan Village, Po Mei Town Gyeongping Village in Geng Town, Xilou Street Office of Zeou Street, Gaozhai Village, Building Street Office, Mengcun, Nafu Street Office, Nanfu Street Office of Yangqing Village, Banqi Village, Yatsu Town Yatsu Town Qiaodong Village, Tiankancan Village, Yatsu Town, Yinjia Town Village, Bawo Village, Yatsu Town, Xingfu Village, Yatsu Town, Luowang Village, Yanjia Town, Rongqing Village, Yanjia Town Village

Anlong County (18)


Qikang Village, Qikang Street Office, Qitang Village, Qifeng Street Office, Zhaidi Street Office Shancha Village, Qifeng Street Office Anma Village, Ping Town Xiangxianghe Village, Qifeng Street, Yuecun, Qianxiang Street Hands in Daocun Village, Baipan Village of Wanfenghu Town, Zhaidi Street Office Tonggujing Village, Zhaodi Street Office Longxi Village, Zhaodi Street, Yangfang Village, Dushu Village, Dushan Town Longjing Village, Dushan Town, Laoshan Village, Lapo Village, Dushan Town, Zhaidi Street Office Ban Mo Village, Zhaidi Street, Haizhuang Village

Yilong Test Area (18)

Deling Town Town, Yanfeng Village, Zhengtun Town, Ahong Village, Wantun Town, Xinghua Village, Wantun Town, Zhengtun Town Poono Village, Xinqiao Town Muke Village, Chabai Village, Dingxia Town Village, Lutun Town Lutun Community, Nayu Village, Wantun Town, Nijiaoshan Village, Muyu Town, Muzhen Muyu Village, Xinqiao Town Xinqiao Village, Lianxin Village, Longguang Town, Longguang Town Town Paida Village, Changtian Village, Yuzhang Town, and Dingxia Town Lou Na Village


Qiandongnan Prefecture

Kaili City (23)


Shiqing Village, Zhouxi Town, Xinguang Village, Zhouxi Town, Tongshu Village, Xiasi Town, Baiyang Village in Xiasi Town, Bantai Village, Bauki Town, Xiakang Village, Xiasi Town, Qingjiang Village, Xiasi Town, Xiangfu Shan Village, Wanchao Town Piao Village, Pingliang Village, Dafengdong Town, Huaqiao Village, Xiasi Town, Zhaiwa Village, Kahuai Street, Shuli Village, Shimi Town, Pingzhai Village, Sanshu Town, Shanshin Village, Dafengdong Town , Xiazhai Village, Dafengdong Town, Nanhua Village, Sanshu Town, Pingcha Village, Wanxi Street, Ji Dao Village, Sanshu Town, Mansong Village, Zhouxi Town, and Sanxing Village, Longchang Town Jiazhai), Langli Village, Sankeshu Town

Huangping County (14)

Dongpo Village, Xinzhou Town, Zha Yong Village, Zhenzhou Town, Chuanxin Village, Zhenzhou Zhenzhen, Zhaobi Village, Zhenzhou Town, Gongmeni Village, Gulong Town, Xueba Village, Xinzhou Town, Hejiazhai Village, Chongan , Wenfeng Village, Laozhou Town, Wimbledon Village, Wimbledon Village in Langdong Town, Noyong Village, Noyonghe Town, Tangdu Village, Chongan Town, Ping’an Village, Gu Long Town, Fengxiang Village, Chongan Town

Shi Bing County (9)

Yantai Village, Chengguan Town, Shankou Village, Niu Daenan Town, Shaping Village, Chengguan Town, Baitang Village, Chengguan Town, Baizhu Village, Baidu Township, Gao Bei Village, Ganxi Township, Wangcheng Village, Ganxi Township Farm Village, Shuangjing Town Longtang Village

Sansui County (22)

