Chongqing Specialty Legend (443) | Beibei Glassware is a type of carving technology, so that the glass is so beautiful

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In our country, glass manufacturing has a history of at least 2,000 years. The glass can be said to have already penetrated into our lives. Now it can be seen everywhere, bowls, cups, seasonings cans, oil pots, soup pots, vases …

重庆特产传说(443) | 北碚玻璃器皿成型刻花工艺,让玻璃美得不要不要的

These glass products may not be normal in your eyes, and you feel that the glass is not the same, but if you understand the Chongqing non -heritage project from Beibei, the glassware forming carving process, the various glass products will make it will make it allowed If you open your eyes, you will be surprised to find that glass is culture and even art.

重庆特产传说(443) | 北碚玻璃器皿成型刻花工艺,让玻璃美得不要不要的

The history of the production of Beidong glass utensils can be traced back to the thirty -three years of Guangxu (AD 1906). The founder, Mr. He Luemu, learned glass manufacturing technology from Japan and set up the first glassware factory in Beiyi to produce artificially bleaching vases. , Printing, Youbu Cup, Enamel and other glassware, and then set up a number of glass factories in Chongqing, which can be created and developed in the production of Beidong glass utensils.

After the outbreak of the War of Resistance Against Japan, a group of engineering and technical personnel moved from Dalian and Shanghai to the puppets established a high -end glassware manufacturer “Chongqing Ruihua Glass Factory” mainly produced by the production of flower -grinding glassware. Later, the Chongqing glass industry entered a period of rapid development. It mainly focused on the founding of the Glass Society of China and was accepted by the Beiji Administration Management Office. It will jointly cooperate with a number of private glass factories such as born, Wan Sheng, and victory to merge into local state -owned Beiyi Glass Factory. The Beidong Glass Factory had become a well -known glass factory in the Chinese daily glass industry at that time. The technology was leading in the industry and achieved the successful trial production of colored glass carved vessels and color glass, and formed a complete process system.

In 1956, the Beibei Glass Factory established a laboratory to develop a colored glass carving utensils and color glass and successfully tried it. Master of the Master of the Formation Craftsman’s Day Guoqing led the development of hand -shaped forming colors and cultivated a large number of passengers. Bright glassware adds various colors.

Workers’ scenes of making glass

重庆特产传说(443) | 北碚玻璃器皿成型刻花工艺,让玻璃美得不要不要的

Beibei glassware forming engraving technology forms can be divided into: handmade molding, hand -made colors for molding process, hand -carved flower carving process and carving refined carving process. The folding of the internal materials makes the product more glorious and brilliant, which increases the ornamental and artistic value of glassware. The glass products produced by hand -made molding process are flat glass products; if carved flowers are carved, it becomes engraved glass products; and then it becomes carved glass products after various patterns. If the glass products are formed, the glass products are covered with various colors of glass surfaces, and the glass products produced are colored glass products.

重庆特产传说(443) | 北碚玻璃器皿成型刻花工艺,让玻璃美得不要不要的

Glass panda

重庆特产传说(443) | 北碚玻璃器皿成型刻花工艺,让玻璃美得不要不要的

Beiwu Glass Factory is constantly promoted, and the vessels, bottles, and decorations produced by produced can be called boutiques, and they are well -selling. In many old citizens’ homes, one or two old products can be found so far. Beibei Glass Factory has created two well -known trademarks including “Lotus Card” and “Beihuo”. It is well -known by hand grinding flowers and crystal glass with hand -grinding flowers and crystal glass. The country and regions have also become a special product for the national ceremony and the Great Hall of the People. To this end, in the glass daily supplies industry, the long -term circulation of “Chongqing North Glass in the south and Dalian Shengdao in the north”.

Red Chongqing scenery market

Red Old Three Big Vase

Blue Chongqing scenery big vase

From the 1990s to the beginning of the 21st century, the stone of the Beidong glassware was developed and produced and produced by handmade high -end color carving technology packaging bottles. The combination of traditional handmade skills and high -end famous wines, which is gradually marginalized for the formation of the Beibei glassware, opened a new field of inheritance.

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重庆特产传说(443) | 北碚玻璃器皿成型刻花工艺,让玻璃美得不要不要的


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