Anti -Sky version of “Wonderful Friends”: Nima, I actually take selfies than me!

1. Kangaroo Rat … Please ignore the transliteration of this egg pain, but this is indeed a scientific name … One of them …

Although people jump away like kangaroos, it was really not born by the mouse by the kangaroos forcibly slapped it! It really has no blood relationship!

Although I am very cute, but I am essentially the old (HAO) rat (Zi), do you want to continue hugging me?

2. Quokka (Quokka) -This selfie, I am the master!


Because of the fat cheeks and the smiling faces forever are called Australian new generation of cute gods (this face really seems to be finished by a bee) …


By the way, this guy’s selfie racial talent breaks through the sky,

A large number of photos on the Internet comes ↓↓

3. The Mnet Wolf -I have long legs against the sky, do you bite me?

Don’t look at my long -like fox, but I am really a wolf. The proportion of long legs of the crown dog is not used in Meitu Xiuxiu!


4. The GEENUK -Do you have my neck long on your legs upstairs? Intersection Intersection


Sorry, this against the sky and the ecstasy muscles have not scared the children. In fact, people only practice the stunts that they have to be able to eat the leaves of high places. Who makes the food on the ground dirty and unpalatable! (Classmate, you must be Virgo …)

The grassland is so dangerous.

5. Tufted deer -I don’t drink blood, thank you.

Look at my black bangs and black eyes, I am obviously a Chinese animal, don’t you want to know me? I have n’t heard any vampires, this is our cricket called 龅 teeth! Intersection

6. Dumbo Octopus -I really don’t know where to start talking …

7. collectively called flying rat! (Sunda Colgo) -Steps, I will only P eyes.


Obsessive disorder, do you want to pull out the white hair on me? You have the ability to chase me, I fly piupiupiu ~~~


8. The Blue Parrotfish -Uh, what happened …

Sorry, you can put me back, Miss, you use the master -level fishing rod to seduce me out. I will not evolve into a tyrannosaurus.

Hi, the kangaroo 上 upstairs, I will take a selfie!

9. Red-Lipped Batfish-Isn’t it a hair, teenager?


Bright red lips have been swept for a long time, and this season is still not fading. Even, the marine fashion circle has recently said that this is the case: “If you haven’t tried bright red lips, then even if you have no fashionable characters. The Batfish recently shot a group of sexy red lips, and the temperament is mysterious and noble to quote countless females for ovulation. (Well, so beautiful must be public)

10. Desert Rain Frog -don’t laugh at my voice! Intersection Oh! Intersection Intersection

This round ball is obviously hot all over the world. With a foul-level scream, he won the 2014-2015 Global Good Voice Award! Strongly recommend search video sound!


This product is washed like this …

11. Narwhal -Special invitation to end as a domineering end.

Wild unicorn appeared! My elves! Intersection This product can deter the Arctic Circle as a close relative of the unicorn. It is close to half of the corners of the body as a spear in the hands of ancient knights, and the habit of dispatching in groups is known as the knights in the ice. Of course, you have no way to associate it with Bonno Cao …

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