Wakashi Town Onti Courtyard Village, Tae Lie Town Poid Cave Village, Jixong Town Jidong Village, Tundong Village, Wakazi Town, Deming Village, Guanma Township, Beeng Village, Ba Gong Town, Zhaotou Village, Tae Lie Town Town Pingshu Village, Baichong Village, Guanma Township, Great Bay Village, Guanma Township, Deming Village, Guanma Township, Deming Village, Guanma Township, Tongma Township Tangchun Village, Bazuo Village, Ba Gong Town Xingguang Village, Zhaoli Village, Tonglin Town, Muliang Village, Tonglin Town, Tonglin Town Taochang Village, Xinglong Village, Township Township, Longjiao Village, Township Township, Sizhai Village, Changji Township

Photography/Tang synthesis


▲ Pigongcun Village

Zhenyuan County (21)


Jinbao Town Jinkai Village, Guijie Village of Jinshuang Town, reporting Jing Village, Jingcai Township, Jiaoxi Town Mengxi Village, Jiaoxi Village, Jiaoxi Town, Tiexi Pixing Village in Wende District, Wuyang Town, Along River Village, Wuyang Town Township Zhongtun Village Lugua Group, Chaoyangba Group of Xixiu Community, Wuyang Town, Dadi Village, Dadi Township, La La Village, Dadi Township, Shou Dou Village, Jiangu Town, Tianyin Village, Duping Town, Gongqiao Village, Duping Town Datang Village, Qingxi Town, Shop Tian Village, Qingxi Town, Huangsangtian Village, Wuyang Town, Baiyang Ping Village, Wuyang Town, Aihe Village, Jinshuang Town, Songming Village

Cen Gong County (17)

Pang Street Village, Siyang Town, Laqiaoxi Village, Dawei Town, Bajiaba Village, Guelou Town, Baishui Village, Shuiwei Town, Changping Village, Shuiwei Town, Dashuwan Village, Shuiwei Town, Layan Village in Shuiwei Town , Da You Zhen Muzhao Village, Malijiazhai Village, Shuiwei Town, Yuhe Village in Shuiwei Town, Tonggutian Village, Siyang Town, Zhouping Village, Insurance Town, Yixuan Village, Xiyang Town Longjiang Village, Drou’ao Village, Siyang Town

Tianzhu County (15)

Shidong Town Yongmin Village, Kaishang Village, Baicheng Town, Pingneu Village, Baicheng Town, Liuhe Village, Bangdong Town, Shidong Village, Shidong Town, Huaizhai Village, Shidong Town, Gandong Village, Gaoshi Town Mountain Village, Yangliu Village, Duma Township, Xinxi Village, Xixi Town, Sanmentang Village, Laocheng Town, Baotang Village, Township Town, Gaozhai Village, Bangdong Town, Xinshi Village, Yuankou Town, and Nangang Village, Fengcheng Town

Jinping County (15)

Longchi Village, Dunzhai Town, Leitun Village, Dunzhai Town, Huazhai Village, Longli Township, Maoping Village, Maoping Town, Gaoba Village, Pingqiu Town, Wen Dou Village, Hekou Township, Yaobai Village, Yaoguang Village, Yaoguang Village, Hekou Township , Yukou Village, Hekou Township, Longli Village, Longli Township, Ping Ao Village, Pingluo Town, Pingluo Town Sanyi Village, Xinhua Township Xinhuazhai Village, Pingqiu Village, Pingqiu Town, Xinhua Township Garden village

Source: Guizhou Xinhuanet

▲ Village of Longli

Jianhe County (70)

