2021 Haikou “Dabo Pepper” production and sales docking activity is held in Haikou

Xinhua News Agency, Haikou, July 25 (Wu Xiong Wang Cunfu) On the afternoon of July 25, the production and sales docking activities of “Dabo Pepper” in 2021 Haikou was held in Haikou.

Long Weidong, deputy mayor of Haikou City, said that the production and sales docking activity invited the China Confinement Association and many well -known brand companies in the country. I hope to use the opportunity of production and sales and docking activities to build a platform for strong agricultural exchange and cooperation platforms to upgrade and build standardized planting in pepper industry and build standardized planting plant Base, investment factories, brand building, community procurement, etc. have carried out extensive and in -depth cooperation, further promoting the upgrading of industrial files, and making Dabo pepper the “world pepper points”.

Bai Yan, Executive Vice President and Secretary -General of the China Confinement Association of the China Confinement Association, said that he hopes that in the future, Haikou will rely on the advantages of tropical resources to push the “Dabo Pepper” products produced in the beautiful fields. Tropical treasures.

During the event, a number of participating entities performed a signing ceremony, with a lot of intention to sign a contract, with a signing amount of 135 million.

The production and sales docking activity of “Dabo Pepper” in 2021 Haikou is aimed at creating a series of benchmark pepper products with brand logos and highlighting brand value around the “Dabo Pepper” brand. Establish the brand image of the Dapo pepper, enhance the brand awareness, reputation and influence, and promote the improvement of the industry’s quality and efficiency and increase the income of farmers.

Source: Xinhua News Agency

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