Mother’s cloth bottom shoes

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This morning, I rode an electric car to go to school. When a road near the bus station, a sprinkler hummed with a cheerful and relaxed music, like an impolite naughty child passing by, carpet -like sprinkler splashing. At the corner. In front of the sprinkler vehicle, there was a middle -aged man with a hurry on his back. The sprinkler drove from behind him. He had no time to dodge, and sprinkled his water ignored. He stomped a few times, looked at the shoes on his feet helplessly, squatted down to wipe and wipe it with his sleeves. His series of actions caught my attention, and I found that he was wearing a new pair of thousand -layer cloth shoes. From his dress, he can see that he is a person who wants to travel. I guess that the new cloth shoes on his feet may be made by his wife. Maybe it was made by his old mother. The items will be more loved. I can’t help but think of the verses in Meng Jiao’s “You Ziyin”, “The densely seams of densely, meant to return late.” The pair of shoes on his feet represent the thousands of words and eager expectations of the family.

Along the way, I couldn’t help thinking of a brand -new thousand -layer cloth shoes that my mother made for me when I first traveled. At that time, the people who traveled far away were no longer wearing cloth shoes. My mother asked me to put on the cloth shoes sewed by her thousands of stitches, hoping that I could walk down to the earth on the way.

Later, the two younger brothers went out to study and wore a thousand -layer base shoes that my mother had, and my mother said that when wearing such shoes, I hope you will always remember the way home. No one can forget his hometown.


Mother is a famous hand in the village. When the village marrys a daughter -in -law as a wedding dress, she goes to her mother. Sometimes she is asking for a shoe. Sometimes it is a trick on the upper. Make a butterfly buckle on the clothes. A pair of clever hands of the mother flipped up and down on the smooth satin red silk wedding dress. After a while, the lifelike butterfly wandered on the wedding dress. The mother’s fame was getting farther and farther, and more and more people came to find them. Until the wedding and wedding dresses, the mother stopped helping people’s plate butterfly buckle.

When the elder brother was at the age of nineteen, he took his daughter -in -law when he was studying abroad. As soon as her mother saw her daughter -in -law, she couldn’t stand up, and of course her craftsman could be inherited. Because at that time, I was like a boy and was unwilling to learn female red. My mother had to pass her craftsmanship to her brother -in -law. The brother -in -law was unknown to the female red, and the mother taught her hands. For example, make shoes, starting from the needle -piercing, to the shoe -cut soles and shoe gangs, to the number of lining on the soles of the shoe, the winter shoes are paved with a few more layers of lining than the soles of the spring and autumn, to the soles of the thousands of pins … until The shoe help and the sole are combined. After dozens of procedures, the mother has been patiently taught and learned by her mother.

When the brother -in -law returned to her mother’s house, she took dozens of pairs of shoes made by her mother to the younger daughter -in -law. Everyone in the neighbors goes to see the shoes made by the mother. Large, small, fat, thin, single, cotton, each pair of handsome and beautiful flowers. When I ask my brother -in -law to go back next time, I must bring back the shoes of my mother for shoes. They can learn to do it. A pair of embroidery shoes on my brother’s feet are even more enviable, and the beautiful flowers blooming make people smell the fragrance. A flower petal, the mother is embroidered with several embroidery methods, long needles, short needles, and channeling acupuncture … The stamens are dotted gently with a filament thread to make the flowers protruding from the upper. The flowers are as bright as the flowers, and the lifelike butterflies dance on the petals, and the upper is a hundred gardens. The mother’s fame of cleverness, capable, and loving her daughter -in -law suddenly passed to thousands of miles.

There is also a story about his mother’s hand -made shoe fight for face. The mother said that it had been more than a year to marry his father at that time. He went to a leader’s daughter where his father worked and watched his father handsome and chic, and asked the matchmaker to tell his father that his father raised his shoes from his mother’s shoes. One foot said, “Inner people’s face is like this sole.” The women in the unit were around, looking at the shoes on the father’s feet. Looking horizontally, vertically, and oblique stitches all linear lines, there is no bias, no trace, and people have to be admired. Seeing a pair of good -looking shoes on my father’s feet like seeing a handsome and handsome mother with a pair of clever hands.