Wudao Village, Guanfu Township, Zhongzhai Village in Nanzhai Town, Balang Village, Gelong Town, Shangbaidu Village, Nanzhai Town, Nanzhai Town, Tangbian Village, Nanjia Town, Zhongfu Village in Nanzhai Town, Wuhe Village, Gelidong Town Guangfeng Village, Nanzhai Town, Tunzhou Village, Gelidong Town, Wengzo Village, Nanxian Township, Tai Ping Village, Tai Ping Town, Bailu Village, Nanzhaizhan Town, Nandong Village, Taidao Town, Jiulong Village, Nanzhai Town, Wujiao Village, Jiyang Town , Wuji Village, Taibao Town, Baidu Village, Nanzhai Town, Nanliang Village, Taidao Town, Wushu Village, Jiyang Town, Piandong Village, Taikong Town, Jiuzhai Village, Nanzhaizhen, Jiyang Town Kiyou Village Village, Jiuyi Village, Taisao Town, Bagua Village, Puxi Town, Cen Song Town Dazhuang Village, Cen Song Town Zhaizhang Village, Cen Guang Village, Xunxi Town, Wusha Village, Nanxian Town , Jiuhu Village in Nanxian Town, Dongjia Village, Shexi Town, Gao Yin Village, Shexi Town, Guangying Village, Puxi Town, Zhan Model Village in Taikao Town, Pingjiu Village, Pingxi Town, Xiezhai Village, Xixi Town Xianxi Village in Xixi Town, Wuliang Village, Cen Song Town, Tangsha Village, Xunxi Town, Dark Gong Village, Cen Song Town, Xiangdong Village, Xiangxi Town, Mindong Township Gulidong Village, Wuni Village, Liusi Town Xingqin Village, Nan Er Village, Liuchuan Town, Banxi Village in Taidao Town, Xiawumen Village, Cen Song Town, Zhaoshu Village, Taisong Town, Cen Song Town Piancun Village, Baidao Village, Taidao Town, Baodong Town, Gongtun Tun Villages, Gelidong Town Jiao Bang Village, Nanxun Village, Gelidong Town, Wucha Village, Gongdong Town, Bixia Village, Jiyang Town, Malian Village, Liuchuan Town, Fengxian Village, Jiyang Town, Guangjo Village, Gelidong Town, Cen Song Town Hot Spring Village, Gaoqiu Village of Mindong Township, Liuji Village, Nanjia Town, Taisha Village, Nanming Town, Xinguang Village, Nanzhai Town, Daping Village, Nanxian Town, Jiuxiu Village, Nanzhai Town, Zhanliu Village, Nanzhai Township Zhao Village, Nanzhai Town Liufu Village

Taijiang County (34)


Jiuchi Village, Paiyang Township, Nanwa Village, Taipan Township, Shizhai Village, Shidong Town, Tanglong Village, Shidong Town, Xiaosi Village, Shihe Town, Biodong Township, Balla River, Shidong, Shidong Town Bai Zhiping Village, Pingzhao Village, Shidong Town, Shi Lian Village of Shidong Town, Tianba Village, Geyiyi Township, Southwest Village, Geli Township, Taishui Village, Geyi Township, Wuxuan Village, Fangzhao Township Jiao Village, Fang Zhaoxiang Jiaowang Village, Nantong Township Nanni Village, Jiaobao Village, Nangong Township, Yangfang Village, Taipan Township, Nanzhuang Village, Taipan Township, Nanyong Village, Tai Gong Town, Fangzhao Village, Fangzhao Township Township Rangsheng Village, Hongyang Village, Taiguan Town, South Provincial Village of Taigong Town, Hot Spring Village, Taong Town, Jiaomi Village, Nangong Township, Changtan Village, Langong Township, Jiaogong Village, Nangong Township, Fangzhao Township Anti -Village, Nangong Township Jiaotu Village, Rongshan Village, Laotun Township, Laotun Village, Laotun Township, Wanghu Tun Village

Liping County (16)


Zhaoxing Town, Xiage Village, Cenxin Village, Shuikou Town, Meinan Village, Shuikou Town, Zhaoxing Town Cen Institute Village, Zhaoxing Town Dengbu Village, Gaibao Village, Shangzhong Town, Bazhou Village, Gaotun Community Lingling Village, Hekou Town Hekou Village, Huanggang Village, Shuangjiang Town, Sizhai Village, Shuangjiang Town, Tongguan Village, Yanxing Town, Zhaoxing Village, Zhaoxing Town, Pudong Village, Defeng Street, Tang’an Village, Zhaoxing Town Town village

