The puzzle challenge on the idle fish is a god that can be carried to the end

The private message of the old colleague Xiaofeng’s idle fish is about to explode recently.


When I turned on my phone, the private message effect was like the prelude to the battle poem in front of the hip -hop singer Battle.


The puzzle players who leave a message have asked the progress and reward distribution of the game, so they can be unique in the puzzle challenge initiated by Xiaofeng.


Make seeds, play puzzles, and make seeds into puzzles.

As a mysterious reward in the fish puzzle time, the sponsors sell the income of the same multiple sets of puzzles each time, and give the first player to reward the puzzle. For example, the latest Spanish spice series, each set 150 yuan, each There are only 10 sets in total, and the rules are the first independent, that is, it can get 1,500 yuan.

The challenger completes the puzzle and takes photos in the fish pond. The timestamp shall prevail. After the verification is correct, the sponsors will repurchase the puzzle of the challenger of the challenge of all the puzzles.

This is a special threatening hydrangea contest between the buyers and sellers. As long as you dare to initiate it, some people dare to challenge.


Puzzle time fish pond, the gathering place of lonely people. In the “Completed Puzzle” column, someone refreshes his tree hole every day, hoping to get a fisherman responding

“Playing large-scale puzzles often depends on the strength of the entire family. The individual’s energy is limited, and it is basically a threshold when spelling to 200-300 pieces. Most people give up at this time.” Xiaofeng said.

There are always many reasons in the world, making them inexplicably become irritable patients

The bulk puzzle may be the only product that cannot be checked before receiving the goods before receiving the goods. You can never know which one is less. The secret that is not approved,


“I wanted to find a fish pond that can make myself quiet for a while. I didn’t expect that life was still too difficult.” The cycle of a challenge was in a few weeks or even two months. Some people often took the initiative to show up the game and retreat.

After all, the game is the game. The more torture, the more players are involved in it.

In a puzzle game of more than 1,000 yuan, the gradient and color difference of the color sometimes make people desperate

Lei Jiayin once gave Yue Yunpeng’s daughter a set of 33,600 puzzles. This matter has been lingering in the hearts of the little girl for a long time. Before going to bed in the morning, I will think of fire crystal persimmons. There are only three players who really complete this set of puzzles in the world. It took 9 months and one for 4 years. The little girl sincerely wanted to try this challenge, but Xiao Yueyue gave up decisively.


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Considering the exchanges between etiquette, Xiao Yueyue returned to Lei Jiayin a set of “Qingming Shanghe Tu”, a scroll puzzle of about 22 meters long, and can be passed on.


On the other side of the virtual world, Xiaofeng observes the progress of the challenge on the idle fish every day. “You see this little brother, the challenges have been the first in a row. He has also launched a challenge. , Six people have exited and earned. “

This is a game of humanity, and also a curious game

On the second day, Xiaofeng took his son to the polar ocean hot spring health center to play with the water. After returning, he asked his son to miss it. In addition to the enthusiastic hospitality aunt, the avant -garde artistic performance, and the lazy dolphins at the bottom of the pool.

Xiaofeng promised his son to invite the dolphins and its good friends to visit the house. The marine -style puzzle composed of tens of thousands of mosaic on the ground made the two “decoration masters” scold for a week.


The heat is covered with the impetuousness of modern people, and the puzzle is a personal world that enhances concentration and exclusiveness.


After completing this feat, Xiaofeng’s confidence greatly increased and put the latest work photo to leisure fish. Love “in order to resonate with the pretending to be sleeping parents.

Avoid going to Disney to queue up with your children.

On the idle fish, there are hundreds of studios like Xiaofeng, and then there are hundreds of studios that sell finished products, but there are less than 50 people who can really grasp the pulse of buyers for normal operation.

This is an emerging “



“,, Like the original” leather punch worker “in English, is a transformation of foundry and commercial potential energy.” This line depends on talent. Followed by. “

Xiaofeng mocked himself that he was a family of fighting, but he refused to be classified as a blue collar

There are 7 people in the team, each with their own strengths. The interpreter is responsible for eating the finished pictures of the instructions, and then the partnership of the puzzle is given to guide the puzzle to splicing different parts. Edition of adhesive stitching and decoration.

“In the law of ten thousand hours, it is said that continuous focus can make people become masters. This sentence is not a master or focus.”

The garbage classification is just a compromise of human civilization and nature. There is no residual in the world of puzzle.

Xiaofeng used to spend more than a week to fight a metal Metropolitan Master’s Notre Dame, which contains lamps, and can be placed as a small lamp as a art decoration home. Shooting for more than 800 yuan, and the cost of the puzzle included a postage of less than 100 yuan.

The keenly he smelled a trace of business opportunities, “this is the respect of the era for intelligence production capacity.” However, the day after the Burning of Notre Dame, his work was sold at a price of 1500 yuan.

The “Mutual Aid Exchange Association” fish pond was once the birthplace of Xiaofeng’s career

The C2C has achieved B2C. Xiaofeng has resigned now, picking up the order every day, calculated the specific construction period according to the difficulty, and then quoted the buyer. Yuan, and now almost all are sold.


Vincent’s pain, everyone who has worked hard can experience it

The transaction price of the list is often proportional to the number of puzzles. Several bags of puzzles and a drawing, even a team with a normal vision, means that it will consume a total of hundreds of hours of life. The puzzle will be addicted. “If this line does not rely on faith, it is difficult to do it. We are partnership system. Everyone likes to repair this fragmented world according to the original simplicity.”

For Xiaofeng, the most painful thing is that before launching the challenge, you need to fight all the puzzles, then take the same part in all puzzles, and finally send out all the disruption.

“I don’t know what the meaning of this kind of game is obsessed with? For money? There are more than that to sell finished products every day. Some things may not stop once you start.” Unconsciously, starting from 50 pieces to 500 pieces, from 500 pieces to 1500, this is a constant constant that is beaten by the challenger’s patience and promoter credit.

In the ranking of a puzzle, the top ten are all 2000 puzzles. This is also a few models that are often challenged.

No one knows why this game is so hot, and the buyers and sellers feel that they have manipulated each other by themselves. When the challenger picked up the first puzzle, he had decided to go to the secret of the sponsors: which of the puzzles did you take away? Only by completing or failing can he clarify some facts.

Success only belongs to a few Sanxian. Each circle will think that in the face of rational dawn, he once joined the world of puzzles with an excuse for isolation or interpersonal relationship, but he does not want to prove himself to others again.


There are people entering and leaving the fish pond every day. Xiaofeng believes that there are always people who can spell out his answer.


Picture source: Weibo

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