Today is the God of Wealth. What is the custom of praying for the people? What are the taboos?

Today, we have to welcome the God of Wealth. The God of Wealth is prosperous in the Southern Song Dynasty. As the dynasty replaced and time passed, to this day, the God of Wealth Festival has formed a complete festival system. We call it the “God of Wealth”.

The formation of a festival cannot be done without the support of ordinary people, and the God of Wealth Day is no exception. The God of Wealth is coming, and the people celebrate the congratulations.

So, what are the blessings of people in order to welcome the God of Wealth? What are the taboos?

1. Praying customs of “God of Wealth”

“Guhe Miscellaneous Consciousness” contains: “In the afternoon of the fourth day of the fourth day, the stove was connected, and the road was connected at night. There were two hangers in front of everyone in front of the small households. , Lulou soup, contempt. “.

The “Fourth Fourth” is the fourth day of the first month. On the fifth day of the first month, the Chinese were regarded as the day of worshiping the gods. Such as “Poor Han Ci”: “The God of Wealth is listening to the cause, listening to me from the beginning, and complaining about the poor people’s belly.”

On this day, people hung two lamps in front of the portal, and opened banquets, with fruits, powders, fish meat, etc., as a good banquet of the God of Wealth. In this way, shouldn’t the God of Wealth Day be on the fifth day of the first month?

In fact, the fifth day of the first month can only be regarded as the god of wealth, and July 22 is the birthday of the God of Wealth. The birthday is always valued by people and gods. Therefore, July 22 is the real God of Wealth Day. Essence

Having said that, on July 22, the form of welcoming God of Wealth is roughly similar to the fifth day of the first month. There is a big banquet and friend who has a certain economic strength. Thanks to the care of God of Wealth this year, thank you for your support for your support. Everyone eats and drinks.

China has a great land and a significant regional culture. Although the God of Wealth is a day of celebration, the form of welcome in each place is different. For example, Shandong, Jinan and other places, the atmosphere of the festival is even stronger.

Every household will buy fragrant paper, set up off -products, and prepare dishes. Compared with the Spring Festival and Mid -Autumn Festival, people seem to be more important?


Starting at 4 pm, people will consciously let go of their hand at hand, and everyone must always smile on the face of everyone and send blessings to others.

The God of Wealth is full of people’s beautiful vision. Although the world knows that reality is reality, if you want to realize your wishes, you still need to work hard.

However, opportunities and blessings have always been nihilla, and people cannot always be oppressed and subjected to surrender. They must always think about it. In this regard, the God of Wealth is a breakthrough.


It is not necessary for “the prince will have a kind of Ning Ning”, and the salted fish turn over, but I hope that the fortune is better, the financial resources are more, and the life is naturally better and better.

Worshiping the God of Wealth and Welcome to the God of Wealth has been a fashion so far. However, the God of Wealth also needs to pay attention to some taboos, and the taboo is not beautiful.

Second, the taboo of “God of Wealth”


In folklore, the God of Wealth can be divided into the god of wealth, the god of wealth, and the god of wealth.

The God of Wealth has the Qian Qian, the seventh monarch of the Xia Dynasty, and the emperor of Zhou Shizong after the five generations of the Xia Dynasty.

There are a lot of God of Wealth, and you need to pay attention to the location.

For example, Zhao Gongming, Huang Caishen, and Guan Gong are generally worshiped indoors.

The height of the worship should be flat with the home owner.

In the direction, Guan Gong’s God of Wealth is right to the door

Essence Guan Gong, as the god of wealth, shoulders the name of Wu Sheng, can suppress the Xiaoxiao generation of the money to achieve the effect of keeping money.

Zhao Gongming and Huang Caishen will be facing the direction of “Lai Road”

Essence There are a lot of “Lai Road”. According to the personal wishes of the household, such as the direction of the family, the direction in the market, or other directions, the meaning of recruiting wealth and gathering money.

The sacrifice is particular about the saves. Some people are eager to save trouble, instead of the incense with light bulbs, thinking that they can find wealth throughout the year. In fact, this is a disrespect.

If you do n’t believe in the God of Wealth, you do n’t have to welcome the God of Wealth at home. Learn others to pay attention to this and pay attention. If you are troublesome, in case of the child of the wealth, the child who fell down and hit the family was another disaster.


If you believe it, it is necessary to maintain a devotional mentality. It is not that you will have a spiritual comfort, just to obtain psychological comfort. Don’t know how to confess your way of confession.

Some people who “know” will place the “God of Wealth” at home, such as the four -faced Buddha.

The god of wealth, the word is like its name, the edge is too prosperous, full of evil spirits. This kind of god of wealth must not be placed at home, and it must be placed outside the house, such as the empty places such as the garden rooftop to attack the poison and treat the wealth.


The God of Wealth, as a traditional Chinese festival, also wished you all the wealth of official wealth, great luck, prosperous six beasts, and wealth.


At the Fortune Festival, if you like to welcome the God of Wealth in a traditional way, you must pay attention to the customs and taboos. “Pay attention to taboos” is not because of feudal superstitions, but simply respect and ceremony.

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