The plot of Gong Dou is different

The plot of Gong Dou is different

Chapter 1 Rainy Night Thunder

“Fool Tang Zheng, my boots are dirty, come over and clean.”

On the swordsmanship of Huang Yuncheng Dajian Academy, a man of a Chinese service man who was practicing swords, Tang Hao, saw a teenager come in and beckoned to him.

Tang Hao is the cousin of this teenager Tang Zheng. Both of them are children of the Tang family of the Tang family of Huangyun City, but one is the so -called genius and the other is a fool.

Tang Zheng, sixteen -year -old, has a weak personality. He has been wounded at night and nights since he was a child. He is always awake and sometimes muddy. In the eyes of the Tang family, a fool and waste.

As soon as the boy’s body trembled, he crouched his shoes. The fat man Zhang Linfan, Huang Yuncheng Samsung Zhang’s master, after Tang Zheng squatted down, kicked him to the ground.

“Haha, this is the rumored dog shit!” Zhang Linfan smiled wildly at the boy on the ground. Tang Hao and another Xu Hengguang also laughed at.

The teenager snorted, climbing up slowly, and his arms and face were scratched. He wanted to ask Zhang Linfan why he had to kick him, but he dared not.

This fall, his brain was confused and his eyes became turbid. After standing in place for a while, the teenager staggered back to the classroom, and everyone laughed behind him.

At this time, Murong Xue, who had a beautiful eyebrow, came over and smiled at Tang Hao. Tang Hao was immediately like a spring breeze and smiled for the Bowome.

One day passed, and Tang Zheng was still turbid. Mr. Liu Daqian, a scholar, is a sword master. He feels that he seems to have blocked his thinking about Tang Zheng’s intermittent intermittentity.

After school, Tang Hao, Zhang Linfan and Xu Hengguang flashed out of the alleys that Tang Zheng must go home, stopped him, and after the three of them habitually asked for silver coins to be unsuccessful, they immediately chased Tang Zheng who turned and escaped. Pour him to the ground, and then punch and kick.

Tang Hao deliberately stepped on the dirt on the ground, then walked over, stepped on Tang Zheng’s face with his toes, slowly rubbed his face with a dirty sole, and finally spit a few sips on his face. The three left with a smile, and they had been insulting Tang Zheng for thirteen years.

For a long time, Tang Zheng, who was lying on the ground, struggled to sit up, wiped off the blood flowing from the corners of his mouth with his sleeves. At this time, he was painful, and tears slipped from the swollen face. Finally struggled to get up and walked home slowly.

This home is actually a forest farm that is almost abandoned. Tang Zheng’s father, Tang Jiu, was the side of the Tang family, and his family status was extremely low. At the family conference yesterday, Tang Jiu was crowded into the forest farm to guard the forest, and he was actually expelled from the family.

On the Ming Dynasty, the Huangyun City family was promoted to the big comparison of the Huangyun City family in two years, and there was a trial of the younger generation of the family. Tang Zhenglian’s swordsman was not. He was indifferent to Tang Luo, Tang Yan and others. The two of him actually drove Tang Jiuyi’s family.

In the end, the owner of the family, Tang Liancheng, dismissed the public and did not kill him, and let Tang Jiu go to the forest to lone. Tang Jiubu returned, and saw his son bruised again, and couldn’t help sighing. Tang’s mother handed on a hot towel, and her son put on the swollen face. She was both angry and helpless.

On the second day, Tang Zheng still had no silver coins. During the afternoon class, although Tang Zheng deliberately escaped, Tang Hao and others still found him and clamped him to no one.

Without the silver coin, he overturned Tang Zheng’s lunch box. He smiled and kneaded the rice on the ground to the teenager’s face. He stared at his head, adding soil rice like a dog, and the weak Tang Zheng crying helplessly. The bullies sympathize with the slightest.

At the end of the day of study, there was a thunderous thunder in the sky. Tang Zheng glanced at Tang Hao, hurriedly put away his schoolbag, greeted his teacher, and hurried away in Tang Hao and others’ teasing eyes.

Half an hour later, the wind was getting bigger and bigger, and lightning shining in the sky was constantly shining. With the sound of thunder, the raindrops of beans finally poured down, and the heaven and earth instantly became a world of rain.

A thin figure slowly moved forward in the heavens and the earth in awe. Every time he hit the thunder, he stunned once. Half an hour later, Tang Zheng finally got home wet.

“Zheng’er, what about your father?” Mother Tang looked behind Tang Zheng and doubted.

“I don’t know, I didn’t see it.” Tang Zheng was dull. The heavy rain outside the house was still pour. A few minutes later, Xu was relieved, and Tang Zheng’s eyes became clear. He looked around and couldn’t see his father everywhere, so he asked the anxious and uneasy mother.

