Chuanyue tea color metropolis, art enjoyment of life ritual -Sichuan -Ning X Metropolis Museum joint limited edition

The well -known tea brand from the UK and the Metropolitan Museum in the Metropolitan Metropolitan Museum, adhering to the inheritance of cultural heritage and the love of art innovation, jointly launched the Sichuan -Ning X Metropolitan Museum joint limited edition series of tea. In this cooperation series, dozens of hundred -year -old collection and paintings from the Metropolitan Museum, above the packaging of Sichuan Ning tea, enjoy the historical treasures of the metropolis in the tea fragrance, and start the art journey of “Chuanyue Tea Color”.

“Sichuan” gets more time and space, classic interrogation: inheritance is innovative


Drinking tea is an art of ritual. Regardless of tea or art, it can stand the test of time to achieve the classics. Established in 1706, Sichuan -Ning Tea, which was established in the UK and the Metropolitan Museum, which was founded in New York, USA in 1870. It has passed the time of time inspection and inheritance. It has spent a total of 300 years of art journey in the 21st century.

It has a unique look and achieves a century -old classic; classic inheritance is only for innovation today. For three hundred years, in the eyes of people who love tea culture around the world, Sichuan Ning tea is the representative of “British tea drinking” and a symbol of the royal nobles. In recent years, while Chuanning Tea has inherited the high -quality tradition, it has also continuously fits the interests and habits of modern people, young people, and consumers in different countries. The praise of each tea lovers.


Following the world -renowned IP with the world -renowned IP with the V & A Museum and “Babon”, Chuanning Tea invited the Metropolitan Museum to present a joint limited series together, so that everyone can experience good tea in the daily life of tea drinking. How to enjoy the sensory enjoyment brought by good painting. Tea tasting is not only a daily ritual that integrates touch, taste and smell, but also a way to detect self -inner heart and realize self -rewards. At the moment, make a pot of tea, and enjoy a painting. When the pleasing visual enjoyment enjoys the experience of joining this multi -sensory experience, everything is pleasant in the realization of the “tea” self -conscious self.

In the Metropolitan Museum Collection, the historical paintings that have spanned 300 years since the 18th century, each one is full of the artistic atmosphere of historical precipitation, and has continuously made digital attempts in recent years. Inheritance with the spirit of innovation coincide. Therefore, Chuanning Tea joined hands with the Metropolitan Museum to open the art journey through three hundred years of time. Chuanning Tea will come from the Metropolitan Museum’s neoclassical, romantic, impressionist, realism, abstract factions and other well -known paintings. Tribute to the art of tea drinking.

When drinking tea, famous paintings: Yi enjoy the sense of rituals of life

The combination of tea and art is a ritual lifestyle. Chuanning Tea integrates classic tea with town hall famous paintings, British breakfast tea, Ladies Earl Black Tea, Earl Piaget Black Tea, Dajiling Black Tea, Ceylon Black Tea and other familiar tea products put on the masters of classic paintings, and Da Da Da Da The combination of character portraits or classic landscape portraits, as if the classic collections of several centuries, crossing time and space, came to consumers.

The masterpiece of British breakfast black tea co -branded with the masterpiece of the famous American portrait Thomas Sali “Queen Victoria” paintings, rich tea soup, classic flavor, as noble as the queen, warm and soft. Thomas Sali broke the Portrait of the British monarchy with a positive composition, and chose the queen’s side composition, showing the noble vitality of the young queen in the dynamic beauty. The red retro beautiful British breakfast black tea is full of wake -up. Like the red day that wakes you in every morning, it is full of dazzling elegance. In the morning, it wakes up the glorious era of Britain.

Chuanning Tea X Metropolis Museum joint limited edition · British breakfast black tea

The elegant and elegant Ladies, Earl, Black Tea, is like “Princess Broosy” in the paintings of neoclassical paintings in Nicominik Angel Angel, at first sight. The paintings in the painting are so unrealistic blue, and the cold wind of traditional classicalism is changed, adding a little calm and elegant atmosphere, just like the soft medium -altitude Ceylon tea at black tea in black tea, the refreshing lemon fragrance , Fozen and orange fragrance, bring you a refreshing taste and full of vitality.


Sichuan -Ning Tea X Metropolis Museum joint limited edition

Master of Impressionist Van Gogh’s painting “Self -Portrait of Straw Hats” uses bright yellow as the main tone. Van Gogh in the painting breaks the clothing restraint in the past middle class portrait. Yearn for. The packaging of Earl Earl Black Tea also uses yellow as the main tone, which complements the tea and paintings. The main tea fragrance of the British Earl Coriova Black Tea is freely wandering in the bright art tea bag of bergamot, lemon slices, and citrus, full of natural atmosphere, and integrates with the free spirit in the art.

Sichuan -Ning Tea X Metropolis Museum joint limited edition · Giant Earl Black Tea

The packaging of the Black Tea Classic Series Dajiring Black Tea Town, combines the painting scenery of the “Four Trees” of Monet Monet. Monet used a white poplar in the pen to bring us different changes in the year and four seasons. Chuanning brought the small species of Zhengshan to Dajiring to let the tea grow in the natural essence of different regions to grow. Get rid of the monotonousness of tea flavor. The elegant purple layers of the layers of cushion is like the unique taste of the Dajiling black tea, which is known as the champagne in the tea, and enjoys the noble beauty of stability in life.

Sichuan -Ning Tea X Metropolis Museum joint limited edition · Dajiling black tea


The painting of French Impressionist Master Camiye Bishara during the war period “Apple and Water Tank”, the picture is fresh and bright, but it shows the quiet and beautiful, and the Ceylon black tea with the peaceful time brought by the tea fragrance Perfect fit. The color and brightness of “Apple and Water Tank” perfectly echo the brown tea soup of Ceylon, and the tea taste is refreshing and soft, giving tea drinking people a leisurely and comfortable state of mood in the chaotic irritability.

Sichuan -Ning Tea X Metropolis Museum joint limited edition · Ceylon Big Leaf Black Tea

In addition, there are more co -branded product gift boxes and cooperation series of Chuanning Tea and Metropolitan Museums, which will also be listed one after another. Please look forward to it.

Chuanyue tea color is mostly a sense of life. From now on, the Limited Limited Edition of the Metropolitan Museum of Chuanning X will be officially launched in Jingdong Mall. At the same time, Carrefour, Jiuguang, OLE, Takashima House, Greenland, Jizhi Island, Bailian Island, Bailian Island, Bailian Island, Bailian Island, Bailian Island, Bailian Island, and Bailian Island of Shanghai, Guangzhou For the high -quality supermarkets, the promotion activities in a series of stores will be held to bring domestic consumers a rich artistic tour.

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