Source: Weibo Qingqing Green Grass incense

▲ Zhao Xingzhai

Rongjiang County (11)

Guzhou Town Gu Rong Community, Liangwang Township, Liangwang Village, Pingyang Township, Pingyang Township Village, Zhaosi Town Pharma Village, Jiayi Village, Liangwang Township, Xinhua Township, Pingyang Township, Xiaoyang Township Danjiang Village, Zaima Township Zai Dang Village, Wu Gong Village, Zhaosa Town, Dali Village, Zhaoma Township

From Jiangxian (14)

Bing Mei Town, Lisha Village, Gaogen Township Xiaohuang Village, Zengchong Village, Dongxiang Township, Yinliang Village, Gaogen Township, Zhanli Village, Gaogen Township, Bing Mei Town, Pingqiu Village, Bingmei Village, Bingmei Sha Village, Gaogen Township Gaozheng Village, Gaogen Township, Gaizhu Village, Jiabang Township Gaoma Village, Gaogen Township Gaohuang Village, Gaohua Village, Cuoli Township, and Xin’an Village of Luxiang Town

Leishan County (17)

Langde Town also changed to Village, Danjiang Town Datu Village, Xijiang Village, Xijiang Town, Nangmeng Village, Langdezhen, Fangxiang Township Gutou Village, Yangliu Village, Langdezhen, Xinqiao Village, Datang Town Cat Cathe Village, Datang Town Palm Village, Danjiang Town Wudong Village, Xiaogulu Village, Danjiang Town, Lange Town Xialae Village, Datang Town, Gandong Village, Xijiang Town Mengcun, Baiyan Village, Danjiang Town, Langlae ​​Village, Langde Town

Photo/Hao Guang Fengying

▲ Xijiang Miao Village

Majiang County (22)

Qianqiao Village, Longshan Town, Weng Niu Village, Gaoxian Village, Xianchang Town, Pingding Village, Xuanwei Town, Shuicheng Village, Ba Mang Township, Xingshan Village, Xingshan Town, Dacheida Village, Ba Mang Township Village, Guangming Village, Xuanwei Town, Heba Village, Ba Mang Township, Guyao Town Sand Village, Xuanwei Town, Xuanpao Village, Xingshan Town Gul Yang Village, Xuanwei Town, Xuanwei Town, Kawu Village, Xuanwei Town Liubao Village, Xingshan Town, Chengguan Village, Xingshan Town, Chengzhong Village, Xuanwei Town, Fuxing Village, Longshan Town, Republic Village, Longshan Town, Leduiping Village, Ba Mang Township, Longshan Village, Longshan Town

Danzhai County (22)

Pai Township Jiashi Village, Yangwu Town Pai Mo Village, Xingren Town Pai Zuo Village, Wangjia Village, Xingren Town, Pai Ting Village, Longquan Town, Yanying Village, Xingren Town, Yayan Township to Long Village Village, Yangwu Town Pai Dian Village, Yangsong Village, Yangwu Town, Yangchang Village, Yangwu Town, Yanglang Village, Yangwu Town, Yangwu Town, Gao Pai Village, Longquan Town, Wuqi Village, Pai Town Tsui Zhenchahe Village, Pai Township also reaches the village, Shiqiao Village, Nanxun Township, Kara Village, Longquan Town, Gaoyao Village, Longquan Town, Quanshan Village, Quanshan Village, Longquan Town

Qiannan Prefecture

Duyun City (2)

Xiaweizhai Office, Shajing Street Village, Pingyang Village, Maojian Town

Fuquan City (8)

Malays Ping Street Office Huangshui Village, Malongjing Village, Niuchang Town, Yuyi Village, Malays Ping Office, Dahua Shui Village, Xianqiao Township, Shaping Village, Malays Ping Office, Wangka Village, Xianqiao Township, Malongjing Village, Niuchang Town, Niuchang Town, Jinshan Office Taiping Village


Libo County (16)