When I entered the city, I still wore a thousand -layer base shoes made by my mother. It was a sense of comfort and a kind of mother love. I remember that someone laughed at me at that time. Looking at the cloth shoes under my feet, I knew that it came from the countryside. I have moved to take off the cloth shoes. Now I think about what is the hypocritical ignorance. I don’t understand my mother deeply loves her children.

Later, neither my brother and I no longer wore the cloth shoes made by my mother. The two younger brothers went in and out of various occasions. Sometimes they flew out of the country and had to hide the cloth shoes in the cabinet at home. The unable to stay, the mother began to make shoes for our children, tiger -headed shoes, hair hoop shoes, embroidered shoes … grandson, granddaughter, grandson, and granddaughter all grew up in thousands of layers of cloth shoes made by mothers. Sometimes we do n’t let my mother make shoes, tell her no one wants to wear the shoes she made, the shoes I bought are fashionable and affordable, which is much faster than her with a needle with a needle. Good soles, raising feet, especially when learning to walk fast, you can walk stable. “


How many pairs of shoes have been made with a pair of hands in my life and countless counts. I ca n’t know how many times my mother ’s hands were injured by needle. You know. I regretted not seeing my mother’s hand seriously. The mother left, and the all kinds of shoes made by my mother were filled with big cabinets and small cabinets of my two younger brothers’ houses, and a pair of new works are like art. Now I can’t bear to wear shoes made by mothers, how precious they are! Whenever I stroke the new pair of new shoes, the scene of my mother’s shoe on the line was staged in front of me.

When the farm was leisure, the mother was inseparable from the needle. In summer, there is no air conditioning or fan, and the mother finds a cool place. With the neighbors and women, you caught me to do a needle line. Mother’s hand is envied by the women next door. Even if it was sweaty, the mother was reluctant to leave the work in her hand. Sometimes she wiped the sweat in the palm of her palm with a towel on her shoulder, and she was afraid that the sweat was stained with the white white edge of the sole. When others made a pair of shoes, the white bottom was stained a lot, and the shoes made by the mother were not dyed. The cold wind was pierced in winter, and the frostbite in the mother’s hand was piece after another. Frozen in frostbite every year, no matter what ointment is applied, it is because the mother’s hard -working hand can’t be idle, and because the mother’s selfless love for her family supports her, it is expected, laborious, and laborious. Tositable to make shoes for the family.


Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, and there are dim kerosene lights in the room. The mother buried her head (shoe helper and the soles of the shoe). When I woke up in the morning, I could see a pair of new shoes in the mother’s pin basket. The mother said, “No matter what you do, you can make a coincidence.” The countless pairs of fit, comfortable, and good -looking cloth shoes are how skilled the mother has passed to make a pair of hands clever.

How many maternal loves made by my mother’s cloth shoes, thousands of words and expectations are hidden in the thousand -layer bottom of this thousand stitches. The shoes made by the mother put on lightweight, fit, comfortable, and walking. Walking on the road, the shoes made by the mother will not be tired, and they will not lose their life trajectory in the society of the drunk gold fans.

I finally let my mother disappointed, there were no senior officials, and no glory and wealth.

[Editor’s note] Through the scene of Lu Yu, the author remembered her mother’s “red girl” craft, expressing her love for her mother. But my mother’s cloth shoes always accompanied me to be down -to -earth on the way to a long life trip, and walking step by step. This is the author’s love for his mother.

-Wei Lai’an

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Cao Qiufang, a young writer in Shandong Province, a member of the Jining City Society, a member of the Jiaxiang County Writers Association, and a child teacher. Like reading, love literature, poetry and prose are published in many newspapers, magazines and online platforms. Campus press releases and educational essays are displayed on many education platforms.

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