“Your dad has gone to pick you up, let’s go to find him!” Mother Tang saw his son’s eyes that he returned to normal. Tang Zheng responded, bringing the rainy gear, the mother and child drilled into the endless rain curtain, in the thunder lightning, along the path of going to the school, looking for Tang Jiu.

At this time, the earth trembled in the thunder and lightning, the storm raging between the heavens and the earth, the trees in the mountains swing wildly, and the roaring mountain wind was like a demon’s hissing, which was shocking.

“Mother, do you see, isn’t that Dad’s clothes?” Tang was seeing a crazy shirt hanging in the trees in the wind of the wind, and said loudly. When Tang’s mother saw the shirt, and then looked at the dark ditch of the darkness, a sense of ominous feeling rushed to her heart.

The mother and son hurried to the side of the deep ditch, but at this time the light was too dark, and they could not be seen at all. Tang Zheng went to his mother’s ears and said loudly:

“Mother, I will go down with the rope to find my father, you are on it. If I pull the rope below, you can drag it back.” Tang Mu nodded.

Half an hour later, Tang Zheng slowly groped to the bottom of the deep groove. At this time, the light around was very dark, but with the lightning in the sky, Tang Zheng fadoned to see a personal shadow in front.

Tang Zheng staggered and touched the past, and suddenly stepped on a hard object in the mud water. With the help of lightning, Tang Zheng felt a bit like a dad’s cutting firewood knife for cutting firewood every day. It was just now to cut some weeds to open the road, so he reached out and grabbed the handle.

With the shining of lightning in the air, Tang Zheng touched Tang Jiu, and the father and son simply communicated a few words. Tang Zheng tied Tang Jiu’s waist with a rope, then pulled it, and then used the cutting knife, inserting the hillside, step by step, step by step Help his father up and climb up.

The family worked together and finally pulled Tang Jiu, who was injured in the calf. At this time, all the three were muddy and embarrassed. The family hugged each other, a warm affection, and covered the power of storms.

Tang Zheng was busy for a long time, and Xu was tired. At this time, his eyes became turbid again. When he was blank, when he saw Tang Jiu falling into the deep ditch, the dress hanging on the trench branches and the wind spread.

“Dad, your shirt is dropped, I go to pick it up.” Tang Zheng stunned, dropped the cutting knife in his hand, turned to the deep ditch, and reached out to grab the shirt.

“No!! Zhenger, come back soon!” Tang Jiuyi glanced at the deep gap, and quickly reached out to pull him, but it was a step late. When the teenager stepped out, his thin body fell into a deep ditch.

At this moment, a shocking thunder broke out in the sky and suddenly split! In the dazzling lightning, Tang Jiu desperately saw that the thunder just hit Tang Zheng who was falling. This tragic scene made them distracted.

The woman kept patting the edge of the deep ditch with both hands, and the tears rolled down were mixed with rain. It could not be distinguished by tears. It was rain and sad water.

Two hours later, the forest farm wooden house.

Slender Tang Zheng was lying quietly on the wooden bed of the mountain forest farm. The rotten shirts have not yet been dry, and the turbid mud water is still dropped down.

The temporary stretcher of Tang Zheng was still outside the house. At that time, the rust -cut firewood knife picked up by Tang Zheng was tied to it in front of him.

After Tang Zheng settled in the deep ditch, Tang’s mother returned to the Tang family to find someone to save him, but Tang Luo and others directly refused. In desperate, she had to cry and go to Mr. Liu Daqian. Liu Daqian said nothing, and immediately took a few family Ding, rushed to the deep ditch, and memorized Tang Zheng, who was unconscious.

宫斗的情节 不一样的玄幻

“Zheng’er, my bitter life, you wake up, the mother can’t be without you.” Tang mother’s face was posted on Tang Zheng’s black face, trembling and sobbing, and bloody tears dripping.

“This child has died early, and the mourning is changing. The so -called deceased is big. If you enter the soil, you should be ready to do it.” After a doctor Liu Daqian’s doctor diagnosed and treated, he shook his head helplessly.

Liu Daqian sighed, Tang Jiu nodded, and he couldn’t help operate the funeral. He had to leave some money and then left. The night outside the wooden house is like ink, the rain is like a note, the wind is roaring, and it seems to be crying for the unfortunate teenager.

Mother Tang was crying, Tang Jiu shed tears, limped to washing her son’s whole body, put on a clean patch, and lay flat on the bed.

However, in fact, Tang Zheng’s heartbeat did not really stop, but trembled in a very slow way to maintain the very weak vitality of the teenager.

At the moment when it was hit by a lightning and lightning, the powerful current rushed into his mind, but there was a black fog ball at Tang Zhengzhi. It is also this black mist group offset the damage of lightning and letting Tang Zheng escape.

