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The pace of smart homes has long been unstoppable, and the small to dry clothes on the balcony has also made rapid progress on the intelligent road.

Every major change has given new opportunities. With the advancement of intelligence, in 2000, intelligent clothing machines have been put into research and development, and have gradually matured. Its products have the characteristics of smart home products such as integrated, Internet, intelligence, and personalization. The operation of the operation through the controller to implement the functions of lifting, lighting, wind (drying), drying, sterilization, etc., which meets consumers’ personalized needs and is quickly occupying the market market.

According to data from the Drying Relief Special Committee of the China Architectural Decoration Materials Association, the shipments of my country’s electric (smart) drying rack in 2017 were about 3.5 million units, which was nearly 100%in two consecutive years. The degree of cognition is improved, and the penetration rate of intelligent drying racks is expected to increase rapidly. Zhiyan Consulting data also shows that the overall scale of the drying rack industry in 2017 was about 17.3 billion. In 2018, the market size of ordinary and smart clothing machines was 9.8 billion yuan and 13.1 billion yuan, respectively. The growth rate lasts about 25%-30%. In 2020, the market size of the smart clothing machine is expected to reach 23.8 billion yuan.

A tens of billions of Blue Sea market is rising.


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Advantages are prominent, high acceptance

Intelligent clothes drying machines, as a quality improvement and intelligent home, meet the needs of modern families to improve the quality of life. According to the white paper report of the “Intelligent Light’s New Era Revolution”, the appearance of the smart clothes dryer’s product is the most satisfactory aspect of users; secondly, the automatic lifting as the core function of the smart clothing machine, the flexibility of the lifting is well received by users. Product materials/workmanship and durability satisfaction exceeds 50%. Among users who have purchased smart clothing machines, 93.8%of users are willing to recommend the product to relatives and friends. In the recommendation reasons, the operation is simply ranked first, followed by functional practicality and effective reduction of household chores. The practical advantage of intelligent dressing machines is obvious and can withstand the test of the market.

Real estate policy releases dividends, and smart clothes dried machines take advantage of the situation

As a category of real estate after the real estate, the downstream market is mainly divided into four parts: new house decoration, second -hand housing decoration, improved decoration of stock housing, and the life of the existing houses expired. Among them, the life of the drying rack in the stock house expires (the general life expectancy of 7-8 years) accounted for the highest proportion, reaching nearly 48%; the decoration demand for new houses accounted for nearly 32%.

According to data from Ovi Cloud Real Estate Big Data 300+ cities, the hardcover smart home market is higher than the growth trend of the large market, becoming the highlight of the new hardcover market. Hardcover smart home products mainly include 13 products categories such as smart security, smart door locks, smart toilet, smart switch, and smart clothing machine. In 2020, although it is inevitable affected by the environment, the hardcover smart home market is presented. It is incorrectly the same as the supporting facilities of other parts. Although the configuration rate of the intelligent drying machine parts is still less than 5%, from the perspective of the trend, it is growing, which has increased significantly compared with the same period last year.

In addition, since 2017, relevant national departments have begun pilot work in more than 10 cities including Guangzhou and Changsha. In the 2020 meeting, the state specifically mentioned the “shed reform” work and comprehensively comprehensively. It covers 39,000 old cities and towns, involving 7 million residents in cities and towns. The improvement of the quality of life of the old house will provide a broad market for smart clothing machines.

Ten billion -level, attracting all parties to enter the cake into the cake

At present, there are no more than 200 production enterprises in the drying rack industry, which are mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta. Especially in the Pearl River Delta region, the industrial chain is relatively complete and the technology is more advanced. Its regional representative product electric (smart) products represent the technology frontier of the clothing machine industry.

With the rapid development of smart clothing machines, professional intelligent clothing machine manufacturers have gradually increased. In addition, some cross -domain brands also quickly cut into the field of circulation in the drying rack industry, including two levels, and the first level is based on entities. Represents the field of bathroom hardware: submarines, Hengjie, Yajie, Dinggu, etc.; Rongshida, Changhong, Midea, Zhigao, Kangjia, Haier, Xiaomi, etc. in the field of home appliances; Waiting for brands; other industries, such as Antarctic people, four seasons Muge, Wang Li and other brands. The second level is the e -commerce level: there are brands such as wife Le, Beauty, Bao Youni, Mr. Bang, Banghe, Mrs. Jin Gui.

The cross -border of well -known enterprises, the brand capital, accumulation of funds, and the willingness to smash money for publicity, and they are more willing to invest in funds for technology, product innovation and research and development. The role of promoting has also increased market competition pressure and accelerated industry shuffling.

Ren Dao is far away, the standard is more complete

According to the data of the China Waper Grade Association, the penetration rate of professional drying rack equipment in my country is only about 40%, and the market penetration rate of intelligent drying racks in first -tier cities is less than 10%, and the overall market penetration rate will be lower. With the increase of urbanization and the increase in disposable income of residents, the penetration rate of professional drying rack equipment and intelligent drying racks in my country will gradually increase. But still need time.

Under such market opportunities and challenges, electric (smart) drying machines need a correct development direction and a standardized and systematic product standard. On July 9, 2019, the China Architectural Decoration Materials Association issued the “Smart Dress Machine” group standard and officially implemented on September 1. Standardize the industry and promote the healthy development of smart clothing machines.

In addition, as a household appliance, consumers’ requirements for logistics, installation and maintenance after purchasing are getting higher and higher. They are subject to the service capabilities of traditional distribution channels. Efficient service capabilities will become a new issue facing major brands.

Brandization and professionalization are trends

In the future, it is young people. With the changes in the consumer’s main population and consumer concept, consumers’ requirements for drying racks are no longer simply functional requirements. The diversification of information channels will make consumers more and more deeper about the awareness of the drying rack, and require higher requirements for the professional quality and brand reputation of the product. As a commonly used electrical appliance for home, the product quality of smart clothing machines is always the most important, and the reputation of the brand can be strongly guaranteed by the quality of the product. The white paper survey data of “Smart Lags-Balcony Revolution” also shows that consumers have strong brand awareness of buying smart clothing machines. Among the users who have purchased smart clothing machines, the head brands have outstanding performances, the brand awareness rate is as high as 75.7%, and the purchase rate is 45.8%.


In the future, under the premise of the high homogeneity of the product, the creativity and professionalism reflected through the details will become the brand advantage. Compared with comprehensive brands, professional brands with deep technical precipitation are more advantageous. However, with the demand for the consumer market in the electricity (smart) drying rack industry, there will be more and more employees, and industry competition will become increasingly fierce. Brand, professional and large -scale drying rack companies will have more market prospects. With differentiated development, using technological innovation, product quality and functional innovation, enhance brand added value, and enhance the brand’s market competitiveness, it will inevitably become a compulsory course for each smart clothing machine brand.


Although the current penetration rate of intelligent dressing machines still needs to be improved, the consumer demand and trend of pursuing fast, fashionable, personalized, humanized, and intelligent, have undoubtedly seized the future trend. The flourishing outbreak is just a matter of time. Looking forward to the early date.

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