New normal of tea and capital: Some companies want to list A shares, some companies want to delist from the New Third Board

Note: The Fortune Year of the Charen Ridge is the Nature Year, 2019 is January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019.

Under the impact of the epidemic, tea companies embraced some good news in the domestic A -share market.

On July 3, China Tea Co., Ltd. disclosed the prospectus on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and Pu’er Lancang Ancient Tea Co., Ltd. disclosed the prospectus on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Of course, the industry is happy and worries!

Tea Renling

It is intended to apply for company shares in the national SME shares transfer system (commonly known as: New Third Board) to terminate the listing and suspend trading on July 13.

Tea Renling Trademark

Tea companies under the normal normal: Some want to sprint A shares, but some plan to run from the New Third Board.

This reminds the author a poem: the sideways of Shenzhou passed by, and Wanmuchun was in front of the sick tree. Any industry has metabolism, but it depends on your location. I hope that the tea industry practitioners have not been in love in the past, indulgent forward, and believe that the future is expected!

Today’s article, let’s briefly analyze the financial status of the “Tea Renling” in 2015-2019.


01 Tea Renling Introduction


Tea Renling, the company is called Xiamen Charenling E -commerce Co., Ltd. (once used: Xiamen Charenling E -commerce Co., Ltd.), securities code: 836369.oc, the market layered as the basis.

The company’s industrial and commercial registration time was listed in March 2010 and was listed in April 2016. During the listing of the New Third Board, there were no dividends and dividends to pay dividends and additional shares to raise funds.

The company’s registered capital is RMB 12 million. The legal representative and actual controllers are red, holding the company’s shares of 79.87%, and the final benefit shares of 89.07%.

Note: The actual controller of the Charen Ridge is red

The company has the brand trademark of “Tea Man’s Ridge” and “Flower Prophet”. The main business is the online sales business of tea, flower tea, tea sets such as the “Tea Man’s Ridge” brand. Third -party trading service platforms such as and COFCOs have carried out business.

02 revenue overview

Revenue overview, mainly focusing on financial indicators is operating income, net profit and operating cash flow.

1. Business income

Judging from the operating income of Charen Ling, the lowest in 2017, 201370,000 yuan; the highest in 2019, 38.3086 million yuan.

In the past 5 fiscal years, the overall operating income has been on the rise. In 2017, only the operating income declined. In 2017, the operating income decreased by 3.647 million yuan compared with 2016, a decrease of 15.33%.


2. Net profit

Judging from the net profit of Charen Ling, only 2016 was positive, about 1.3359 million yuan. The rest of the year were negative, the lowest in 2017, about -13.899 million yuan.

3. Operating cash flow

From the perspective of the net cash flow generated by Charenling through business activities, only 2016 was positive, about 2.8979 million yuan. The rest of the year are negative, the lowest in 2017, about -39.242 million yuan.

In the past 5 fiscal years, the net profit of the Charen Ridge and the overall performance of operating cash flows are consistent.

Actually, there are 4 fiscal years in a state of “no profit, not making money”

The business situation should be in a very unsatisfactory state.


It is worth noting that Charianling was listed in April 2016. It was a positive number of net profit and net cash flow of the new three boards. Does the company’s financial data exist for intentional adjustments?

03 profitability indicator

The profitability indicator mainly focuses on gross profit margin and net interest rate.

1. gross profit margin


Judging from the gross profit margin of Charen Ridge, the gross profit margin of nearly 5 fiscal years is above 52%. Among them, the lowest in 2015, 52.16%; the highest in 2019, 57.50%.

2. Net interest rate


Judging from the net interest rate of Charen Ling, only 2016 was positive, 5.62%. The remaining 4 annual payments are negative, the lowest in 2017, -6.90%.

Tea Renling mainly achieves revenue through online sales, and the value of net interest rate is so embarrassing. The tea industry is difficult to do, or is there a problem with the company’s own business strategy?

04 Financial Risk Index

Financial risk indicators mainly focus on asset -liability ratios and net assets.

1. Asset -liability ratio

Judging from the asset -liability ratio of Charenling, the lowest in 2015, 34.07%; the highest in 2016, 43.27%.

Interestingly, the net profit and net cash flow of tea Renling in 2016 were positive, but the asset -liability ratio in 2016 was at the highest level during the listing period.

2. Net assets

From the perspective of Charen Lingjing assets, the lowest in 2019, 9.8208 million yuan; the highest in 2016, 12.551 million yuan. In the past 5 fiscal years, net assets have declined as a whole. What routine does the company play?


At present, the domestic A -share market has no “tea” concept stocks. Tea companies embrace the capital market are mainly listed through the New Third Board. Is the listing of the New Third Board meaningful for tea companies?


On the one hand, the tea industry who embraces the capital market is admirable and has a certain reference value for the financial and management specifications of the industry; It is not a good thing to take the initiative to delist, and it can save a lot of money.

Under the impact of the epidemic, the general trend of Guosheng Tea will not change, but the competitive intensity of the tea industry will increase significantly.


The horn of the tea industry’s integration has sounded. Whether it is a national -scale tea company or a regional characteristic tea enterprise may determine whether the company really wants to embrace the capital market.

In the author’s opinion, the industry’s embrace of the capital market represents the overall maturity of the industry. What do you think?

Note: This article has reference online public information.

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