In the village of Yuping Street, Lianshan Village, Xiaoqi Kong Town, Yaocun Village, Liminguan Guanshuang Township, Maolan Town Dongliu Village, Yao Gu Village, Liminguan Guanshuang Township, Da Tu Village, Jiarong Town, Xiaosi Qikong Town Jue Gong Village, Xiaqi Town, La Shi Village, Yao Shan Yao Township, Yuping Street Office Shuifu Village, Xiaosi Qikong Town, Yaohua Village, La Naisu Village, Liminguan Township, Yuping Street Shuichai Dazhai, Yuping Street Baiyan, Xiaqi Kong Town, Gadi Village , Yuping Street Office Shuichun Village, Yaoshan Takahashi Village

▲ Lian Mountain Village

Guiding County (23)

LE Bang Village, Bailong Village, Panjiang Town, Xinlong Village, Panjiang Town, Malacca Village, Panjiang Town, Yangliu Village, Pianshan Town, Lianhua Village, Dexin Town, Gaomaiba Village, Dexin Town Long Village, Sizhai Village, Dexin Town, Gaopo Village, Changming Town, Baoguan Village, Yunwu Town, Xingxi Village, Mianshan Town, Dongping Village, Yunwu Town, Tieyan Village, Changming Town, Yinzhai Village, Panjiang Town, Panjiang Town Hongqi Village, Panjiang Town Qing Dingqiao Village (including Pingbao Village), Mayin Town Village, Changming Town, Shangcun Village, Yunwu Town, Datang Village, Yunwu Town, Heping Village, Mianhe Town, Chashan Village, Yunwu Town

Lu’an County (20)

Yunxing Village, Yongyang Sub -district Office, Sanhe Village, Pingdingying Town, Xianqiao Village of Yongyang Sub -district Office, Shuiyu Village, Zhongping Town, Mao Po Village, Monura Street, Songjiazhai Village, Monkey Futu Town, and astronomy Town Wujiang Village, Monkey Futu Town, Xiashi Village, Yonghe Town, Yantang Village, Baihua Village, Yushan Town, Xinchang Village, Yinnan Town, Jianzhong Town Protection Village, Monuki Town Caotang Village, Languan Township Chahai Village, Jiangjiang Chayuan Village, Jiehe Town, Fengyan Village, Zhuzang Town, Guoshui Village, Jianzhong Town, Hongyan Village, Yonghe Town, Jinzhu Village, Monkeype Town, Languan Village, Languan Township

Dushan County (11)


Yingshan Town Wengqi Village, Yangdi Village, Jichang Town, Batai Village, Baiquan Town, Baiquan Town, Baiquan Village, Square Town Xiufeng Village, Mawei Village, Mawei Town, Yaochao Village, Baiquan Town , Jingqiao Village, Baiquan Town, Mawan Village, Maman Town, Massin Village, and Mawan Town Garden Village

Pingtang County (25)


Jiaqing Village in Miyi Town, Xinguang Village, Datang Town, Pinghe Village of Zi Zi Town, Guta Village, Datang Town, Xinxing Village, Tongzhou Town, Layan Village, Zizhen, Zizhen Heping Village, Pinglihe Village, Tongzhou Chingshui Village in Bianzheng, Jinto Village, Kudu Town, Luo Liang Village, Kudu Town, New Village of Tangbian Town, Jiacha Causha Village, Jiacha Town, Kapo Township Field River Village, Blossom Village in Palm Town Karla Village, Palm Town, Shuangjiang Village of Jinpudi Street Office, Jingzhou Village, Pingzhou Town, Guangming Village, Kudu Town, Jinxing Village, Kudu Town, Wang Song Village, Bangzhou Town, Hanglong Village, Kudu Town Kalo Village, Zhen, Xingtao Village, Tanzhou Town

▲ Jingzhou Village


Luodian County (18)


