Looking at the kitchen, the glass goalkeeper space for 10M long cabinets is separated, Western kitchen and inside kitchen

I only heard that the toilet is separated from the three types of the bathroom. Have you seen the kitchen where the three -type separation has been seen? Anyway, I have seen it for the first time. Two glass doors are separated from three spaces. Three people can use them at the same time. Do not stiffly stubbornly. One is about 10m long cabinets. Satisfied!


This is one of the old house reconstruction in the “Dream Reconstruction Home”, and the kitchen is narrow and small, so the designer borrowed the space of the guest restaurant to design a cabinet with nearly 10m long. Stir -fried dishes can be used as much as possible. There is no need to worry about the problem of oil fume in closed space.

Part of the middle part is separated as Western kitchen space, placing rice cookers, coffee machines, soymilk machines, etc., with a lot of storage space, try not to occupy the space of Chinese kitchen, and directly solve the soymilk and coffee in daily. living habit.

The outermost is nearly 2m long tables, which can be used as a leisure area, a simple dining table, a cabinet or a cooking table. You don’t need to be too complicated. Put some small things and burn water in daily water.


In the middle of the Chinese Chef and West Kitchen, the embedded push -pull glass door was selected as a partition, while the Western Kitchen and the guest restaurant were installed with splicing glass doors. Like the inside of the kitchen.


This three -separated design can be divided into different functional areas of the kitchen. After all, the kitchen space is small, and there are too many functions to squeeze together. The more you hand.


Secondly, the kitchen can also have both Chinese and Western chefs. Nowadays, there are many families where young people and elderly live together. Different diet habits can meet people of different ages for the kitchen needs and also make the family diversity diverse.

Pay attention to the design of Chinese and Western chefs, must be western chefs, and inside chefs, because the western chefs will not have oil fume troubles, and it is more convenient to communicate with each other. Put it in the Western Kitchen Space, so that the refrigerator is used to take vegetables and take the pot.

In fact, the three -type separation of the kitchen is only for some special units and families with special needs. Most family design Chinese and Western chefs can meet all needs. No matter whether you love to cook or not!

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