Imitation of Sun Dasheng hidden the button battery into the ear 6 -year -old boy insurance deafness by the battery corrosion liquid

Imitation of Sun Dasheng hidden the button battery into the ear 6 -year -old boy insurance deafness by the battery corrosion liquid

Wuhan Evening News June 25 (Reporter Wu Wei Correspondent Lu Yafang) In the cartoon, Sun Dasheng’s golden hoop can be hidden in the ears. The 6 -year -old boy looked at itching and imitation, hiding the buttons in the toys into his ears, good At careful mother found that they were taken to the hospital to take out in time. This is a thrilling scene that happened to Pippi last night.

Ms. Liu lives in Huangpu Road, and her 6 -year -old son Pippi likes Sun Wukong in the cartoon “Journey to the West”. The night before, Pippi played “monkey qi” in the bathtub while taking a bath, and accidentally entered some water in his ears. After taking a shower, Ms. Liu pulled her ears for Pippi, and suddenly found that there seemed to be a foreign body in Pippi’s right ear. Ms. Liu and her husbands were holding a hand -made tweezer for a long time, and they couldn’t take out the foreign body, so she quickly sent Pippi to Wuhan Central Hospital.

After the doctor in the Department of ONTV, it was found that there was a black foreign body in the narrow part of Pippi’s ear canal. After more than half an hour of surgery, the doctor finally took out the foreign body and took a closer look. It turned out to be a button battery! The diameter is only about 0.3 cm, and it looks like it is pulled down from the toy. Fortunately, the battery has not been corroded in time, otherwise the corrosion liquid flows into the ear canal, and it will cause inflammation and pus, which will cause tissue necrosis and even damage to hearing.

Ms. Liu was curious how the battery entered the ear. I asked Pippi carefully. It turned out that I saw that Sun Dasheng hid the golden hoop in the ear. Pippi stuffed the battery in the toy and hid the ear. Later, I forgot about it, and I forgot about it until I was found out by my mother.

Yuan Yan, director of the Department of ENT Hospital of Wuhan City Central Hospital, reminded: Children are more curious and often stuff some small things into organs such as mouth, nose, ears, etc. Essence Parents should strengthen their awareness of prevention. Do not let children play some small things, including toys containing small parts. Once they find foreign matter in the organ, they should be sent to the hospital in time. If you do not take it out in time, severe life may be life -threatening.

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