Hongshuihe Town Honghe Village, Yinyang Town Yinhai Village, Daguan Village, Longping Town, Longjing Village, Luoyu Town, Bianyang Town Ren Village, Baolong Village, Moyang Town, Shanglong Village, Fengting Town Luojin Village, Bangeng Village, Longping Town, Datong Village, Bianyang Town, Maihui Village, Moyang Town, Gaolan Village, Moyang Town, Dajing Village, Moyang Town, Qianjian Village, Bianyang Town, Moyang Town , Bianyang Town Star Village, Yunli Village, Hongshuihe Town, Xinchang Village, Bianyang Town

Changshun County (52)


Gulong Town, Changyi Village, Jiaozhuang Township, Gulong Community Neighborhood Committee, Yongzeng Village, Weiyuan Town, Dujuan Lake Village, Guangshun Town, Baiyunshan Town Central Court Village, Guangshun Town Beidhang Community Neighborhood Committee Shangcun, Yunpan Township Hot Shui Village, Duncao Township Duncao Village, Gulu Town Jiaomima Village, Gulu Town Town Pentu Village, Weiyuan Town United Village, Gulao Town Ge Dao Village, Guangshun Town Farm School, Guangshun Town Shun Town Laiyuan Village, Baiyunshan Town Gaiyao Community neighborhood committee, Guangshun Town Nanchang Community Neighborhood Committee, Gulu Town, Weng Luo Village, Guluang Town, Community Neighborhood Committee, Baiyunshan Town Yishan Village, Kaizo Chao Village, Guangshun Town, Shengzhuang Village, Changzhai Town, Chengwu Village, Town Town, Kaizo Dongkou Village, Guangshun Town, Koba Village, Chi Town, Yingguan Township, Yinggang Village, and Town Wuxing Village, Township Town, Guding Village, Bancong Village, Nuzi Village, Guangshun Town, Qingshan Village, Guangshun Town, Daihua Town Muhua Village, Muhua Township Cloak Village, Yunpan Village, Township Town Shanghong Village, Yuanhong Town, Liangshui Village in Zaijian Town, Yundingqiu Village, Guangshun Town, Grasson Community Neighborhood Committee of Guangshun Town, Duncao Township Dunchao Village, Changxing Community Neighborhood Committee of Changzhai Town, Daihua Town Community Neighborhood Committee, Baiyun Shanzhen Town, Changzhai Town Chengnan Community Neighborhood Committee, Daihua Town Dou Provincial Village, Changzhai Town Heping Community Neighborhood Committee, Zhuchang Village, Guangshun Town, Taozhai Town, Town, Village, Changzhai, Changzhai, Changzhai, Changzhai, Changzhai, Changzhai Town Xinmin Village, Shiban Village, Guangshun Town, Rat Village, Baiyunshan Town (formerly Guangshun Town Rat Village)

▲ Tianxian Village

Longli County (17)

Guanshan Office Fuhong Village, Chengxing Village, Longshan Town, Zhongba Village, Longshan Town, Huimu Village, Wantanhe Town, Maoli Village, Wantanhe Town, Guli Village, Wantanhe Town, Pingpo Village, Banta Town Village, Dayan Village, Xingshi Town, Chaxiang Village in Gujiao Town, Guanyin Village, Gujiao Town, Zhongpai Village (formerly Happiness Village) in Longshan Town, Longshan Town Longshan Community (Yuanba Village), Lianhua Village, Longshan Town Guanmu Village, Guanshan Office Wuxin Village, Yingtun Village, Wantanhe Town

Huishui County (36)

Jiulong Village, Lianjiang Street, Daxin Village, Lianjiang Street, Shanhe Village, Mengjiang Street, Jintong Town Changxin Village, Gaozhai Village of Jingshen, Hongxing Village, Mengjiang Street, Simon Village, Mengjiang Street, Longquan Village, Mengjiang Street, Gangdu Town Gangdu Village, Gangdu Town Shiya Village, Gangdu Town Longquan Village, Bada Village, Ban Shan Town, Donglang Village, Tuoshan Town, Changming Village, Wangyou Town, Wangyou Town, Wangyou Town Hongxing Village, Wangyou Town Tuanpo Village, Wangyou Town Wangyou Village, Wangyou Town Gangtang Village, Lushan Town Lushan Village, Lushan Town Lushan Village, Jinting Town Changxin Village, Liuzhai Village, Jinzhen Lixin Village, Jinthen Town Pushing Village, Panjing Village of Jin Town, Jin Town and Jincun, Jinthen Jiaba Village, Jingshui Town Qingshuiyuan Village, Xiantang Town Taoyuan Village, Hongqi Village, Xiantang Town Town Haohong Village, Haohong Town Bai Biaohe Village, Pingdi Village, Haohong Town, Xinmen Village, Haohong Town, and Chongxue Village, Haohong Town

