Give me these two pleated skirts, you can pay back for a week, you can wear it.



Facing the hot weather in summer, it is really love and hate. Love can wear beautiful and refreshing small skirts. Hate is difficult to resist the sweltering of high temperature.

A -line skirts have a very high position in the fashion circle, but a skirt will be greasy in terms of popularity and versatile. It’s better to try the high value, covering the meat is thinner


Let’s have a surprise.


It is divided into short and long models, which are very inclusive of body. The short version covers the root of the thighs, which has a good modification effect and is relatively high; the long upper body is more elegant, suitable for women who like lightly style.

1. Girl feel short

Speaking of short pleated skirts, everyone will soon think of “school uniforms”, yes!

Short pleated skirt


It is the legendary age reduction artifact.

Especially classic

Grid pleated skirt

, Standard college style, too much


Age reduction


Let’s! If it wasn’t for my short hair, I would definitely tie a double ponytail ~

Wearing one upper body

Cartoon T -shirt


Is there any vitality




Put the T -shirt into the pleated skirt, and the proportion

Little girl

You can also wear it with confidence. Dressed like this


, The shoes on the feet must be supported, I feel


canvas shoes

It’s very suitable.

The matching of bags can often play a finishing touch, choose one

Chain bag


, Cingard or shoulder back, you can also carry one



I don’t know if everyone has passed

Denim pleated skirt

Woolen cloth? If you feel that the grid pleated skirt is not suitable for you, I recommend you to wear denim pleated skirts, and there is almost no limit to age.

The denim pleated skirt is sweet or sweet,

High waist

The design allows you to wear long legs easily, the same is the same

A -character version

There are also half pleated, which is thin and tall.

Although it is a denim fabric, it is not hard at all, very soft. Classic denim blue with one piece

Black vest

You can go out.


And the white model of this summer, the fashion is very fashionable! I feel that the vest neck is too monotonous, just embellish a favorite


The decoration such as the watch must not be less.

Second, elegant medium and long models

The length is above the ankle

It is the standard of temperament women. This length can cover the thighs and calf meat parts, so that the attention is concentrated on the slender ankle.

This medium -length pleated skirt really can’t forget at first glance, has a very foreign and generous

Piano health color scheme

The high -waisted large skirt, the pear -shaped figure with width and thick legs can be worn with peace of mind, and the ability to hide meat is absolutely abilled. Fine folds will also make people wearing it more tall.

This is also a special suitable for work to wear


, One with one upper body

Solid color T -shirt

, Wear a pair of not tired feet on your feet

Flat shoe

There is no problem to see customers in this shape.

At this time, the bag cannot be carried or shoulder again. You should hang it on your arm. Is this elegant temperament you want?


I feel that the “keys” of the previous pleated skirt is not easy to control, I recommend you to wear this black

Mesh pleated skirt


Ah, simple black really does not pick people.

How easy is the tight high waist, even if you just finished eating a seafood buffet, you will not show your stomach, and the test is effective!

The same mid -length skirt can hold all kinds of legs! Notice! At the skirt, the mesh of the outer layer is different from the length of the lining. The looming visual effect is its charm.

Similarly, this is also a suitable workplace

, Match


Wear, no matter what formal occasion you appear, you will not make an error.

Pick up the shirt and put it, it can be easily worn “

Short -term

“Body proportion, wear a pair


It will not be short. The younger sister is 163cm for your reference.

The pleated skirt is such an unspeakable single product, versatile

Slender and high


, I don’t start one.

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Flat shoe

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