How to protect the baby jacket in winter? This high -value anti -dirty hood every treasure mother wants to have

In winter, the weather is getting colder and cold. The old mother with Mengbao has to give a sensitive baby, and the three layers of the inside are wrapped in thick clothes.

But fun and active are the nature of the baby. At home, there is a small “human body rag”. You can still lie on the lawn to play games with small bugs outside. It’s right at all!

Facing the new clothes just changed in the morning, it was dirty in the afternoon, and the old mother was very crazy inside! Especially in winter, the thick coat is not easy to clean. After washing, it is difficult to dry the gloomy weather. What should I do if the baby’s clothes are not enough?


Today, Xiaojing is coming to give you a “clothing artifact” for all the treasures ~ Yes, it is our waterproof and anti -dirty children’s clothing below!

1. About material:

This cover uses TPU waterproof and decline coating. It has a smooth touch and high density. The stains, stains, oil stains, and pigments are all rejected. No matter where the baby loves to play, you can protect the new clothes ~

The product is detected by the authoritative department quality, and does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde and fluorescent agents. Moms can rest assured that they can use them with confidence.

2. About details

Many Baoma worry that the baby’s skin is delicate, and the collar of the cover, the cuffs, and the part of the baby are not working well, and they will rub to the baby’s skin. Then, this hood is completely uncomfortable. It uses a round neck -type soft edge and elastic cuff, which is comfortable and beautiful, and it will not rub the baby’s neck and wrist.


There is also a large pocket design in the front of the cover. When you go out, you can store some baby’s snacks. When the baby eats, it can be a “rice” artifact, which can hold the baby’s missed rice.


Third, about wearing


In the past, many hoods were designs of buttons or straps. They were not only convenient to wear, but also easy to spread. This cover also considers this. Therefore Size, easily wear and take off so easy ~

After the light material is folded, there is only a small piece, light and small, easy to carry, and take the baby out to put the bag in the bag almost without space, and then remove it when it is needed.


Fourth, about style


Although the baby is small, it is aesthetic, and sometimes I do n’t want to wear when I see the clothes that are not good -looking. Therefore, this cover has a total of 6 styles to choose from, long -sleeved or short -sleeved, hippocampus, bear, little rabbit, which types of babies like and which one!

Such a “Chan” children’s cover, ready to prepare the baby ~

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