Photography/Guiyang Tukuku

▲ Huishui Haohong Town

Sandu County (42)

Xinlian Village, Pu’an Town, Kong Rong Village, Yangfu Community, Dujiang Town, Qianjian Village, Pu’an Town, Qiannan Prefecture, Wuxi Community Brain Village, Dujiang Town, Pu’an Town General Award Village, Dujiang Town Ba Street Community Yang Weng Village, Dujiang Town fishing community Dazhuo Village, Dujiang Town fishing community Gai Lai Village, Dujiang Town Fish Village Pai Village, Dujiang Town Fishing Community Pai Mi Village, Shangjiang Village, Dujiang Town, Dujiang Town Bird Village, Longtai Group of Yaolu Village, Sanhe Street, Bahui Village, Dajiang Town Bahu Village, Zhou Qinzhen Tingpai Community Yanglou Village, Sanhe Street Laoshan Village, Zhou Qinzhen Dongshan Village, Zhou Qinzhen, Liji Village, Dujiang Town, Liubai Village, Dujiang Town, Wufu Community Control Village, Dujiang Town, Wushuo Village, Jiuyi Town, Village of Wuxi Community, Wuxi Community, Dujiang Town, Jiaxiong Village, Wuxi Community, Dujiang Town, Dujiang Town Qianqiu Village, Yangfu Community, Dujiang Town, Pingjia Village, Dujiang Town Fishing Community, Water Village of Jiuyi Town, Gusu Group, Yaolu Village, Sanhe Street, Gaoping Village, Jiaooli Community, Pu’an Town Zhonghe Town Tangzhou Community Banzheng Village, Zhou Qinzhen Tingpai Community Mangyong Lake Village, Dujiang Town Fishing Community Laoshan Village, Sanhe Street Laoshan Community Laoshan Village, Sanhe Street Yaolu Village Xiangzhai Group, Sanhe The streets of Yaolu Village in the street, the Sanhe Street Laoshan Community Laulou Village, Pu’an Town Qunyi Village, Shuixian Village, Jiuyi Town, Wuxi Village, Wuxi Community, Dujiang Town, Shuimei Village, Jiuyi Town Town Putun Village, Yang Gong Village, Yang Gong Community, Jiuyi Town

Duyong Economic Development Zone (1)


Uniform Town Guohe Village

Gui’an New District

Gui’an New District (26)

Yuya Village, Marthang Town, Songlin Village, Malaysia Town, Longjing Village, Dangwu Town, Yaofengshang Village, Gaofeng Town, Dangwu Village, Dangwu Town, Yanjiao Village, Gaofeng Town, Longshan Village, Dangwu Town Village, Dangwu Town Kwai Mountain Village, Luzhai Village of Dangwu Town, Pingzhai Village, Malaysia Town, Gaoshan Village, Malaysia Town, Xinzhai Village, Malaysia Town, Zhongba Village, Hubei Township, Ma’an Village, Malacca Town Dangcun, Gouchang Village, Gaofeng Town, Pingzhai Village, Huchao Township, Mago Village, Fengfeng Town, Xinyuan Village, Malaysia Town, Magua Town Si Village, Huchacha Township Chefa Village, Kai Sa Village, Malaysia Muchi and Malaysia Town Yangtang Village

(The above list comes from the official website of the National Tourism Administration)

In so many villages

Do you have your home?

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