At this time, there was a picture in front of him, as if a shaft was like a shaft. This surprised Tang Zheng, and he looked at him, and didn’t understand what was going on.

The scarred teenager beggar, with a thin body, was beaten hard by a evil man, and died next to the stinky ditch on the street.

The orphan of his legs was sold into the landlord’s house as a slave, breaking the evil of the evil and his father and aunt, and was killed alive and throwing a dead body. There are also singers who sell the green building, the dumb girl who killed the family, and so on. Looking at these pictures, Tang Zheng was horrified.

On the third day, “Boom!” There was a thunder in the sky, accompanied by a thorny lightning, pouring down from the sky. The power of a little lightning fell on the wooden house, hitting Tang Zheng on the wooden bed, and the Tang Jiu couples on the side were fainted.

Tang Zheng on the wooden bed woke up from the turtle and slowly opened a seam from the turtle. At this time, he was extremely weak. He saw his parents and wanted to speak, but he couldn’t speak at all.

An hour later, Tang Jiusu woke up, and his head was very painful. He saw his wife still lying on the bed and sobbing.

At this time, the Tang family sent someone to come. Of course, it was not to comfort Tang Jiu, but to report the family’s decision indifferently. Donate was limited to Tang Zheng within 1993, otherwise the forestry wooden house would be retracted and the Tang family was completely kicked out of the Tang family. These people were held by the anger Tang Jiu, and they wanted to drive these people.

“Really, look for death!” These Tang family dinglings were punched and kicked at Tang Jiu, and Tang Zheng, lying on the bed, trembled, but he couldn’t move.

Tang Jiu wiped the blood in the corner of his mouth and found his son’s abnormality. He trembled and leaned on his son’s chest, and then laughed and danced! His wife was awakened by Tang Jiu’s almost crazy laughter, her nose was sour, and the turbid tears flowed out of the dry eyes and dripped on Tang Zheng’s face.

“Mother! Don’t cry!” The teenager felt the sadness of his mother, and finally made his best to send out three syllables.

When the woman heard that she was shocking, she lowered her head and saw that the Zhenger opened her eyes slowly! A joyful exclamation erupted from the woman’s population, covering the lightning thunderous through the window.

The news of Tang Zheng’s death and resurrection quickly spread quickly with the visit of Liu Daqian on the fourth day. Some people are pleased, but some are disdainful. For example, Tang Luo, isn’t it a waste? It’s better to die as a dog, and it is a waste of food.

After Tang Zheng woke up, he learned that Liu Daqian helped the Tang family during his coma, and the teenager was moved. Liu Daqian didn’t know that his good deed today brought a huge fate to the Liu family in the future.

Since being hit by a lightning, Tang Zheng has often appeared suddenly, blocking his thinking, making it disappeared. If this is true, this time is really blessed by misfortune.

Broken picture, past cloud smoke.

“Optimus, you can’t run away!” In a nihilistic Tianyun, three people in black surrounded a heroic middle -aged man.

The old man raised his hand and pointed, and a huge sword shadow split to the middle -aged people. He sacrificed the golden sword to resist, but the finger of the sword pierced his chest, and the sky sprayed a bite of blood. Turn around to summon the blue -wing beast and fled.

The old man waved three black dragon mounts and chased Qingtian tightly. The sky began to tilt, and the mountains and rivers collapsed. The place where they passed was destroyed thousands of miles.

Optimus wanted to enter the different space several times, but he was terrified, and his body could not enter the different space escape.

The old man in black came from chasing, his fingers, and a sword that destroyed the earth covered Qingtian. At this moment, a white shadow came quickly, holding the shield to block the sky in front of Qingtian.

“Ruo Yan!” Optimus saw that the person who came was his own Taoist couple. The sword of the killing intention instantly destroyed the shield, hit the beautiful woman, and after spit out the blood of the big mouth, she looked at the beloved man, and after a beautiful smile appeared in the corner of her mouth, she died suddenly.

“No!” Optimus screamed, but was still hit by Jianmang Yuwei. The body collapsed immediately and turned into a group of blood mist dissipated. When the Yuanshen and the soldiers were solved, he burned the last source sword spirit. The Yuanshen knew a touch of light at the sea, and the residual Yuanshen disappeared.

Three people in black did not notice the abnormal appearance, searching around, without discovery.

“His Holiness, I didn’t find the Tianji Mirror. How can I explain to the owner now?”

“It’s okay, bluntly, the sky has been destroyed, maybe the Tianji mirror is hidden elsewhere, I am

Wait until the search before. “The three were not seen.

“A group of waste! Optimus, do you want to run? Chasing Soul Mantra! I made the two -day reincarnation reincarnation. On the top, a black mist disappeared after a black fog.

Looking back, it has been three hundred years.

“Hey!” A long sigh, abruptly appeared in Tang Zheng’s mind.

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