How to do the ecological fish tank landscaping tutorial? Install a network to introduce the production process of ecological fish tank

Many owners will raise fish at home. How to create a comfortable fish tank design for fish has also become a thing that cannot be ignored. Let’s understand together

Ecological fish tank production process

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Ecological fish tank landscaping tutorial


Ecological fish tank price

The price of ecological fish tanks is not very high, of course, the price is higher than ordinary fish tanks. Generally speaking, the price of an ecological fish tank is around RMB 300. If you buy a fish, the price will be higher.

1. MD0375R red acrylic mini -closed ecological fish tank price: 1144.00

2. Obress Ecological Fish Tank Price: 980.00


3. Obubo warhead bar ecological fish tank price: 1980.00

4. Jiabao R205B mini ecological glass ecological fish tank price: 278.00

5. Sensen HR800I 80cm ecological glass fish tank price: 418.00

6. Boyu Ya Shi EA60E small ecological fish tank price: 380.00

7. Ecological fish tank of 1.2 meters of coffee table: 1180.00

8. Wall -mounted 80 cm long glass ecological fish tank price: 380.00

How to make ecological fish tanks?

1. Design the layout of the landscape, then sprinkle the water plants on the bottom of the cylinder, and put the selected landscape stones and sinking wood into the water.

2. After that, there is a process of planting grass. With light and filter, a simple original ecological fish tank was achieved. The process of planting grass is long, and grass often needs 1-3 months to grow well. Xiao Qin once used the sinking wood that was unintentionally disinfected by high temperature, which made the waterweed not grow up and had to declare failure.

3. If you want to make the original ecological fish tank and raise aquarius, you must first raise the water. Xiao Qin introduced that after injecting water into the furnishings, it is necessary to put in active nitrifying bacteria and water quality conditioning agents to remove harmful gases such as ammonia and nitrogen in water. Next, use waterweed liquid to make water plants. After 3-7 days, the water was raised.

4. After watering well, you can place a tank fish. The so -called cylinder fish is actually testing for testing to see if the water quality meets the standard. Trial time also takes 3-7 days. If there is no difference, you can formally raise aquatic animals.

Which brand of ecological fish tank is good?

The following is a brand that has attracted much attention from ecological fish tanks for consumers to buy reference:

1. Sensen

It is affiliated with Sensen Group Co., Ltd., and has continuously led new trends in industries such as aquarium leisure, breeding machinery, industrial facilities. Relying on the huge scale of production and sales and advanced management models, it has continuously provided supply of supply for the domestic market.

2. Boyu

It is affiliated with Guangdong Boyu Group. It is a national high -tech enterprise dedicated to research and development, production, and sales of various aquarium equipment, garden landscaping equipment and pet products. There are three major categories of more than 3,000 specifications, and the best -selling in more than 80 countries and regions in the world.

3. Shengsheng

It is affiliated with Guangdong Risheng Group and is a leading enterprise in the Chinese aquarium industry. It produces complete products in more than 70 countries and overseas countries with advanced technology. It has a high reputation of product.

4. Hai Li


More creative and free. At present, it has become active participants and promoters of the world’s aquaculture equipment, aquarium equipment, garden supplies, industrial air pumps, tea sets of tea art supplies, and electronic products.

5. Jiabao


It is affiliated to Guangdong Zhenhua Electric Co., Ltd., which is one of the largest production bases in the country and even Asian aquariums and aquariums.

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Ecological fish tank production process

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